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  1. These were the 2 that I was thinking about as well.
  2. I feel the same way. I havent been this excited for a game in a long time.
  3. Exactly. I think the fact that it happened right before the Patsie game makes everyone think we are just going to throw him to the wolves the first game back. I am sure he wont be playing every snap. This move if for the rest of the season. We have an extra long break after Thursday, perfect time for a new CB to get his feet underneath him.
  4. This makes sense. Justin Miller is absolutely terrible.
  5. Nice. We might be almost last in the league in interceptions but Revis is tied for 1st!!!!!
  6. I dont know. Neutral grounds, fast turf, favors the Gators. We'll see. That is something I am definitely looking foward to...
  7. Thats what I was thinking as well, but they must have worked him out. These guys do their homework, we know that about them. He must be able to add some value or we have stayed put.
  8. LOL. Do the Vols still have a team?
  9. Ellis is having an amazing year and when you have Jenkins doing what he is doing, Coleman is talking away the edge in the run. No need to force the issue. Our defense is playing spectacular.
  10. Ty Law is taking 24 and Revis is taking 22.
  11. Agreed. A win on Thursday for me, tells me this team is for real.
  12. The Raiders game might be the best thing that happened to this team.
  13. Its nice to hear that we took the short week in consideration. Glad we didnt overlook the Rams.
  14. Thomas Jones is playing very well. I have no problem saying that I was wrong about him, it actually feels quite good. I think you should start hating Vernon Gholston.
  15. If he doesnt turn the ball over, we should win this game. Its time to show how good we really can be.
  16. If Miami wins the division, I will drive my car off the causeway on my way to work Monday morning. And I dont want to do that, I like life.
  17. Brett Favre didnt go to the Vikings for that very reason....just sayin... And that is just one of the many instances in which Chadwick has proved to be a selfish bastard.
  18. 2 Things... 1) We didnt treat Pennington like ****. We released him and let him decide where he wanted to play. We could have F'ed him, but instead, he F'ed us by going in the division to our rival. Once again, showing that Chadwick Pennington is one of the most selfish athletes I have ever encountered. 2) Comparing Favre to Chadwick is moronic. They are not even in the same stratosphere. Bottom line, Favre beat Chad Dolphaginton and we have a better record.
  19. This is like softcore porn for Klecko. Quinn looks sharp. Not that the Broncos are a real challenge for any Qb in this world...but still...would have definitely liked to see Anderson have a pro bowl year and leave Quinn up for grabs.
  20. I dont see the big deal. Joey is soft. He has a big mouth and is just a flat out punk. Give me Brandon Marshall over Joey Porter any day of the week and 3 times on Sunday.
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