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  1. Oh yeah??? Well,. my dad can kick your dads ass.
  2. I smoke pot everyday. I know a lot of people that do. Most of them are college educated and make a very good living...myself included.
  3. Rodney Harrison = No Class So whats new?
  4. I take pride in my matching ability and do a damn good job so I am told. Do you like that about me?
  5. Most Underrated Poster – debatesman (I have removed the selfish vote for myeslf, to recognize a great poster, Im merely a fraud) Most Knowledgeable Poster – Sperm Edwards Most Annoying Poster – JonEJet (strictly because of his obsession with Big Ben) Funniest Poster – dmaynard, Johnny Hector Best Overall Non-Jets Fan Poster – crashingjet (yeah I actually like this turd) Best Overall Poster on JetNation – my fav's (K73iG, CTM, SMC, JMJ, JB, BergenJets, Vicious89x, EY, RJF, JH, B'G) Biggest Homer – ECURB Best Avatar/Signature
  6. Jesus was angry with Kurt Warner today.
  7. If we pick up Carr and draft Painter that means we have Clemens, Ratliff, Ainge, Carr and Painter. That seems like an excesive amount of **** to me.
  8. I like it Mick, Heyward is exactly the type of WR we need. Love Sean Smith, he is going to be a stud IMO. The kid is just a physical player. I think Kerry will benefit from someone who can play the pass as well as he can. I dont like Ayers, being a FL fan I have seen a lot of him. He is just a space eater and doesnt do any one thing particullary well. Yes maybe our LB'ers can benefit from his size, but we dont need another Kenyon Coleman and a 3rd pick is too valuable to be drafting a guy that potentially cant make plays in the NFL. Jennings I have been seeing a lot of. He s
  9. I wouldnt mind the Tyson Jackson pick at all. Its tough to predict where he well go, especially this early without combine. He could very well climb up the charts after a solid workout. Just dont know if thats what we want to target that early. I dont know about Derrick Williams. He doesnt have blazing speed and its not like he was this huge producer in college. He had a nice Snr. season and a bunch of average seasons prior. I think there are going to better WR's available. Very hard to predict that this point.
  10. Playing against guys that are most likely currently bagging grocheries is not a barometer in which you can measure success. We use the same logic that the coaches in this league us, if it was that easy than Brett along with guys like Colt Brennan would have a shot to start a couple of games this year.
  11. Thomas sucks. I tried to have faith in this guy, but he's a turd. Some games he looks like a beas then you dont see him again for weeks. I would love to get Suggs, cut Thomas and draft an ILB on the first day. If we ended up just getting Scott, I would be very happy. He is a beast, but Suggs pass rushing ability is insane, he changes games. That said, I dont think we can sign Suggs. Bart Scott seems more likely. If we end up with Bart, than we gotta hope that Rex gets the most out of Gholston to replace Thomas. Rex has already said he is looking forward to coaching him.
  12. Your post made me want to check out his resume...this guy is has the strangest track record. He's all over the place. Look at this... University of Michigan (Graduate Assistant) 72-73 Syracuse (Linebackers Coach) 74 Western Michigan (Defensive Coordinator) 75-76 Illinois (Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach) 77-79 Western Michigan (Offensive Coordinator) 80-81 North Carolina State (Running Backs Coach) 82 Army (Defensive Coordinator) 83-91 (Head Coach) 91-99 New York Jets (Linebackers Coach) 01-06 (Defensive Coordinator) 06-09 (Linebackers
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