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  1. Agreed with all the talk that has taken place since my last post. I was just thinking out loud. We need to get some heat on some folks that arent talking.
  2. I dont konw if I am explaining myself properly. If he doesnt turn up dead, why didnt the mafia NK him? Maybe because he is one of their own? Or is that just stupid logic? Im just thinking out loud here.
  3. Thats a valid point. If there isnt a kill, we know he was telling the truth and we have a doctor. If he survives, I still think he becomes a suspect by default.
  4. No need to get all sensative, its just a game. Im just having fun and busting chops. I obviously cant vote you and I still feel good about Woody, but I dont think I buy it, thats all. No big deal. You sensative right now. that why your revealed so early for no reason. I hear ya. Im dizzy. Anyway, we have to go along with it for now.
  5. JiFapono

    WR Debate

    No doubt, but Bowe didnt have Matt Ice throwing to him, nor did he have the running game like the Falcons. It helps. Roddy White is a beast though. If I was going to replace anyone from that list to replace them with White, it would be Marshall or Boldin.
  6. Good point on hoping that he doesnt protect, but who is going to be that stupid? Vic already told us he was a detective. So if Vic survives the night, he has to be a target for lynch IMO. And say he investigates an innocent, then what is he going to do to save himself? He cant guarantee us a successful lynch. In a way he almost becomes more dangerous as the game goes on...
  7. Yeah, but its like I said in my other post. Because it so obvious that he needs to be protected, the mafia might not want to waste a NK on someone they know is being protected. So then lets say an innocent or worse a doctor turns up dead. Everyone is going to pile on Vic claiming liar and then if he is telling the truth, they would have the town do their dirty work by chopping the head off a detective. Vic really ****ed us and he isnt that dumb of a guy. He knows this would **** us. Why do I feel like he is lying and how can we find out? Do any of the department store carry lie-detectors?
  8. WTF? Why Vic? Why? So if we trust that he is the dective then that means we save him for the night. The problem is the mafia could easily stay away from him, kill an innocent and then the town would be all over Vic as liar. This move makes no sense, you didnt have that much heat on you. You could have easily got away from the hint without revealing. You are a smart guy. You know what this would do to the town. I dont know if I am buying this because its that retarded.
  9. JiFapono

    WR Debate

    If I had to make a 2nd tier list it would be Marshall Wayne Boldin Bowe And the final spot would belong to T.O. You cant deny his production and I dont think you can have him out of the top 10.
  10. JiFapono

    WR Debate

    This is my top 5. Larry Fitz Andre Johnson Calvin Johnson Steve Smith Randy Moss
  11. As if the Vikings preseason game wasnt a bit of foreshadowing.
  12. Fair enough. I dont like the case against Norway. Everyone was throwing out random votes. It was day 1, that is common. In fact, if you want to look into the random voting, Doggin was all over the place. And you were pretty much following him on everything, followed by JVOR. Personally, I think my case against Woody is solid. If you notice my earlier post, he provided nothing at all, and truly hasnt yet to this moment. I baited him, and he took it. He hasnt posted since Friday, and then very shortly after I vote him, he miraculously appears. This is coming from the guy who is only over here at JN to play mafia. Maybe the "Where's SMC" post was purely coincedence, maybe not.
  13. I like the logic. I am willing to sacrafice a successful season to see if one of these guys are going to be the future.
  14. Agreed. Holt could help this offense. There is nobody on this team that can command a double team, and I dont think any WR in this draft is going to have an immediate impact.
  15. If we fought, you would leave alive. And then I would piss on you.
  16. And now I find it ironic that you havent had a post since 03-06-2009, 03:09 PM And 15 minutes after I vote you, you come out and play. Interesting.
  17. Well, he posted it on 03-06-2009, 03:09 PM ...so it was awhile ago. And IMO the mafia could have used that logic to kill SMC. Nobody would think they would do something that obvious. And the interesting part is that Woody has yet to post since.
  18. This what Woody has contributed at this point. Notice his last post. Ironic? For somebody that is only over here at JN to play mafia, he isnt really helping out at all. And he is an experienced player. I suspect he is trying to lay low and try to go unseen. Vote: Woody Paige
  19. I think I could take Pac Man in a fist fight.
  20. I didnt think so, but wanted to get your opinions. Vic, I think SMC thought CTM was on to something, but he also mentioned that CTM and Doggin are players that could easily take the town for a ride. Trust no one.
  21. Did this post come to late in the night action to be taken into consideration for the reason on why the mafia chose SMC?
  22. I never use the spell checker, which is dumb because I am a terrible speller. I always notice after I post that I spelt something wrong. I get all excited when I finish a post and get trigger happy. So I never proof read until after the fact. Since we cant edit, there will be a ton of mistakes in my posts. Deal with it *******.
  23. I agree with this logic. Well said. And all the more reason to go D in the 1st and WR in the 2nd. We know that Mikey T will make moves to get the player he wants. I could see us going D and then trading up in the 2nd to make sure we get the WR we want.
  24. Ooops, didnt read the "for" in that sentence. I thought his explination for the vote was because he was bandwagonning... Never mind the post above.
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