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  1. Top priority.

    Cotchery is a VERY good receiver. As for Coles, he's had a rough time of it but I still think he will be a good receiver for awhile. I admit though we do need a #1: a real burner or a big guy at WR.

    I'm still wondering about how Clowney will turn out, good speed but obviously no reason to think he will be a #1 yet. As for Stuckey, he is a good little possession receiver. I don't think he'll ever be as good as Coles was, but he can fill his spot adequately one day. So our possession tandem soon will be Cotchery and Stuckey, and either Clowney will turn into a burner or we will need to get a #1 here somehow else.

    None of our receivers are a threat to anyone. We have a bunch of possession receivers.

    We need someone who can stretch the field from the X and Y spot. We lack a game changing receiver.

  2. Head Coach

    Offensive Coordinator

    Defensive Coordinator

    Are there any good ones in the upcoming draft?


    CB - we are terrible there

    WR - we dont have one worth a ****

    ILB - Barton is going to be getting a pick bonus and even though I love him, we need to free up cap space.

    DE - Ellis isnt getting any younger and dope dont help you stay in shape, trust me, I know.

    I would be happy with any of those positions.

  3. One thing Ive personally noticed about the Jets defense is that it is a "stubborn" defense.

    What I mean by "stubborn" in this sense is that it doesn't matter what the situation, score, or how effective it has or hasn't been, the Jets refuse to change their defensive schemes during the game.

    The OP touched on this briefly about rushing 4 guys every time. Maybe this is because they're worried about a weak secondary? (Revis not withstanding)

    I think this stems from the fact that our HC is a complete stubborn bastard.

  4. The point where I disagree with you on this is that football is different than any other sport. It is the hardest game to overcome coaching because coaching plays its biggest roll.

    I remember Kevin Millar telling his teammates before Game 6 against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS: "Let's win this early before Tito [Terry Francona] can mess this up."

    What can the Jets players do if they're given a horrible game plan or Mangini makes a bad decision. Mangini punted from the Niners 38 yardline at 4th & 2. Was Favre supposed to tell the offense to stay on the field and run his own play? Was the punter suppose to run a fake on his own?

    When Sutton and Mangini had no clue how to stop the Niners "bunch" formation, was Rhodes supposed to start calling his own defensive plays?

    The Leader you speak about in the football context can only get players in line, but he'll merely be a yes-man to the coaches because he has no independent means to do things differently than what the coaches want.

    Am I clear on the difference?

    In a nutshell, no leader in the Jets lockerroom can make Mangini devise better gameplans, call better plays, or make good decisions on game day.

    Again, it would be good if someone in the lockerroom would take charge.

    The problem I'm pointing out is that it would not make a difference at all if someone did step up as a leader because that leader is powerless to change the gameplans Mangini comes up with, the plays called, and the game decisions made by Mangini.

    So very true. But, this isnt happening on the field. IMO this is much different. This is players opening their mouths to the media. It would be very easy for a guy like Alan Faneca or Tony Richardson or Thomas Jones to grab one of these ****ers, Coles too, and tell them to shut the F up. We can still do something with this season. Put them "in line" as you said.

    This same team also went on a 5 game win streak with his system and thought they were the best team in the leageu. Anyone with an inch of the competitive bug would believe in themselves enough to think that they could still win despite because it has worked in the not so distant past.

    I am not so much referring to the on field activities, its this extracurricular **** that is pissing me off. Its just b.s. and nothing productive ever come of it. And I dont think someone trying to put an end to it would perceived as a coach's pet.

  5. Again, I agree overall. Objectively, I would prefer that the players keep it in house and not start pointing fingers at the CS at the first sign of adversity.

    But, subjectively, this is an indictment of Mangini more than the players. He hasn't given them any reason for them to instill faith in him. He has failed them as a HC.

    Is it expected of them to continue to be automotons and follow what Mangini says although they know it will lead them off a cliff?

    In a nutshell, Mangini has failed the team, the team hasn't failed on him. He was supposed (his own claim) to put the players in the best situation to be successful and he has failed to do so more often that he has succeeded and in other situations the players have overcome his failures.

    I agree with this...no doubt.

    If you see my post above, I just wish there was someone stepping up and taking charge of the situation.

  6. As I stated earlier, I agree with JiF's point in principal.

    You also may be on to something in concluding that Mangini may be losing control of the team and losing their respect.

    The problem is, Mangini's control on the team and their respect were always tenuous. Mangini had to prove his method was successful and after 3 years, he's failed to prove it to them. Hence, the public griping.

    Leadership and loyalty runs two ways. We can't criticize subordinates for being disloyal if there is a failure of leadership. Thus far, Mangini has failed as a leader. The only natural consequence of that is the growing list of players questioning their coaches.

