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  1. Cycle's dont bother me, I want what I want and I want it now!
  2. Yes you do. I think it was fate that brought us together.
  3. The Triple Lindy is the greatest dive ever.
  4. I didnt even read the thread and I dropped that orginal really witty and funny line as well. I am teh suk.
  5. Can we start a bring back JiF thread eventhough I have never been banned from an interwebz site?
  6. Yeah jerky, obviously the Jets beat writers think its funny, they are having are in heaven with Rex after 3 years of hell with Mangini.
  7. Thanks 124, love reading the fans perspective. Was Sanchez struggling with accuracy?
  8. Thanks man, I like to hear fans perspective as oppossed to the Jaded media. The one thing that seems consistent that I am a bit concernd about is Mark's accuracy. That was suppossed to be his strong suit and from what I have been reading, he has been struggling with that.... what did you see in regards to that?
  9. Yep, outside of those areas...be very careful.
  10. My point is, only Jets fans think this is cute and funny. Everyone else finds it to be childish. Not that NFL Live is the gospel of Football news, but its being talked about outside of Miami.
  11. FWIW, they did debate this on NFL live last night and they were all saying that Crowder is winning the battle of words and Rex should shut up.
  12. Actually **** ass Eric Barton had more tackles than Crowder. Nice try dolfagtrollhomogheyboy.
  13. + 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I cant believe this isnt unanimous. I honestly wouldnt feel any sorrow to find out Jason Taylor was lying dead in a ditch after being butt raped by 20 Cubans in little Havana...although he would enjoy that type of death.
  14. I will be back soon, when you coming this way?

  15. Which is entirely possible. Remember who we are talking about here.
  16. Huh? Whats with the hostility? I thought I was paying you a compliment.
  17. Might Mouse >>> Mickey Mouse. Its not even close. And dont kid yourself. I dont have to woo anything. I just stand their and look cute.
  18. Impossible. A McGriddle in Kleck's hand only has a life expectancy of 1.3 seconds. Not even the most ninja of ninja's can get there before Kleck devours that helpless little treat of goodness
  19. I am a serious person. And I never liked you, but dont tell me that I did a bad job of singing that Mighty Mouse song. Thats just rude.
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