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  1. Fair enough. We can agree to disagree and I dont know if I actually think he is worth the money either. However, yhe only problem with your arguement is that Holt was never a big TD machine. The most he has ever had is 12 TD's and he has only hit 10 twice. Does that mean he was never truly elite?
  2. That is ridiculous. As shown by DD, 08 was his first bad season in a long time. The bottom line is, if you draft a WR this year, you cant expect anything and I mean anything from him in 09. Its very rare the rookie WR make and immediate impact. This year was anomoly across the board with rookie production. With the WR core we have, it would be foolish to not consider Holt. I understand your logic and agree for the most part, but Holt is better than you are making him out to be. He has wanted out of St. Louis for a while. This move is based off of money and the direction the team is headed. Torry Holt consistently demanded a double team last year, ask anyone on that team. He could still do so in NY.
  3. Sure, he may have dropped a step, but do you know how little attention rookie WR's draw in the NFL? The reason Avery caught any balls this year was because Holt was drawing double teams all day long. Exactly.
  4. When you are facing double teams every game because you have no other offensive threat and your Qb and Oline sucks, its hard to get open. As soon as Stephen Jackson was healthy, he was getting open a lot more. And he still managed to get open 63 times.
  5. Not to mention, one had Brett Favre throwing to him and the other had Mark Bulger and Co. getting him the ball. Plus, our offense was twice as potent. Holt has a solid year considering...
  6. I dont know about that...if LC gets 7 mil per year...TO is getting more than 2 mil. And remember who his agent is...
  7. Thats a lot for a WR that has had only 1 season with over 80 catches.
  8. He hasnt technically been released??? And this is reported from someone who is "familar with the Jets thinking".... Technically, I am familiar with the Jets thinking.
  9. That is a very good point. I would be surpised if Ellard was putting that bug in Rex's ear.
  10. Ha! Im just the opposite. I want a 3-4 pick in the 1st, WR in the 2nd, and depth the rest of the way. Yeah, but he played in the Rex system.
  11. He might not. But massive men that fit the systems are hard to find. It might be worth bringing him on board and seeing if he makes the cut. If it works out, great. If not, what do we lose?
  12. All T.O. wants is to win. When you look at the Romo situation, TO helped him. Plain and simple. Romo knew he could rely on TO to get open. He was a complete game changer for him and Romo targeted him often. Both of our guys have big arms and could get TO the ball. The only concern I have is...would it be in the best interest of a rookie HC to have a guy like TO on board?
  13. I would give them a #2 and one of Mangini's favorites in a heartbeat for Braylon. But there is no way in hell I would give them our 1st round pick for Braylon. When you look at a 1st round pick on a team with a rookie HC, it really becomes the center piece and the future of what that HC has in mind. Its one of the most important and valuable pieces for that coach to build around....Braylon Edwards is not worth jeopardizing.
  14. Signing TO might be the greatest moment in the history of this team. Almost as close to getting to the SB. Sign him immediately!!!
  15. Ah we have now enter the world of suck art. This characteristic of suck is something awful. See, suck at a verbal or written letter is comfortable and silly. When you take suck and put into a visual stimulation, you then have proof of the suck. Which sucks because its dangerous. If one focuses on the suck, they might become depressed by realizing that suck the joke of actually exists.
  16. Obviously Mangini had a back up plan for the Soldier.
  17. Feely played excellent for us and made some big kicks.
  18. Over/Under On the grumblings about his contract before or after Trainging Camp.
  19. Being in Jax, I have seen a lot of this kid and met him a couple of times. He is a good player and a good guy. The kids has a chip on his shoulder. He picked the #32 because thats how many teams passed on him in the draft. I would expect a very productive year from him being that they dont have a single offensive threat on the entire team other than MoJo.
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