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  1. LOL. What about Planet of the Apes. He was pretty special in that movie as well.
  2. Funny is not the word I would choose to you use when describing that creepy face.
  3. Yeah, Dirstar was owning that thread that day!!! What his face or the photoshop?
  4. Please dont bring that creepy face to this board.
  5. You dont want to be that guy? So you gave this some thought and actually considered calling 911?
  6. I hate my father for 2 reasons, Jets and the Mets. Other than that, my dad is the coolest mother F'er on the palent. Sorry to hear about the bad relationships and deaths. I cant imagine. Is it too late for some of you to mend your issues?
  7. I can honestly say, that I didnt know a single Patriots fan prior to 2002. Not one. I bartended in a sports bar in college and ther wasnt a single fan of that team ever in the bar. 2002 there was a pack of them and they had all been fans since birth.
  8. Yes. Not a slob in the sack. I appreciate your concern. I still love you.
  9. Hey, I did nothing to deserve this treatment. My name gets thrown around for no reason sometimes. Its bull****. I didnt touch her, she dont know, she wants to know, she may have heard of my reputation, but she dont know me. I <3 U. You know this. Why all the hate? And screw you Kleck for throwing my name in this story. I will have you know that I spent the evening with a fine young Thai girl that you know of...so F off! Oh yeah, I fully expect a rehashed version of your ribs picture with a McGriddle or Sausage McMuffin...either one will suffice.
  10. Thanks again guys! Struggling this morning, but it was worth it!
  11. LOL. Looks at the legs on the girl on the right! Hot! Thanks! Thanks?
  12. It could be worse, but I understand, i ****ingh8u2.
  13. Agreed. Now gfy. I took a pole and it was unanimous, nobody likes you.
  14. My god! That could be the best photoshop pic ever!!! LOL!!! Thanks the love guys!
  15. If she shows up at my door today, it truly would be the greatest B-Day ever!!!!
  16. I was just kidding guys, but thank you for the info and thanks for the good wishes.
  17. I only post at finheaven during the week leading up to our games each season and its usually to talk ****, but at least they had the decency to send me this via email this morning... Hello JiF, We at FinHeaven Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today! **** JN and **** all of you!
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