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  1. Agreed. However, out of that same mold, I think Midnight Marauders is the best Hip Hop album ever. For Rap, Me Against the World >>>>>>>>>> All Eyez on Me. By far 2Pac's best work and the best Rap album ever made.
  2. I did the PCH from San Fran to Seattle. Absolutely amazing. I was on a time deadline so I didnt stop as much as I wanted to so I could enjoy it, but the views were incredible. You can do that drive with absolutely nothing planned and just stop places that look cool. Its pretty convenient in that sense. Would love to do it again and take my time.
  3. Hitting an animal with a car is frightening experience no matter what size. I have killed a squirrel before but I literally felt terrible for the entire 2 hour ride I had...I killed with in the like the first 2 minutes of driving. I also killed a bird once...it was so sad. He ran right into my windshield and fell down on the hood of my car where the wippers are and he sat the fidgeting to death. It was horrible having to watch this take place. And the wipper weren't strong enough to fling him off. I had to stop the car and take him off the hood myself. It was really sad.
  4. I knew you were experiencing the same thing. I could sense it. Thats why I posted this, I knew you would benefit as well.
  5. No more issues on IE. Thanks Max!
  6. I didnt like the way Chrome looked. It was all primitive looking. But I appreciate the passion.

  7. 6.0 Its still not working. Mozilla is fine and so is Google Chrome.
  8. I would have like 3...but this is the one I would be most interested in hearing what they cam up with... Vocal - Joe Strummer Rhythm - Pete Townsend Lead - Ron Asheton Bass - Flea Drums - John Bonham
  9. Yeah, that's essentially what I was doing..using tab. Annoying. I am using the Mozilla thingy, I didn't like the Google Chrome either. Mozilla is working fine.
  10. Hmmm. Didnt think about that...I really dont like this set up. Worth a try...
  11. This set up is weird for sure...but I was going crazy having to post the way I was before downloading Firefox...much easier on my brain.
  12. Using Firefox and having no issues. Thanks fellas. You might regret helping me out after awhile. I like that this underlines your incorrect spellings...I need that...I'm a terrible speller.
  13. I was in that boat as well, but this is super annoying and I dont use the internet for much else, so I am downloading right now. Its too much work just to post.
  14. I guess I have to try the ideas above, because the one below didnt work. So do you just download Firefox and then it appears on your desktop?
  15. Sorry mods, didnt know where to post this. But I am having issues posting and dont know if its a user error or if others are experiencing the same thing. When I open a thread and try to respond, I cant just point and click to get my cursor arrow to the end of the quote and type. I get this hand that flashes and then nothing happens. The only way I can post is to type in the title and tab into the body. Then I have to use the arrows on my keyboard to navigate to where I want to post. Or I can hit preview post and when it tells my response is too short, then it automatically put my cursor in the response section, but I still have to use the arrows on my keyboard to navigate to where I want to begin my response. Anyone ever had this problem? Is it something I have done? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  16. One can only hope. That would be an epic battle.
  17. Jet in Florida I started posting on messages boards when I was in college at UF. I moved to Seattle for a little while so I started rocking JiF which everyone basically called me anyway.
  18. Always. No doubt about it. What it comes down to is sound. Al Green's sound is better, his music is better. Gaye may be more talented, but thats not what I a talking about. I prefer listening to Al Green.
  19. JW!!! Whats good? This is a good post. Also, does Marvin have a better song than "Lets Stay Together"??? My personel fav by Al.
  20. There is a definitely different pools of thought. The ones that loved him for his talent and would believe that he did what he did. And there are those that loved him for his talent fully believed he was toucher, but didnt let that get in the way of their love for his talent and then theres those that just hated him, his music and wanted to see the train wreck.
  21. There is a lot of truth to this. Marvin was probably the more complete musician...but I am just talking about the music. What you hear. Al Green >>>>>> Marvin Gaye. Its just a better sound and more enjoyable music. But thats the beauty of music, people can feel completely different...I find Al Green's music to be much better then that of Gaye even though Marvin was probably the more talented/complete "musician".
  22. As I said before, after "Whats Goin On" and "Sexual Healing"....his music is so/so. Al Green is just song after song of genius. Now dont get me wrong. Marvin was great, I like him, but he's literally got nothing on Al Green.
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