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  1. I never said it was a good or bad thing, just pointing out the truth of the matter.
  2. I dont care what he did at this point. He brought up a good point on you and you conveniently were lurking and responded moments after I voted you. That is suspicious play.
  3. Did you not read anything after Vic's post? That is the move of scum. Scum doesnt need to know everything that is going on unless there is heat on them, which you dont, so its technically not necessary for you to read every single post. Very scummy post right here fellas. However, I like Vic's logic on Crusher. The guy was begging to play and made a big stink about it and other than responding to me when I was having fun with my stories about different stores, he hasnt been that active. Unvote: Thor Vote: Crusher
  4. You are so sensitive. Whats the deal? You are actually starting to make me think that EY created a role for you. You are a character that has been bitten and is hiding it. Now you are slowly going zombie on us. Possibly why you became so defensive so quickly. Now you are fighting off your zombie fate. If not, chill the **** out. Nobody is letting Woody of the hook. WP conveniently isnt posting nearly as much as you are so he isnt going to be able to answer our questions and suspicious. Everyone is admitting they dont buy WP's reveal, he just has disappeared since, unlike you.
  5. Zero interest? That is not a whole lot.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Norris
  7. Your boy is running his mouth an awful lot. He isnt making friends in the SEC.

  8. First post of the day... In response to CTM's post # 668 This is response to JVOR # 678 I'm still not following. If you read the entire thread, what exactly did CTM say that was different from the other 100 posts about the same topic? Curious because you didnt change your vote when you responded to him.
  9. For veteran min...what if they get Bodden of 07? That would be a steal.
  10. They got him on the cheap. http://blogs.nfl.com/2009/03/10/patriots-continue-cornerback-haul-with-bodden/
  11. + 1. I would like to see what Doggin and CTM have to say, but I would like an explanation why you thinking voting is a bad idea?
  12. Dude, relax. Nobody is voting you. We are talking about whats going on. You keep talking about WP getting off free, but the has 3 votes on him and you have ZERO from anyone but yourself. And why should everyone be 100% committed to believing your role reveal? Because you said so? Its very logical to question what you did because it made no sense, n00b mistake or not. This game is all about throwing around suspicion and calling peoples bluff. You have made yourself a target for that type of activity. And I have already stated, like many others have, that they dont believe WP. I dont believe him for split second, but just like you, we cant reasonably lynch him right now...at least not IMO.
  13. Yep. If you dont respect what Mason did for that offense last year, you got issues. He was a true warrior out there.. What game was it where he just getting killed and still getting out there to produce? That was a gutsy performance. Flacco wouldnt have had half the success he did if it wasnt for Mason. Mason is one of the most underrated WR's in this league and has been for awhile.
  14. We cant lynch Woody for the same reason we cant lynch you. That entire 2nd paragraph you wrote, can be turned back around on you. I honestly dont buy both of your role reveals. I dont buy Woody's at all. You seem more likely to be telling the truth. The 2 of you really had no reason to reveal and look what has taken place since. Its a ballsy plan on both parts, but it could be damn near brilliant if you are both scum. There is part of me that thinks that the town was on to something and you guys devised a plan to reveal the most pro-town roles that you could think of....it doesnt make sense cuz you werent feeling that much heat, but its on the back of my mind. My suggestion to the town is to put heat on the 2 most inactive players. War and Thor are my 2 subjects I would go after to start make talking. BTW, Woody has still yet to post since his reveal.
  15. Well, I hope Franny knows what he is talking about. I am all for reuniting Holt w/ Ellard.
  16. Elam mad a lot of plays for us last year. I would like to keep him around.
  17. Seriously, this un****ingbelievable. WTF!?! Woody is lying, Im convinced. Look at what he has done. The guy knows this game and knew this would send the town in tail spin. And where is Mr. Woody now? He conveniently roel reveals to save his ass and then he mysteriously disappears and gives the town no help on figuring out our next steps. I dont buy it at all. I am having a hard time changing my vote, a very hard time. However, like others have pointed out, how can we lynch him now? Unvote: Woody Vote: Thor Lets get Thor talking.
  18. Had a busy morning and my day looks just as busy, but I got time right now to pick up where I left off last night....so give me a couple of minutes to catch up and will update my opinions.
  19. Agreed with all the talk that has taken place since my last post. I was just thinking out loud. We need to get some heat on some folks that arent talking.
  20. I dont konw if I am explaining myself properly. If he doesnt turn up dead, why didnt the mafia NK him? Maybe because he is one of their own? Or is that just stupid logic? Im just thinking out loud here.
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