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  1. That makes 2 of us! Hey, I take what I can get these days. LOL!!! QFT
  2. Not a chance. I am a master in both pool and ping pong. Its on bitch! The truth hurts.
  3. Yeah, but it rubs off a little no? You might beat me in a shooting game...I was pretty good at Socom in college. But I would destroy you in shuffle board. You have now made the list. ih8u
  4. Slats, the cult was only me and Fredo at that point. I only had Frank for 2 days. It wasnt cult filled. You were just a deer in headlights when you came back and the train was formed. You played really well though, I tried to recruit you. And for the record Crusher was begging me all along to recruit you and I wouldnt listen to him. He was getting pissed...lol...and I was getting a bit jealous. He had a major hard on for you.
  5. Ohhh, you might have me there, foosball is not my bag. However, I would dominate you in Bocce ball sugar crotch.
  6. I am slightly intimidated by her Asian decent, but I am pretty damn good and I sleep with a lot of Asians...so... I bet I could whip her ass in basketball or anyone on this site for that matter. You are just pissed you didnt think of this, EY's Ego >>>>>>>>>>>> JiF's Ego And the purpose of this thread was to talk **** about what someone is good at that you feel you are better then others on the site. For example, I am better than you at pogo stick.
  7. Promise This made laugh hysterically!!!
  8. At just about everything in life and life just in general... but specifically, I am better than anyone here at Ping Pong.
  9. Yeah I was pulling for you when the lucky morons got lucky.
  10. This. Our D is going to win us games this season...not Sanchez.
  11. Norway is going to be in here soon looking for a cat butt to fap to.
  12. Deer in headlights buddy, full on frozen! Guess what? ifukinh8u Kiss my ass. If only you bastards knew what I was up against.
  13. Everyone of you can kiss my ass! I have won 3 of these games in my past and I always go with the confused route. Once my drunk ass posted under JiF, I figured you guys might buy it. Time to change that routine. Seriously though, it would have been near impossible to make it through to the end with all the denials I had. My intentions were to create confusion and have a fall guy. If I would have had one more successful recruit, I would have won easily, so yeah, saying you are confused isnt always the best route, but its not bad idea when you have people that will jump on the sword for you...my luck just didnt work out that way. Apparently she thinks I am funny!!! Hehehehehe
  14. You were confused, try being denied a conversion for 6 straight nights after finding 2 great players right off the bat. I went into this game with a game plan, thinking that I would have a fall guy for everything stupid thing I did. When I got ****ed but Doggin over and over wishing it was Crusher, I literally was ready to quit on five occassions. I gave everything I had being completely handcuffed. It was too late to change my strategy and I kept hoping that I would be able to convert someone.
  15. Damn, so thats why I was getting screwed every figgin night. My god, I really thought you were just enjoying watching me suffer and get irrate! LOL. I was cursing to the high heavens in my PM's to Crusher. How friggin funny is it that I found him night 1. We were truly meant to be. Destiny. I will say this. I have deleted a lot of Crusher and I PM's but seriously, it would make the most epic thread of all time to post that ****. We had each other in tears. One night imparticular when my muffin top was wasted...I have never laughed so hard over the internet in my life. He literally had me crying. I will see what I can put together, because they are classic.
  16. LOL @ JB not making through day 1 again. Her luck in these games is ****ing hilarious. Dan X - Doggin...FU Doggin. You are sorry SOB and I hate you. But thanks for setting up a great game! Dickhead. Dan X, great game my man. I should have killed you when I had the chance, totally blew that, it was my biggest mistake of the game. Welcome Barmacral...I hope I didnt scare you off. LOL @ Woody as Marcellus...was there any doubt? Ace - Sharrow. Nice game. You played well. The deck was just stacked against you at the end and I was really hoping you won because those other 2 jokers are MORONS!!! Ha! The rest of you suck, except for my muffin top.
  17. One word to describe the play of Virgil and Tony S. MORONIC!!! Get'em Ace!
  18. LOL...o.k. He's the deal. The game is over for me. Plain and simple. Go ahead and lycnh me and risk the town. I seriously dont care. I'm out in a couple of minutes and probably gone for the night. I have a date with a whale of a woman and cant wait to make waves in her jelly roll. I have no reason to lie at this point. Literally the game is over for me. The only way for me to win is to be the last man standing becasue I CANT RECRUIT YOU ****ING BASTARDS. Get it through you dirty **** ridden cat butt.
  19. ifukinh8u This is all your fault. I told you to shut your mouth and you kept yapping. Assbag.
  20. Cat butt, why do you need him to tell you what to do? Look at what we got here, its a simple choice. Be independent for once.
  21. LOL!!! What else am I going to do, I have already admitted I am the CL. Its not like I am going to have a defense during the day. Brother, you and I both know that they need to lynch you. I am done. I cant recruit anymore. Did Doggin tell you your NK's wouldnt go through? LOL!!! Do some research. As long as the CL has a teamate, they cant be NK'ed. Thats why you failed in attempting me last night. The funniest part about this all is that I knew you would target me and Fredo would die...we talked about it at length and I still feel terrible my little muffin top, I miss you. The only thing that these guys could possibly be hung up on is if I am telling the truth about the conversions, which I am, and it makes total sense just look at my story, I mapped everything out for you guys and there is no holes and there are no lies. There is no logical reason whatsoever to let you see the night phase. I'm sorry to do this to you Ace, but I couldnt possibly try and help you win the game because I have been calling you scum for days now. It only makes sense for me to try and help the town win. Sorry.
  22. LOL!!! Thank you Ace. This is exactly what I needed. And no joke, you played brilliantly...no heat at all until the last day for mafia is impressive to say the least. Tony, Virgil. The reason why Ace failed at killing me last night is because as long as I had a teammate, I could not die from a NK, they would die in my place. The only way I could die is by lynch. Tonight I'm able to be NK'ed because I dont have a partner, pun intended, I love you Crusher. Once again, this all you need to know, I can't recruit any of you. I have tried and failed and Doggin told me "You are not allowed to convert that player, conversion failed." Do the math fellas, for whatever reason, either I lose power as the game progresses or you guys have a restriction from conversion, I am not able to convert. Lynch me, Ace can NK, if he hits correctly game over, town losses. Lynch Ace, I cant recruit, lynch me tomorrow, game over, town losses. Ace just made it that simple for you to decide. There is literally nothing else to say. Its a pretty simple choice. And Virgil the role block theory is out the window with Ace revealing...you are a sharp guy, you can figure this out, cat butt might need brail, but hopefully you can help him out. I <3 u all, especially Crusher, my muffin top.
  23. Dont hate. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
  24. I try to make it interesting! No joke, look it over my man. I am not leading you down the wrong path here. I got nothing left. I am shell of my Cult Leader self and I am literally handing you victory. FWIW, any jabs or insults I make are all in good spirit. I just like to have fun. I love you all, but dont think that any of you will ever each Crusher level feelings. He makes the hair on my ass stick straight out! I am sure you can dig it cat butt.
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