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  1. I dont think Kenyon is terrible, but I dont think he is great. If you think you can upgrade via draft, I think you do. Especially considering that Ellis isnt geting any younger and I dont have any faith in our back ups of ever becoming starters. Here's a question, what if Kenyon or Ellis get hurt? Devito, Brown, Douglas, are they really viable options as full time starters? I am thinking DE because it could potentially be an immediate upgrade and/or a replacement for Ellis in the future. And once again, in the 3-4, it all starts with the DL. They need to do their job to help our LBing core wreak havoc. So IMO, having better DE's will in turn, absolutely help our LB'ers.
  2. I agree. This draft is deep with TE talent. I will raging pissed if we draft one in the first. And just for the sake of it, who exactly is this "person" that has all this intimate knowledge about the Jets daft plans?
  3. You already knocked me for my brian instead of brain typo, and the first attempt was actually funny, this one...not so much. And the rest of your post is just backing everything I and everyone else has said in this thread. You dumbasses think you guys know everything about Football because you predict good things to happend to a good team and bad things to happen to a bad team. You my friend are a genius, but I guess we should all expect this because you are a Patsy homo that invented Football crica 2001.
  4. True. I am just saying that we might have our choice. And we all know that 3-4 DE's dont really accumulate stats, but if he thinks he can upgrade to help out our LB'ing core that we know will be extremely active, then I think he will. I know you are leaning toward them favoring TE, which will make me puke, but if you dont see QB, WR, DE, lets exclude TE, what position could you see us going?
  5. I dont know if its fair to say he wasnt viewed as a "special player". You dont use 2nd round picks unless you feel they have "special potential". Especially considering we passed on the 3 1st round talent QB's in that draft. We obviously were had a plan going into the draft and Kellen was part of that plan because they thought he could be special. Thats the thing, Clemens did establish himself in practice and in the preseason. He was clearly out playing Chadwick. Remember that Vikings preseason game, if that wasnt a sign of things to come, I dont know what was. I dont know if he technically lost his starting job because I am not sure it was really his. And how could you justify handing him the job after 07? They both werent very good even though, Kellen was much better IMO. Nonetheless, I see your point. I think his year is different. A new HC has no ties to any of these players and he hasnt been able to assess if any of them have proved themselves or not. Holding an open competition for a position in question is a good thing, even if Kellen is clearly better. Not only does it make a statement, it also is healthy for all 3 QB's. Final point, well taken, but I think its a little deeper than that.
  6. I am telling you, I really feel like we are going DE. There should be our pick of top notch 3-4 DE talent at 17. Everette Brown, Tyson Jackon, Jarron Gilbert. We need to upgrade from Kenyon Coleman. It is vital to the success of our D. Ellis is getting long in the tooth. IMO this is the pick we NEED to make.
  7. Get over yourself, zombie. And yes, the fact does still remain.
  8. You are, it was definitely Cotch who dropped that wide open pass. The ball was about thigh high, not thrown perfectly, but nontheless a ball easily caught by a pop warner player.
  9. Placed 3rd on Depth chart behind two former first round picks, one with 5 years of starting experience, the other with a year of experience. Not to mention, it was his rookie year and he hadnt played ball in almost a year because of an injury. Not given the chance to start in 07 because Chadwick was handed the keys in March. Not given a chance to start after a 1-7 showing by Chadwick because we had an incomptent coach who is no longer here. Never lost his starting job to perviously benched Qb. They traded for a future HOF Qb before that technically ever happened. Dont see the big deal in a new HC wanting a bunch of unproven Qb's to compete for the job, I actually find it to be noble. Lets see what he does. If the team has absolutely no confidence and is not willing to give him a shot then a) why is he here, and why is he even allowed to compete for the job?
  10. Too much cat puckered starfish made you go schizo?
  11. Not as bad as I sucked. Yes, I was the suck. It was such a poor display of suck, its not even worthy of the title suck. Its more like sucktabulous. Crush, do you mind if I call you that? I suck you.
  12. Relax buddy, I am just busting your balls. Some of your threads are out there, like not in this galaxy train of thought. But its cool, I dont hate. Trust me, I am not exactly normal either. I dont question your love for the Jets. That is abundantly clear. And I gave you a legitimate well thought answer to your question (and I do upon the chance that you start a thread that makes sense), you are just focusing on my poking and not my premise.
  13. I was kidding. I dont know, hopefully we have a potent run game that will open up passing lanes. And hopefully our defense will help us to get consistently favorable field position that wont make it so hard on our offense to score.
