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  1. He isnt a bust by any means. You just sometimes have to wonder if its the right thing to pound a RB like they did Lynch last year. It always seems to have a negative affect on players. IMO...he'll be fine and have a good career.
  2. I'm not really a pat myself on the back kind of guy and its not like this was tough to call...bu on the other site, I started a thread about the impact that Kris Jenkins could potentially have on this defense. I claimed he was the difference in our team being a top 5 defense or being doodoo. Well, we are in 2 of the major categories but our pass defense is making it impossible for us to crack the top 5. I really thought our secondary would have a field day if our front line was playing they way they are right now. Kris Jenkins and Sean Ellis have been outstanding this year. And it has made it much easier on our LB core.
  3. Chad Pennington is a future HOF'er and one of the greatest QB's of all time? Oh. I didnt know that.
  4. TJ has played very well as of late. I still would like to see more Leon, because some of the holes that TJ gets, Leon could take to the house. But, all in all, TJ has played very very well. Congrats to him.
  5. You cant really knock much of what we did this offseason, our moves were pretty solid. In a perfect world, it would have been nice to pick up a game changing receiver would make this offense dynamic. And the purpose of a 3-4 DE, isnt to rush the passer. That said, Ellis has been extremely good at being a pass rushing 3-4 DE. IMO him and Jenkins have been the most impressive defenders on our team this year.
  6. I always go for them in this contenst anyway, but lets go Colts!!!
  7. Then what did you see when we played against SD and NE? We looked like doodoo. If you are playing to the level of your competition then you make games like that close and down to the wire, which we did not do. Also, we havent played great yet, so how do you know we are "playing down". What I see with my own eyes is an average team that plays like an average team every Sunday and once on Mondy.
  8. I disagree with Pace. We got smoked by NE, we got smoked by SD. These are teams that are better than us, we didnt play to their level. I think we just suck, therefore, ****ty teams are tough games and its not a matter of playing down.
  9. I keep hearing people say this, and I am not high on Mangini in the slightest, in fact, I think he sucks....but this is just false. We havent played anyone worth a ****, and when we have, we have lost. So how exactly do we play down to our opponents? We just suck, there is a difference.
  10. This is definitely and opportunity to shut a lot of people up. I dont see it happening with the way this team is led, but if anyone can do it inspite of the odds, its Favre.
  11. I love the 80's. There isnt another type of music that makes we want to dance like a total moron like the 80's. Its kind of fun to make a complete fool of yourself doing some weird 80's dance.
  12. The Beastie Boys are my all time favorite band. But, I dont consider them Hip-Hop. They are way too versatile to just be considered a Hip Hop band. Therefore, IMO, A Tribe Called Quest = the G.O.A.T. at the Hip Hop music.
  13. Is this really a surprise? They missed a couple of HUGE calls against us. The Pats are the darlings of the NFL. This league does everything in its power to keep them in that light. No real surprise here, just deal with it. Here's to hoping Tom Brady never steps foot on a field again.
  14. Its kind of funny that Tennessee is undefeated and Justin McCraphands is their starting WR.
  15. Eric Mangini was completely outcoached by Herman Edwards yesterday. BTW, I LOVE HERMAN EDWARDS. But yeah, Herman made it real easy for Thigpen yesterday and Mangini did NOTHING to adjust or disrupt a very nicely executed game plan put together by the Chiefs. Its official Mangini sucks the big one.
  16. Agreed. Mangini is totally that type of guy. The prove my point type, I'll show you. He proved with his stubbournness with an out of place defense and a failing QB. He proved against NE trying to run it in 3 times against one of the best front 7's in the game. He came out in this game and said, "yeah, I know we can run it down your throat, but I am going to prove to you will throw all over you."
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