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  1. Cat butt, why do you need him to tell you what to do? Look at what we got here, its a simple choice. Be independent for once.
  2. LOL!!! What else am I going to do, I have already admitted I am the CL. Its not like I am going to have a defense during the day. Brother, you and I both know that they need to lynch you. I am done. I cant recruit anymore. Did Doggin tell you your NK's wouldnt go through? LOL!!! Do some research. As long as the CL has a teamate, they cant be NK'ed. Thats why you failed in attempting me last night. The funniest part about this all is that I knew you would target me and Fredo would die...we talked about it at length and I still feel terrible my little muffin top, I miss you. The only thing that these guys could possibly be hung up on is if I am telling the truth about the conversions, which I am, and it makes total sense just look at my story, I mapped everything out for you guys and there is no holes and there are no lies. There is no logical reason whatsoever to let you see the night phase. I'm sorry to do this to you Ace, but I couldnt possibly try and help you win the game because I have been calling you scum for days now. It only makes sense for me to try and help the town win. Sorry.
  3. LOL!!! Thank you Ace. This is exactly what I needed. And no joke, you played brilliantly...no heat at all until the last day for mafia is impressive to say the least. Tony, Virgil. The reason why Ace failed at killing me last night is because as long as I had a teammate, I could not die from a NK, they would die in my place. The only way I could die is by lynch. Tonight I'm able to be NK'ed because I dont have a partner, pun intended, I love you Crusher. Once again, this all you need to know, I can't recruit any of you. I have tried and failed and Doggin told me "You are not allowed to convert that player, conversion failed." Do the math fellas, for whatever reason, either I lose power as the game progresses or you guys have a restriction from conversion, I am not able to convert. Lynch me, Ace can NK, if he hits correctly game over, town losses. Lynch Ace, I cant recruit, lynch me tomorrow, game over, town losses. Ace just made it that simple for you to decide. There is literally nothing else to say. Its a pretty simple choice. And Virgil the role block theory is out the window with Ace revealing...you are a sharp guy, you can figure this out, cat butt might need brail, but hopefully you can help him out. I <3 u all, especially Crusher, my muffin top.
  4. Dont hate. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
  5. I try to make it interesting! No joke, look it over my man. I am not leading you down the wrong path here. I got nothing left. I am shell of my Cult Leader self and I am literally handing you victory. FWIW, any jabs or insults I make are all in good spirit. I just like to have fun. I love you all, but dont think that any of you will ever each Crusher level feelings. He makes the hair on my ass stick straight out! I am sure you can dig it cat butt.
  6. When my conversions failed, Doggin tells me... You are not allowed to convert that player, conversion failed. Its really throwing me off that Tony read my post and was so willing to vote me immediately. I am literally handing you guys the game. Give me a sec to look back, I am going to be somewhat busy this afternoon...which is a good thing...but I think I tried Tony S. the night after Vito died...I cant remember exactly. I will check my PM's and see the chronology. I'm not trying to be a dick cat butt, but how on earth do you read that post and immediately vote me? I am handing you and Virgil the game...assuming you are a townie like you claim, which I am questioning at this point because this move literally makes zero sense. Read my reveal and everything I have posted since. There are no holes, this is 100% the truth and if you follow my lead, you guys will win. Its that simple. Notice how Ace isnt touching this. And once again, even if you think I am lying, which for some crazy reason you do, the chances are better for you to prevent against a convert then it is to protect vs. a NK. Brother, this is really simple, I dont know what else to tell you. Seriously think about this because its literally going to cost you the game. You obviously arent taking this in through the right hole. Regurgitate and reprocess and get back to me, because you are not thinking correctly.
  7. In the land of the PNW, there is no race. Crusher likes me a little sweet but sour. Pain and pleasure.
  8. This is one of the many. However, Crusher is a delicate monster, he would never do anything to me in a savage fashion. He is a gentle beast and would softly insert the entire chicken leg into his mouth and begin to suck off all the delicious juices that he used as marinade. Then he softly tears away at pieces of me to chew thoroughly for easy digestion. Ghey is used so way too loosely around here. What Crusher and I have is not ghey. He is married to a beautiful wife and loves to see the boobies of his wife's intoxicated friends. We just share a special bond that nobody will completely understand. Stop being so judgmental. I too have lived in the Pacific Northwest and you are following the typical path of the whiteman out there...married a hot little Asian, using mind altering drugs to compensate for the overall depression that living in that **** hole area brong to the mental of an average caucasion american. I get it and your are A. O.K. in my book.
  9. Cute. I would use that as a slip n slide. And for your visual interpretation, I wear boxer briefs when I decide to wear any undergarments.
  10. Does it count when it just for one man? God Damn right it is.
  11. I wish my lover was alive to defend me, but he knows that I am not lying. I talked to him about everyone one of my recruits and we failed on them all. I wont show my PM's to Doggin, but I have tried to recruit everyone left in this game, and I am not allowed.
  12. I am not lying. I have no reason to lie this way. If I was going to lie, I wouldnt have revealed my role. I would have kept trying to spin it back on you. Ask me questions, dont assume I am lying. Its over. I have been defeated. I cant recruit anymore. The only chance I had left was to make it to the end of the game...which obviouisly isnt going to happen...so I revealed to take down Ace...there is no way I could try to take the side of the mafia after pushing him, so I am trying to help you out. Take it or leave it...but I am not lying.
  13. Wait, wait, are you the final mafia member? I seriously doubted it with the whole Vito fiasco, but that is the only way this makes any sense. I just told you I cant recruit you or Virgil or Ace. This is literally a no brainer. You are either the final mafia member, or dont take this the wrong way....a moron. I am handing you the game cat butt.
  14. This is my favorite subject. I have been a teamate of Crusher's in the JN/JI and let me tell you, our PM's back and forth are ****ing hilarious. I wish I could post them all. He has literally had me in tears on numerous occassions. I <3 Crusher.
  15. Dude, are you dense? Wow. I just laid it all out for you and you are still voting me. I have nothing else to say. Vote me and you lose. Holy ****, this is hilarious.
  16. I would like to wrap myself up in that and never wake.
  17. Give me a shout!

