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  1. I call "Fail" on you taking me serious.
  2. This sounds like racial profiling to me.
  3. Exactly. TDJoey, I dont think that you are factoring in the investment portion of the game. You dont give a guy that has shown absolutely zero motiviation all that guaranteed money. If money is motivating him to workout, what do you think will? This is basically equivalent of a business man interviewing for a CEO position with Bank of America and he shows up in shorts and a t-shirt plus he hasnt shaved or showered in days. Who's to say that he isnt going to show up to work everyday like that, eventhough this man had a stellar career with Merrill Lynch.
  4. I understand all that, but to ask him to come into the NFL and do what hasnt done before is asking too much. Us drafting him at 17, is basically saying, you're our #1. In most offensive systems in the NFL, that requires a WR to catch around 80 balls. Its risky to ask a player that has never caught pases at that pace to step into the NFL and do that consistently. Especially with no real Qb to speak of.
  5. Try it out and tell me how it works.
  6. Was that supposed to be cute? Can you name a time when a rookie WR catapulted a team to a championship? Its almost impossible to find a WR that has had THAT big of an impact on a team in the history of the game. However, I am pretty damn sure that there have been dominate defenses that have won championships despite a terrible offense. And you act like not selecting a WR in the first means we cant find production later in the draft, subsequently, we wont have offense. Sorry fella, WR notoriously bust in the first round especially in mid to back. Whereas, you often can find a very good WR in later rounds. Not to metion, rookie usually arent productive in their first year. Oh by the way sweet cheeks, we dont have a QB.
  7. IMO, he screams Troy Williamson and he is a reach in the first round whether he was projected in the first or not. I am just having a hard time believing that all these WR's are first round talent. Especially considering WR's are notoriously found in later rounds and are just as notorious to bust in the first.
  8. LOL I mentinoed that we need another Kyle Brady or Anthony Becht. The only problem with these type of players, is your kind of showing your hand.
  9. 2 of those players have been to Super Bowls and one has a ring. Just sayin. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but IMO its all about W's and L's.
  10. Ha! As much as I hate Chad Pennington, I guarantee you if he was on the Broncos last year, he would have won the AFCW. With similar results in the playoffs.
  11. Yes you do. I dont care how good you are if you are a loser you are a loser and right now in Jay Cutler's career, he is a loser.
  12. Because you like him that much, or because you made the claim we should... wait for it...
  13. I saw him play very closely in one very important game, you might remember but care to forget it. Anywho, he got worked.
  14. You honestly cant stand by that after everything he has done. He is more likely to be out of the league in 2 years. He has no motivation.
  15. I understand your logic but I am going to disagree with you for a couple of reasons... 1) A good GM will pick player that fit his HC's plans, system and need. 2) The first pick in a HC regime is basically indicates the direction that HC is looking to go. Meaning, that player is the center piece of his future. For example; Look at rookie HC's last year and their selections. Mike Smith - Matt Ryan Harbaugh - Joe Flacco Saporano - Jake Long And look at the results. All playoff bound. That is just a glimpe of last year. Keep going back and you will see what I mean.
  16. My instincts tell me the same. I just dont see a guy like Rex Ryan reaching for a WR at 17. Doesnt seem his still. I dont gamble, but I'll bet we go D in the first.
  17. Some of you keep throwing out examples of players that are successful in the NFL that werent productive in college and everyone you guys are throwing out were NOT taken in the first round. Bottom line guys, you dont reach for a player that wasnt productive in college in the first round based off a workout and potential. It doesnt happen. DBH was not productive in college, taking him at 17 is a reach. Plain and simple. You dont take an unproven player because of a workout in the first round.
  18. I understand that, but the entire draft preperation is subjective. Its a crap shoot. You never know who is going to be what in the NFL. All I can do is look at 2 things, what did they do in college and does their game translate to the NFL. Or what did they do in their workout and is that potential worth a selection. IMO taking a guy that's best season in college was 50 grabs and 5 TD's in the first round is extremely scary. If he only produced that in the NCAA, do you really think that will change in the NFL?
  19. HB is interesting. He wasnt very productive in college but its not like the Terps had a stellar passing game. He has the proto-type speed and size. But that lack of production is concerning. Is he really a 1st round talent? I really dont like taking a WR were we are in the first round, anyone we pick there will be reach. Also, Crabtree and Maclin scare the snot out of me. I am hoping we dont have to make that choice and they are gone before we pick. Kind of the same thing I hoped for with Gholston. I dont want to make the decision because I dont feel good about either players, but you have to highly consider either at 17 purely based of talent. At this point, I want the best available DE or try to find a trading partner to see if we can drop further back in the first and then maybe take WR in a spot that wont be a reach and also pick up another pick.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. How much could this guy actually contribute?
  21. Where is Rutgers? He would generally be all over this.
  22. Well, this sucks. Now what am I supposed to do at work everyday. We are so slow! The only thin I'm upset about is that I never got to have all the fun I wanted to in the mall. Nobody ever joined me in my luggage down the stairs idea and I didnt even make it to China in the Food Court. Oh well, good luck everyone. Zombie's suck, literally.
  23. Yep. I see this guy out in Jax Beach all the time, way F'ed up. Actually some hoochie I know slept with the creep and said they were doing blow all night. This was way before his first arrest.
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