  14. Once again, Bit started a very similar thread with very similar results... http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73543
  15. FTR, this is basically the same thread...maybe we can merge this and Mehl's as well. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73543
  16. Sorry JB, this logic sucks. As much as QB can make WR's look great, a WR can help make a struggling QB look great as well. Just look at Flacco and Ryan. Roddy White and Derrick Mason made their transition to the NFL look easy and didnt hurt that both teams could successfully run the ball something that I see us doing well again this year. This is kind of a similar thread to what Bit started. The logic is just flawed. And the last thing I would do is trade up for a Junior Qb, especially Mark Sanchez who has barely any experience as a starter and the experience he does have is playing against doodoo for defense. Just a little stat that scares the **** out of me about Sanchez. He has only played in 3 games that the oppossing offense scored over 10 points...he lost one of them to lowley old Oregon State. The other game against the juggernaut of Stanford, he only had to complete 11 passes. Than he has a nice Rose Bowl and everyone is all over his nuts. I want nothing to do with him.
  17. I didnt want to point that out...because unlike his other threads, you can actually form an opinion about the topic and discuss it at length. The over all topic is relevant. Most of his other threads are so out there I dont even know why I even opened them.
  18. I have never said you were retarded, just certifiably insane. This thread however, actually makes some sense, good job buddy!!!! I am a supporter of anyone on this team. Unlike you, I dont have favorites or agendas. My hope is that a 2nd round pick that we blew on Kellen Clemens actually works out for us and he can become the player we drafted him to be because we passed on 3 prospects in that draft, 1 of which we are now apparently trying to trade for... I seriously could careless who our QB is, as long as he plays well. I laugh at all this Brett Ratliff nonsense because just as many people that have their heads up his ass for a couple of good throws in preseason are ready to write off Kellen because he couldn't beat out Chad in his rookie season. And didn't impress in his first couple of starts in the league after Chad had a typical odd year debacle. These same people dont care about the fact that he was playing behind the worst OL I have ever witnessed, he had nobody to throw to and had a RB that produced 1 TD on the season. For the record, I wasn't here at the time, but I knew he wouldn't beat out Chadwick last year. As a matter of fact, I predicted Chad winning his 2nd CBPOY award. Chad is a competitor, you knew he was going to give everything to keep his starting position. He is a veteran and a former 1st round pick, as bad as he sucks, he is a coach's dream because of his work ethic, leadership and accuracy. Then he becomes their nightmare when its all on the line and he chokes yet again. Bottom line is, I saw enough in Kellen to think that he should have a legitimate shot behind a solid oline with a running game. It worries me that none of our Qb's have any real weapons to speak of, but I think a safety belt like Keller and the sure hand of Cotch, that he could manage that game enough to get us some wins. BTW, Chad Henne cant beat him out, does that mean he sucks as well and the Dolphags should give up on him?
  19. Wait, if you dont want to waste your time getting into it, then why are you hear again?
  20. LMAO!!! Well said. Some trolls do, most dont. I have never quite understood the mentality of a troll. I have actually tried it before, and it really wasnt fun. It felt creepy. Like I was masturbating to my sisters dolls. What is it guys? Why do you get a kick out of posting on a Jets message board and derailing good conversations by acting like arrogant know it all dweebs? Why do you care if a fan of the lowly Jets wants to be a homer about...say his favorite player or his favorite team? I can understand talking about whats going on in the AFCE and talking a little trash here and there, but you jackasses act like you personally wrote the history books of the NFL. I mean I realize that Patsies fans have done something in the life to deserve the privilege of jumping on the Patsies bandwagon, but why the butt sex as well?
  21. You are right. He was exposed as a 4th round rookie that was thrusted into a starting position and was forced to shut down WR's with the help of guys like Eric Smith and Abram Elam. 90% of the time for some odd reason, Kerry was playing deep on Revis side, so he got picked on. He had moments of both good and very bad. It didnt help that the longer the season went on, as our pass rush worsened, so did everything else. Lowery was picked on because teams were scared or had no reason, to throw toward Revis and Rhodes. I dont understand that hate for Lowery. Did anyone really expect him to come in and be a shut down corner? Its a ****ing hard position to learn at the next level. I think we are spoiled with the progression of Revis and set very high expectations on a guy like Lowery, a rookie 4th round pick, not 14th overall. Give the kid more than a year before you right him off. Also, in a division with Moss/Welker and T.O./Evans, slot receivers are going to see a lot of balls which makes a nickel back very important. Hopefully, we generate a Ravens like pass rush and all these worries wont be issues.
  22. First off, this is clearly a Dolphag fan and you have clearly photo shopped over the Dolphag gayness Teel and Florescent Orange, with the beauty of the Green and White. Secondly, is it too late to take my vote back for favorite troll? Your attempt at humor in this thread is making me quite embarrassed.
  23. Unfortunately, I dont know the feeling of winning a SB. Thank god for my brains and the Gators. We are not all as fortunate as you. I wish my team could have had the idea of cheating to win SB's.
  24. If you were a little more responsible with your money maybe you wouldnt need donations...
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