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  1. **** off you slut. You used me.

  2. I'm starting to think that Vics conspiracy theory about BB sending his assistants off to ruin others teams is true. lol
  3. 2 quick points that I want to make here... First off, you have totally ruined the spirit of the game IMO. You want the scum to win over cult? What? Whats wrong with you dude, seriously? You F'ed this game. We have been playing for 2 months and you are so hell bent on this that you want to ruin the game for everyone that is trying to win for the town. Thats ****ed up. I almost feel like we should all lynch you for being such a boob. Secondly, my feelings are contradictory of how I have been playing before because the entire set up has changed. We cant go with the same philosophy because the make up has changed. Look at my above post. If you have any sense, you will understand that my logic is 100% correct. And dont be offended, its just a game and who gives a **** what I think of you and if I decide to make fun of how you or anyone else plays. Thats what makes this **** fun. If we were all kissing each others ass and jerking each other off, I wouldnt play, well I would if it was only with Crusher.
  4. Wrong. Me! Wrong. Me! Wrong. Me!
  5. FWIW, Hunting scum is the #1 priority.. There has to be the CL left, and 1 scum (due to the NK) which means if cult is lynched today and the scum gets a succesful NK, they will win. The cult leader on the other hand, would need to survive two lynches in order to win. Simple math fellas, but you do what you want to do. Unfortunately it will result in a loss for the town if you lynch me. Even if I am the CL.
  6. You take it in the pooper. Middle aged? Jeez.
  7. I'm sorry, will you take me back?

  8. And thus is the genius that is JiF.
  9. This is where you are mistaken. Hotties take it a sign of compassion for the entire human race.
  10. Fear, jealousy, envy, if you cant beat'em kill'em.
  11. That was fun while it lasted. Max is dumb. Me is very imaginative. QFT Gross, but I am sure if I did, I would.
  12. So back to the point here, seriously, who's better Im an amazing specimen of the human race. Funny, witty, handsome, brilliant, atheletic, great in the sack, sexy, strong, compassionate, moral, ethical. Im damn near perfect, so who is better me or me?
  13. Ummm, I wrote the bible on gangsta rap from the bedroom of my suburban home with my white picket fence on the way to school during carpool rides in my buddies Lexus bought by his parents and in the halls of the prep school I attended in between classes....never during, I was learning, and education was important to me.
  14. 2pac is the greatest ever by a wide margin. Biggie isnt even #2 in my book.
  15. Call me an EMO kid again. See what happens. You wont leave alive.
  16. Not really, I hate everyone in this world equally.
  17. What? How dare you. There is no truth to this at all. Just answer the ****ing question.
  18. Death by smiley face, thats gotta hurt.
  19. Wrong. I <3 U. ih8u + 1
  20. This conversation is about me or me. Please stay the course or die.
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