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  1. The greatest scence in that movie is when Jimmy goes to the recording studio and Toots and The Maytals are singing Sweet and Dandy.

    BTW, I own the sound track, its a double disc set. Really great classic Reggae hits.

    My favorite Jimmy Cliff tune, "Let your yeah be yeah"

  2. Of all the games in the 48 years of being a Jet fan this was in the top 5 of all games

    that I have attended. The Jet fans at RJ that day went absolutely nuts.

    I remember walking to the parking lot after and there must have been over 100

    Jet fans walking the street in a pack giving the Jets chant.

    Yep. I remember that well.

    If I am not mistaken there was some kid wearing a Cherbert Jersey and some Jets fans started to lift him in the air and were mocking the Bucs fans as they were walking out of the stadium.

    Classic. Greatest game I have ever attended.

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