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  1. Agreed. Passrushers are better pass defenders than Corner Backs.

    I just meant that we're not going to give him high end money, and someone will likely commit a full time starting spot to him.

    I hear ya.

    Maybe we can get a Rex Ryan discount!

    What are we running with right now? Revis, Lito, Lowery, D. Coleman, Carrol???

  2. LOL, now I know why so many people off'ed themselves in this game. But I wont do that. I am hoping that some of you non-followers will listen to me. CTM is a Zombie. When this is all said and done, I will be laughing my ass off as he takes you guys for a ride. This is a ****ed up game.

    I never contradicted myself. I have done what I can. Maybe I didnt play this well which sucks because obviously I have a role that would be beneficial. I wish I could have done a better job. The decked is obviously stacked against us that have returned. You can bet CTM will look to lynch JT next. JT, I wish you would believe me, we both resurrected if you are truly innocent you would know thats why Doggin brought us back. Why would Doggin bring back someone to hurt the town?

    I have never been a doctor/protector/guardian angel...I was a cop last...but nice try CTM aka Spin Doctor. Apparently I blew it with my first time in a ****ed up role in a ****ed up situation, but CTM and his cronies just took all of you. Sorry EY, I know this isnt how you planned it.

    CTM, great game my man. You have really got these guys by the balls and your Zombie brethren JVOR and BG are good little helpers.

    You guys have all become pawns to CTM. He has got you all by the balls. There nothing more I can say.

    This is all I got. Dont have time to respond to you all individually, I have tried my best here. If I am dead when I return, I understand, this situation is jacked. But I really hope some of you are listening when I tell you...I know for a fact CTM is 100% a Zombie!!! And I can help you win this game while CTM is going to help you lose.

  3. This doesn't make sense. First you say that if you choose to protect someone who turns out to be a zombie, your protection will fail and a zombie will be revealed. Now you're saying that if your protection fails you will have created a zombie?

    Never said that later.

    If it came out that way, my bad.

    I dont create Zombies. I am just told my protection failed if I try to protect a Zombie.

  4. so you are saying there's 2 doctors in this game and three returning innocents? Is crusher lieing as well?

    Also, you said earlier today that you were suspicious of me since you returned from the dead, now you are contradicting that by saying you actually protected me last night?

    This stinks.

    Of course it stinks. I have a 100% confirmation that you are Zombie. The funny things is, because of your rep, everyone follows you. And most likely they will do it again, but you and I both know that you are a Zombie.

    I dont know if Crusher is a Doc. You have been lying claiming Cop. So far everyone has lied that has revealed.

    No contradiction. I knew that if my protection failed that you would turn Zombie. EY told me that in my PM. My role almost has duel powers. On one hand I can protect, and on the other, if my protect fails, I have a confirmed Zombie.

    It was a win win for me.

    also, what innocents have you revelaed? You claimed your reveal would make it obvious who was innocent..

    I meant that it could lead to other innocents exposed. This is all new to me, that was my opinion, maybe I was wrong. Like you pointed out, the Zombies already know who is innocent.

    I might have been letting my role get to my head.

    Did EY tell you that if your protection failed you would be severely maimed by a zombie?

    No. I apologize. I didnt add all the details, this is an honest mistake. I hit submit reply to fast. Im my original PM, I was told I could not protect myself and that it would take the Zombies 2 tries to kill me.

  5. I have returned as a Gaurdian Angel.

    I am allowed to protect 1 player a night. However, if this player is a Zombie, my actions will fail.

    That is why I was trying to find out what Crusher's actions have been since CTM's reveal. I was hoping to save him and let him keep saving CTM.

    Everyone screamed and yelled at me to stop asking questions about what Crusher had been doing. So I did and I didnt get what I needed. Therefore, I went ahead and protected CTM. EY notified me that my protection failed, which in turn, meant that player was a Zombie.

    If I selected a player with no role, I would have been notified of nothing and my success or lack there off would have been revealed during the night scene. Since I selected to protect a Zombie, EY notified me that my protection failed.

  6. Despite your long posts and definitive statements regarding this topic, the entire basis for your claims are based in us trusting your word. The problem is, we really have no reason to do so. "Trust me" is the single weakest, most absurd argument in the game of mafia and typically leads me not to trust a person until given an actual reason to.

    Its very convenient that all we need to do is trust your "100% guarantee", but then if you're lying, that puts the mafia at a HUGE advantage that will likely be completely impossible to recover from. If you die, at least we'll know whether or not you're telling the truth without risking the life of our cop. And if you're telling the truth, CTM is a dead man, so I don't see the problem here. But of course, you have to throw in your cryptic statements to keep from actually revealing anything and to insist on why you can't be killed. Its all just way too convenient of a setup for us to be completely unable to question you without a single reason existing for us to actually trust you.

    Even if you are telling the truth, can you honestly tell me that this doesn't completely reek of scumminess when you consider all of this?

    What do you want me to do BG?

    Obviously no matter what, I am going to be suspicious. I am in a ****ed up position. EY gave me a power, it benefits the town. I figured it would be smart not to tell who I am.

    I received a confirmation on CTM that he is a Zombie. Obviously I knew I would take heat going after the claimed Cop. I tried to do this the smart way, but you guys wont listen.

