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  1. He's an idiot. Everyone knows it. Watch the NFL Network Live Wire on him. The kid has a screw lose and doesnt not demand the respect of his teamates. The bottom line is, if you trade for Cutler, you are trading for a losing QB that couldnt win a division in which the top team was .500. All they had to do was win 1 of their last 3 games. During that 3 game losing streak, Cutler threw 4 INT's and 2 TD's. He was aweful and they choked away the division. Would I welcome him, yes, his talent is undeniable. Do I think he instantly would make us a playoff contender let alone a SB contender, not a chance.
  2. Who would have thunk it? Heres a question though, who came up with this idea? The guy that failed to give our best play maker the ball last season (schotty) or the guy that is coming into change turn this ship around? (Ryan)
  3. Dont you know logic goes out the window when debating with Dolphag fans.
  4. HA!!! dolphagfan4life is not fairing very well on this one. This would be an opportune time for an epic fail picture.
  5. Thats why I didnt want to draft him, but thats over and done with. Lets just hope Ryan and Co. can light a fire under his ass.
  6. That 5'8 frame didnt stop him from collecting 7 tackles, .5 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Pass Deflected and a 20 yard punt return against your doodoo team in the playoffs.
  7. Very happy to come back from lunch and see this news. We now have a LB'er from the Ravens to teach our LBing core and a S to teach our secondary the system. DE next? You cant put a value on having committed proven players that know the system to be leaders/coaches on the field.
  8. This is a good point, but eventually we are going to have to shell it ou. Especially, if Kellen Clemens wins the job hitting FA in 2010.
  9. The Jags fans are excited about this guy. Its their big offseason signing. I wish we would have kept him.
  10. Who are you referring to Lito or Lowery?
  11. Didnt a bunch of his players get busted using peformance enhacning drugs??? And you know he does too. Come'on, do you really thing that old dirty bastard can get it up with out using Viagra? Not a chance.
  12. I dont understand the love for this kid. Yes he has the tools, yes he has the arm. But he is a dodo brain with a losing record. And all of you that are clamoring over him are all about wins and losses and Cutler is a loser. Would I welcome him, Yes. We havent had a talent like him on this team for years. But I dont think he is going to immediately become the answer to our prayers. If he couldnt win in the ****ty AFCW this season, how is going to win in the competitve AFCE? Not to mention, Denver is not going to trade Cutler and hope to find a needle in a haystack of ****ty available QBs. And if we made this move before Gary Myers wrote an article approving it, he would be bashing us to the moon like he always does with all our decisions.
  13. WoW!!! These stories of suck are imperssive.
  14. Are there any A-listers left that would make sense on this team?
  15. Didnt Cadilac re-injure his knee? It will probably be him and Graham.
  16. IDK, Justin Gage and Nate Washington could be a troublesome duo for Heimerdinger's offense. If either of the rookies Davis/Hawkins can give them production in year 2 w/ McCraphands. Thats not bad. You definitely have to defend the entire field with the Johnson/White combo running the ball.
  17. I know what they are trying to do, I just hope it happens. I'm on board, I'm sold, I love everything they are saying. It would be a damn shame if the rest of the team didnt live up to it.
  18. Its going to take a lot more than one player. He is talking it up, I just hope it translate and its infectious.
  19. God I hope we can back this talk up. It will be ****ing amazing.
  20. Is it o.k. for me to love him already?
  21. Has a LB'er ever been drafted first overall?
  22. Most of my time was at Gators Dockside. I had a very short stint at the Salty Dog.
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