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  1. Yes, but the potential of drafting that 10 year probowl/all pro player is out there. Honestly, have you ever seen a team have any success making moves of that nature. The great teams do it through the draft. IDK, maybe because I am big draft fan that I put a lot of stock into picks, but I just dont know if the return would be worth the price.
  2. I'm thinking that is a lot of stake to put into a couple of guys that arent sure fire cant miss players. They both have their issues and in the long run, you would trading for a sup .500 Qb and a WR who has had only 1 year worth of good work to speak of.
  3. Good point. We shall see. I could see Lowery having a long-term career playing nickel or dime....but dont think he will ever be a #2 CB. I am just hoping Lito has a resurgence with a new air in NY, but lets be honest, has that ever happened in the Jets favor???
  4. Correct. He also had a great game when we blew out St. Louis. He was off and on. He was damn near terrible against Denver. Blew coverage on 2 different occassions that led to TD's and missed a couple of crucial tackles on that nobody RB. But, he made some HUGE plays for us as well.
  5. I dont see this happening. Maybe we draft for depth in the later rounds at LBer....but I just cant see us taking Rey after signing Scott.
  6. I hope you are wrong. I wouldnt mind Knowshon, but I would puke if we took Sanchez. Pettigrew is interesting. I would prefer us not going TE that high again, but I could see the logic. I just think there is a lot of TE talent in this draft and its not necessary to select one in the first round. Tyson Jackson and Jarron Gilbert are the 2 most interesting prospects IMO. There is a high price for 3-4 DE's out there and if you can land one in the middle of the first, you do it...especially considering Kenyon Coleman is mediocre and Ellis is getting old.
  7. Awful? Really? I mean, I guess I can understand if you are saying that about Lito...I dont think he is awful, but I could see the case. Lowery? Thats kind of harsh assessment for a 4th round pick after his rookie season. He had his moments both good and bad, but calling him awful after his rookie season seems a bit dramatic IMO.
  8. LOL @ someone that has nothing to do with the game being more involved than those left alive. Get this thing over with already. I am bored at work and want a new game to start. Dont worry, I'm still dead.
  9. Oh, he is definitely explosive and he is definitely game speed fast! If I'm not mistaken the only other running back to run for as many yards in his first 2 season in the SEC was Hershel Walker. You dont reach that type of status in the SEC unless you have speed and game changing ability. My do not wants... Sanchez Maclin
  10. I am extremely concerned about it, but everyone on this site will tell you it was because he was under used. Apparently even his coached admitted to it. I dont know. I have watched some highlights footage of him and its really some of the most unimpressive highlights I have ever seen, but I understand if a player is under utilized that it would be difficult to put together a good highlight reel. Still, its a concern for me to ask a player to be someone that he has never been before. We would be drafting him to be a #1 and I just dont see it.
  11. He did play well in Plaxico's place...but you wouldnt think that he would be a deal breaker.
  12. The Browns wanted a 2nd and a 5th and Steve Smith for Braylon Edwards? Hmmmm.
  13. On what grounds does he warrant that type of action. Is there a market for Kellen Clemens?
  14. I wont lie. I havent been big on this guy, but that video reminded me a lot of Big Ben. He seems to have very similar game. And you could see him make his progressions. And some of his footwork was impressive. That video was pretty promisiing...but that was only a few plays.
  15. Houston Texans Select Jarius Byrd - CB - Oregon
  16. Bump. Some interesting brackets going on here...could be close. Looks like the leader board has a lot of different National Champs.
  17. Sorry to hear this news. Life has it ways. Hang in there and be strong. Your family needs you right now.
  18. Congrats!!! May he be a masculine boy that enjoys the pain and misery associated with being a fan of the NY Jets.
  19. The Wonderlic is silly. But, what is it with WR's? Why are they the most moronic professional athletes?
  20. Agreed on all accounts. You dont draft for depth, especially on the Oline, on the first day...IMO. These are supposed to be guys that can come in and see playing time, trying to make an impact. We need to get a DE. I think we can upgrade from Kenyon and Ellis is long in the tooth. I wouldnt be surprised to see, DE, WR, CB on the first day.
  21. Him and Carr are my favorite sleepers. Kevin is just smooth. It just seems like the game comes easy to him. He really could be something else at the next level. I wonder if he grew up a Jets or Giants fan?
  22. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73290
  23. It does when he has 2 National Championships under his belt and the SEC is known for their stout defense. But if you are saying that it doesnt neccessarily mean that because he dominate the SEC he will have success at the next level, when then I agree. But it surely helps his case.
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