  18. Alright, you got me Virgil, ya son of a bitch. I am the CL. I have tried to recruit every single one of you and I am not allowed. I have failed to recruit every single night since night 2. If you recall Doggin's write up, he said "kind of cult like". I have no "cult" left and I can no longer build it. I want to take down scum and at least let the town win because I have nothing left to play for. What you guys need to do is lynch Ace so he doenst have a chance to NK one of us. I will be unsuccessful in my recruitment of one of you. And you lynch me tomorrow. Town wins. Thats why I have been so adamant about killing Ace. I just didnt want to reveal becaus I thought I could spin this on Tony S and realize you have defeated me. Nice work. Doggin kind of ****ed me. I am the most powerless CL in the world, I guess thats why its "kind of cult like". And it makes sense because I recruited my lover Crusher night 1....lol...and my nemesis CTM on night 2. All down hill since then, I think I got lucky finding them right away. Problem is, it made me play aggressive thinking that I was going to get more recruits. So I was trying to form distance and then recruit that particular player. Thats what I did with Frank/CTM and it back fired when that ****face spoke too much. And then everyone else I attempted failed. I cant remember night by night, but I think it went like this...Fredo, Frank, Joe, Virgil, Tony S., Marcellus, and last night Ace. Its kind of bull **** and I am a little pissed, so lets just defeat the mafia and thats all I have left. There is no way I could side with Ace after pushing him this hard. So I want you and Tony to win. Vote Ace, kill the final scum. I will unsuccessfully try to recruit one of you guys tonight and lynch me tomorrow. Its that easy the town wins. I wasnt lying when I was trying to make that happen, I just wanted it to be a little interesting when it happened. I'm over it now.
  19. When you leaving and where is your show?

  20. Nice!!! When? Where? How long are you in town?

  21. I'm working, but then I dont have anything planned...I think I might have a client happy hour. Why whats up?

  22. Tony, its really simple my man. You lynch me the mafia will win. I cant explain it any better. Look at the math, look at the make up and look at the actions. We should be scum hunting. The town will lose if we dont lynch Ace today. Its not that hard to figure out. Do what you want my man, its only a game, I wont say I told you so but when Ace wins, I will post a big smiley face and you all will know why. And no offense to over sensative Virgil, but he is a moron for following Ace, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.
  23. Beat me to it....or maybe JR128 = JMJ
  24. What, you dont see the similarities? He's too tall. Rightfully so.
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