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  1. Signing TO might be the greatest moment in the history of this team. Almost as close to getting to the SB. Sign him immediately!!!
  2. Ah we have now enter the world of suck art. This characteristic of suck is something awful. See, suck at a verbal or written letter is comfortable and silly. When you take suck and put into a visual stimulation, you then have proof of the suck. Which sucks because its dangerous. If one focuses on the suck, they might become depressed by realizing that suck the joke of actually exists.
  3. Obviously Mangini had a back up plan for the Soldier.
  4. Feely played excellent for us and made some big kicks.
  5. Over/Under On the grumblings about his contract before or after Trainging Camp.
  6. Being in Jax, I have seen a lot of this kid and met him a couple of times. He is a good player and a good guy. The kids has a chip on his shoulder. He picked the #32 because thats how many teams passed on him in the draft. I would expect a very productive year from him being that they dont have a single offensive threat on the entire team other than MoJo.
  7. Can you believe that Jason Taylor is coming to the team he hates the most? Should we welcome him? Does that me the Jets ghey?
  8. Im still not sold he will. Im kinda thinking we might be going DL in the 1st. Thats the reason why I said 1st day because its very possible that it comes in round 2 or 3.
  9. Max, you are in luck. I hate you ****ing site and everyone who posts here. I will be leaving voluntarily. Peace out bitches.
  10. I got to imagine we are going WR on the first day of the draft.
  11. Thats a very good deal for the Jets.
  12. There is so much WR talk out there right now. How many are going 1st round? Crabtree Maclin Harvin Nicks Britt Heywood-Bey 6 potential 1st rounders? Could that happen?
  13. It doesnt suck at all. Its the little thread that sucks!
  14. Trust me, Im not saying that he wasnt influenced. My point is simple, Schotty was calling the plays from HIS play book. I find it hard to believe that Mangini would overturn the opportunity to get Leon the ball more and put the game into the hands of Favre. Especially when you could see his level of frustration with Favre toward the end of the year. Bottom line, its Schotty job as the OC to get the ball to his playmakers and to incorporate plays that Leon could capatalize on throughout the game/year. That failed to happen and I dont think its all on Mangini. You would think so. The only thing I can think of is that the playbook changed with Favre and maybe Mangini didnt have the time to dedicate to learning it.
  15. I am shocked by the outcome of this poll.
  16. Me and EY were PM'ing after the game. I investigated BG by learning which side he won with. Once I found out he won when the townies died...I nailed it. My last PM to EY was BG, JT and DD are mafia.
  17. Too bad we figured it out right when we died. My last PM to you was spot on who I thought was mafia. BG, JT, DD.
  18. Yep. My investigation on BG came the same night I was killed.
  19. I want in. But you idiots need to listen to me next time.
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