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  1. Ha! When I typed that, I remember thinking if I had heard that some where before or if I just thought of it on my own. Damn it. Vic's investigation on Capone was money. Great decision.
  2. LOL, yeah, I just felt like I needed to keep the Henry EY version alive. It might have ****ed with people too much, maybe Fredo fell victim. FWIW, I couldnt figure out anyone. I thought Lefty was Pac, but didnt know for sure. I dont think I got any right, I thougth SMC was Tony S. but wasnt sure...lol...I thats about the only ones that I had a clue on.
  3. I still cant figure out why Lefty and Fredo werente down with that logic and wanted to kill me claiming GF. It was making me nutty, if they would have just agreed to it, I would have had less suspicion. It made me step back and see how you and Rooney were both playing me. Were you guys dying with laughter watching us go back an forth for that day? I like the alts, but I think it slows the game down.
  4. And the thing is, I used to see Reggie Williams all ****ed up and Fred Taylor with him a couple of times. Now Fred didnt look as wasted but who knows maybe he handle his **** better. Point is, that doesnt really bother me that much, you can be a good player with a vice. Its the reports of his work ethic. Pete Prisco has a 3 hour daily local radio show in Jax. He is all Jags all the time. He brings on coaches, players, formers...everyone. Any time he ever asked about Matt Jones, all anyone would say was, something along the lines of "he needs to figure out if he cares about Football". The stories of this guy on the side line hitting on chicks in the stands totally disconnected with the game are abundant. Thats what scares me aobut Jones. He doesnt hold a candle to Cotch, but beyond him, you might be right. I would prefer developing our younger guys who have some talent. I personally think Chansi Stuckey right now is a better WR than Jones and last season was really his rookie year, he is only going to get better. Clowney who knows, but I dont think its that hard to be better then Matt Jones...lol.
  5. I judge movies based off if I can change the channel when watching them. If I cant, then to me thats a great movie. Pulp Fiction, certain scenes I can watch, others...eh...not so much. Great movie though. True Romance, I cant change the channel, I love that flick.
  6. Yeah, I figured I took it too far. But it was fun to play on the other side and very difficult as well. Yeah, he played really well. Had no clue.
  7. Not much to say here mehl, Bubba just not a good player anymore. I gotta feeling we are still going to sign an adequate blocking TE.
  8. Yeah, I wasnt taking it serious at all, and I know you are a good dude...and you were cracking me up...even AVM had some good ones. Crusher was on fire too. Did I make you laugh at all?
  9. I thought that was you...but couldnt really tell. Hey no hard feelings to anyone that I was being a prick to, it was all just in fun and trying to make a slow game interesting. Overall, I think most people did a good job of hiding their true identity. I thought by making fun of the Crusher/JiF love, that it would throw people off, I dont think it did. Crusher had me pegged immediately and Norway too. Good game guys. Nice Job BG and IJ.
  10. Not the point, PacMan was awesome at Tenn. Matt Jones was not awesome in Jax.
  11. Ha! One of my best friends cant stand Morgan Freeman because he plays the same role in every movie. He calls him Smug Freeman.
  12. Only difference, is PacMan can play. Matt Jones, not so much. Someone will give him a chance if he can convince a club that he has changed his work ethic. Hopefully, thats not the NY Jets.
  13. I have a strange affect on people. 2 minutes with me and you would share the same crush. Yes, I friggin love that movie. In High School, me and my buddy used to watch that movie everyday after school burning the buds. My favorite sceen is still when Wyatt smacks Billy Bob Thorton in the face when he dealing cards.
  14. I get very bored watching Gump. I get very bored watching Pulp. I never get bored watchign Shawshank or Tombstone.
  15. I have no reason to lie about this, he used to run with a chick that I used to run with...stopped running with her because she loves coke too much. But when we were together, I heard plenty of stories of her and Matt Jones up all night snorting away.
  16. Oh absolutely, I wasnt saying that they would have been better picks. That was just the way I would have preferred us to go. I dont claim to be an expert. I love NCAA Football and love projecting who is going to be good at the next level and I love the draft, but by no means am I right. I was screaming the Matty Ice would be an absolute bust. And once again, you cant blame our FO for going his direction for the exact reasons you stated, I just never really viewed Gholston as a Football player.
  17. Gotcha. I never clearly understood that situation...that clears it up. Is there anything that could change that?
  18. Yep. Blatant lie. I know for a fact that Matt Jones is a coke head.
  19. mehl, I miss you. And I agree with both of these wishes and I wish the same. I never liked Brett Favre the diva, then he liquored me up got me to liking him and he took advantage of me, then I woke up and hated him again.
  20. LOL! I know right, going the sympathy tip to draw up some interest. I see this daily as a recruiter with the unemployment rate as high as it is...I have literally had grown men cry to me as if thats going to make me push harder to find them work. The outside issue with Jones isnt what bothers me, its an issue but thats not what worries me, its his work ethic, which on all accounts from former coaches and players is absolutely horrible.
  21. Oh shut it, you love every minute of it and you know it.
  22. I agree with this. He was the one player I did NOT want the Jets to draft. I would have preferred reaching on Derrick Harvey or Keith Rivers if DMC or Long didnt fall to us. However, you cant blame the Jets for making the pick. The value of a dominate pass rusher is one of the biggest in the league...just look at Suggs. Unfortunatley, I just dont think Gholston is a good Football player and I am hoping that he proves me wrong.
  23. I dont understand this thought about Cotch. Other then Leon is is our best big play guy on offense. He definitely stretches the field and he defnitely has the big play in him, just look at his game log and his LNG. He stretches the field and comes up big when we need him...is he a true #1...no...but he much better then this board makes him out. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/CotcJe00_games.htm
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