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  1. This is like a circus!!! So glad I took the day off.
  2. So who is going to get the ball to Edwards on those HUGE go routes?
  3. Mangini is going to get that team to the Super Bowl.
  4. Absolutely, That is just the suck we need.
  5. LOL ESPN just said that moments ago Scott became a Jet
  6. You are my Che. I am Fidel Casuckstro. You will carry the suck with you where ever you go.
  7. Why are you trying to talk reason with this man...its not working
  8. LOL Its a good pick up for the Pats. Baker was highly underrated by this org.
  9. Yep. And you really cant equate the value of a coach on the field. He is going to be the guy explaining the system during practice when our guys are finally just going to get after it instead of being robots.
  10. I see more posters have joined the thread of suck. Lonestar, 32, welcome. You both suck.
  11. This is a great signing plain and simple. Doesnt matter if he is the best in the league or if the is just a very good player. Rex coached the guy for many years, if he wanted him, there is a reason and I am very excited to see that reason in action. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well, What the F do we have in mind???
  13. I personally think he will be a better QB after his time to reflect in prison. He will be a step slower and will need to focus on becoming a more accurate and cerberal QB. Sign him immediately and we are SB bound!
  14. Sucktangibles, only some are so sucky.
  15. Well, I was never really impressed with what I have seen, but the only thing producing at the next level from "THE runner up University" is WR's....so...maybe a look in the 2nd round wouldnt hurt.
  16. Ken Lucas would be a great CB to have opposite Revis. I wonder what he is going to be looking for money wise?
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