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  1. Is it weird that I absolutely HATE Bananas. They are one of the only foods in this world I just cant stand. They are gross. The flavor, the texture, the skin. Yuck! Bananas are disgusting.
  2. What does that have to do with Rex? I guess I dont understand your premise. Are you saying because in YOUR eyes Buddy was a bad coach that Rex is just going to fall right in line with him?
  3. Yeah right...have you not watched the conclusion of the past 2 seasons. And I dont want to limp into a division title. The Mets suck and even if they do make the playoffs, they will be bounced immediately.
  4. Sell. Brad Smith has 42 catches this year. Buy or Sell: Brad Smith has more than 3 TD's this year.
  5. They arent even exciting to watch. Especially without Reyes in the line up. Its really a bore. Its frigging dissapointing.
  6. Agreed. I dont think he will be back at probowl form but he should be better then last years troop of #2's. He is going to see a lot of action, I will say that.
  7. Good point and that could have very well been the case.
  8. On their heels, might have been the wrong terminology, but there is no doubt when he started to put it together, they were taken back. Its hard to really figure it out. But something changed with their D. Was it that they were protecting a lead or was it that Kellen caught them off gaurd when he got hot, who knows. But you are right, he was terrible up to that point, thats why its hard to really figure out what happened. All I know is its not like the Ravens to call off the Dogs and something changed...I mean remember when Brooks played them...they came all game non-stop and he never got into a rhythm. Something was different when Kellen faced them....what that was...who really knows.
  9. Why are you arguing with someone who didnt know NE had a team before 2001? Of course he isnt going to know the logistics of that scumbags ****tyness.
  10. There is truth to this but both of your points, but you are also putting a lot of stock into one game against the staunch Ravens D facing a QB that nobody knew anything about. They were definitely on their heels when they saw how big of an arm he had. I mean seriously, how often does Rex call off the dogs, lead or no lead? They were taken back, there is no doubt about it. And when you are down 14 in the 4th, its hard to really judge how much the threat of the long ball opened up the running game. All in all, it doesnt really matter who is the Qb or Rb, Rex's D causes hell (please be the case in NY). As for the rest of the season, I am on thought that nothing we saw meant **** on offense because we were literally watching the worst OL ever put together.
  11. I dont try. Only succeed. If I told you we did would you?
  12. Good. Nobody wants you to play. Its been discussed.
  13. Alright, I already said it was a stretch. I hate Thomas Jones.
  14. All in all it doesnt matter where you line him up, if he is the better player, he is going to pull the better CB. I didnt go QB because in that situation because Sanchez is unknown and throwing to Fitz couldnt hurt. And none of that would matter if you those 2 staring down QB's...could you imagine? Unreal.
  15. Playmaker might have been a stretch. I guess I was just thinking about the run against Denver and then he had a huge run off that trap that Leon scored on as well. It was like a 50 yrd TD run.
  16. So is Rob saying that Mangini was the mastermind behind the cheating or should we all just lose all respect for Rex's brother?
  17. I hear yeah, its not like it can get any worse. FTW!!!
  18. Cool thread. This might seem strange, but I would go mostly defense. Merriman over Pace Ware over Thomas Fitz over #2 - move Cotch back #2. And use Fitz at #1.
  19. I see this often and I dont really get it. Leon is one of the best playmakers in the league. Hands down. T.J. showed behind a solid oline, he could make plays and I believe in Greene as well. Cotch has shown he is a playmaker time and time again. He figths for extra yards, he can make spectacular catches and he has deceptive speed. And then you have Dustin Keller. This kid is special. He was a rookie last year, expect a big season from this kid, he reminds me a lot of Tony G. when he was a young player in this league. And you never know when a WR is going to breakout. Stuck, Smith, Clowney could all turn out to be players. We shall see. All in all, we dont have a ton of playmakers, but to say we have zero is just wrong.
  20. Smith scares me with his attitude, but he was a monster at Bama, no doubt about it. And I actually think it will be really exciting for Bengals fans to watch Rivers ANd Maualuga playing together. 2 very talented football players in the purest form.
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