    Honestly, I dont know what to do. I have a Zombie in my hands and I cant you guys to believe me. Its frustrating. I dont know what to do.

  7. "I am not lying" Doesn't tell us anything. Everyone is just going to say that.

    So...are you saying you are the cop? Because basically isn't that what a cop does? He is able to tell innocence and guilt by using "a power." If that's the extent of it, I don't see how you kept claiming the town loses if you die. Nor do I see why you would refrain from telling us that much from the start.

    Are you reading anything I am posting?

    Does every mafia game have a cop?

    IDK, but I dont think we have one in this game because CTM is a Zombie, I know it for a fact and there was never a counter play which luckily played rigth into his hands.

  8. If telling us his role reveals innocents then it would be a bad thing. Afterall, even our beloved zombie cop won't let innocents die due to his findings.

    Thank you. Will somebody please listen to the friggin Doctor.

    If I reveal my role, innocents will clearly be identified and the Zombie's will have there way.

    Why is this not acceptable for some of you?

  9. two things.

    Am I guilty to you or not? Don't tell me you think i'm innocence but cast down my word. Pick one or the other. Don't have it serve your interests.

    Again, this is like the 3rd long post you've written and yet we are still not ANY closer to knowing those questions i asked you. Stop bsing us.


    I am not lying to you guys. I have a 100% confirmation that CTM is a Zombie. 100%. I found out in the night phase when I used my power.

    EY sent me a PM. I am sorry, but I dont think that I should tell my actual role. In that PM he gave me a power. That power allows me to do something to another player. If I am denied that using that power, EY said that means that person is a Zombie.

    I tried to use this power on CTM, it failed. Which means that he is 100% a Zombie.

    Why do think I was badly injured but not killed?

  10. look at it this way. If we're wrong and lynch CTM we lynch the cop. It becomes much harder to win this game without

    If we're wrong about Jif we lose unsaid "superpower" that we can still win without. However, CTM becomes the next lynch victim with no questions ask. and we have a mafia member.

    In one scenario we risk the cop and the other one we don't. Why take unnecessary risk here? Until Jif elaborates fully and gives us more information to work with, Jif is the way to go.

    You are wrong JVOR, you will sadly regret this.

    CTM is not the ****ing cop. He is a ****ing Zombie. Holy ****. This is unreal. I have a 100% confirmation that CTM is a Zombie.

    CTM has provided absolutely no value whatsoever thus far. He is taking you for a ride. He is a Zombie and has fooled you all into thinking that he is a Cop.

    I dont know what else to say.

  11. He didn't say it was all powerful. He said it would incriminate other players. Man you are very pushy this game.

    Thats because he is Zombie that has been exposed.

    He said several times that if he reveals his role, the town will lose. It's not to far a leap to sarcastically refer to him as "all powerful"

    I know you are slightly kidding CTM, but I never said I was all powerful. Cruhser explained it perfectly. I believe that if I role reveal, it will lead to the death of other innocents. I never said that my reveal would automatically mean that the town losses.

    Town, let me ask you this question. What value has CTM provided to you thus far in the game?

    From what I have scene, other than Vic who many of us doubted, CTM has done nothing but taken you all for ride and been the guy to lead you all to innocent lynch's.

    Guys, think this through. I dislike going into game mechanics, but do you think EY would give one person the power to win or lose the game? Also, I think that we can win without Jif's superpower, but it's much tougher to win this game without a cop. Since there is no one counterclaiming the cop, I have to assume that CTM is the actual cop here.

    Even look at Jif's explanations. Going after Vic and Woody doesn't PROVE ANYTHING. That all happened before when he was a confirmed roleless innocent. It has absolutely no bearing on his alignment post-death.

    Until Jif gives us an explanation on 1) How exactly he knows CTM is guilty 2) How he knows his power on CTM didn't work 3) Why he didn't die in the night phase 4) What was the "mall character" role. I'm not switching my vote.

    A good innocent isn't afraid of presenting information. Especially information that's verifiable.

    Once again, (god, its like a broken record) I never said that EY put the entire game in my hands. I have a very beneficial role. One that just cut the town a huge break by exposing a fraud.

    What do you want to know that I have not already explained?

    You guys are following a Zombie passing as a cop. This is unreal. I have a 100% guarantee that CTM is not a cop. He is a ****ing Zombie.

    JVOR, I voted you before because I think you are innocent. I was hoping to put out a trap and see if anyone jumped on with me. It didnt happen. I will say this, you are making me think I was wrong by voting for me and not a confirmed Zombie.

    The reason why I wanted to swiftly lynch CTM is because I knew with his silver tongue that he would get some of you to come after me.

    CTM IS 100% a Zombie. I dont know what else to say. If you Vote him, we will have killed another Zombie, if you dont ,whatever, apparently you don think you need me, too bad considering I am about to blow this game wide open and exposing a fraud.

  12. what's your role JIF? There is no role that can't be revealed.. Quit lying.

    I never said it cant be revealed...it does not have that restriction. Its my opinion that me telling the town who I am is not a good thing.

    I have already been targeted once, I will surely be targeted again, there is no reason to put the town in any more risk. If I tell you my role, others will be exposed and that is exactly what you are tying to do right now.

    You are a zombie.

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