    See, maybe its just me, but that where I disagree. Speaking from experience (and not trying to be full of myself) but I have been is situations where leadership was terrible and subordinates were pissed. And I stepped up as a leader to help the team get through a bad situation. I have seen this done before.

    My point is, I would just wish that someone in that locker would smack one of these motherf'ers in the mouth and tell him shut the F up! Lets win despite our coach because we are winners, leaders and talented enough to make it happen.

    That's what I am concerned about. With all this Veteran leadership, why isnt someone stepping up and nipping this in the butt and taking upon themselves to right the ship?

  7. I agree with this.

    I think the notion is that (1) the players griping validates what fans (and now the media) are saying (2) this provides a greater opportunity for Mangini to finally listen and change his ways.

    I understand that, my point is more some around the character...lol...of the players.

    I dont want players that are going to start calling out the CS at the first sign of adversity. Especially when they technically still control their own destiny with 3 games left in the season.

    Exactly! Calling out the coaching staff publically is never a good thing. That's what team meetings are for, positional meetings, etc. What it tells me is that the HC is losing control of his team and losing their respect. Could be warranted - but it's never a good thing for the media to get a hold of it. Shoot, if the players can't handle the heat of SB talk - how are they going to handle a media sh*t storm of "the players don't respect their coach" talk?

    Agreed. Good post. I would just hope the players showed a little more tact and like you said, kept it behind closed doors. For similar reason that I stated above.

  8. Don't hate on the Asians brother :P.

    Yea, I've kinda adopted the Blazers. Portland has a good 3 months a year. I guess I'm just freaked out when people randomly start making conversation with me. My wife's sister just moved to San Francisco and she's already absorbing that snobby personality. She flipped out when she found out we don't eat organic fruits and veggies. Yea.

    But if you're ever here for some odd reason give me a holler. How the hell did you end up in Seattle and then Florida??

    I moved with my gf at the time. Her brother works for Microsoft and had his family out there, her sister and her mother moved out, she moved out and I followed about 2 months later.

    I am in Florida because thats where my family lives, we moved here from Long Island when I was a youngster. The Jax office was doing the best of all the other Florida markets believe it or not.

    And its not like I was walking around the streets of Seattle looking for conversations, I mean literally in social settings, people were still very reserved and only wanted to talk to the same people that have lived in Seattle their entire life and dont know any different. Very frustrating coming from a college lifestyle in Gainesville FL where everyone is extremely outgoing.

    And I love Asians, thats why I said the only thing I had going for me up there was the fact that most chicks are either fat or asian. And San Fran/Seattle are some of the snobbiest people on the planet next to L.A.

  9. I dont think its good that our players are calling out the CS at all.

    This isnt the first comment like this, first Pace, Bowens, Leon, Keller, Rhodes, Coles, Revis.

    I dont know how any of you can be happy that Revis is now just a long line of players that have come out and said they are not happy with coaching.

  10. Hmmm... you might be right about that about Seattle. I dunno the over friendliness here drives me effing NUTS. That and throw in the fact there's no sports and this town has "adopted" Boston sport and it makes for teh suck.

    I'd go out and drink with you but I can't screw babes, but I'd love to see the fat hippie chicks flock to you.

    Seattle is more San Fran (pretentious/holier then thou) then Portland is. Portland is like "small town/mom and pop" feel. I just miss the feel of a big city.

    Yep. Seattle is totally a wannabe San Fran. Thats why I hate it.

    And the Trailblazers are fun to watch these days. And if you are dying for NFL games, Seattle isnt that far and then you have Vancover (which is amazing) at your exposure as well.

    Personally I like the small town feel. I love how close Mt. Hood is to the city and the coastline is awesome. Tons of Rivers and Waterfalls and people are friendly. You can actually approach women in Portland. You do that in Seattle and they will throw coffee in your face.

    The only thing that I had going for me in the Pacific Northwest in the 90% of the chick up there are fat or Asian.

  11. Great article..

    Everyone is a in a rush to copy off of Belichick while forgetting that a) Belichick made his bones as a top flight DC for years and B) Belichick didn't win a god damn thing until a QB brought a winning attitude to the organization

    Football is partially a game of emotion, we need to get some coaches and players who show some.

    Yeah, but if you have watched BB on the sidelines....he actually coaches. He goes and talks to different units on the team and gets firey. He talks to them about what they need the next time they take the field. You just dont see Mangini do these things.

    If you have ever scene practice footage, he gets in the face of his players.

    He actually coaches. I dont know that Mangini does anything of that nature.

  12. Dude, if I was walking down the street and you randomly smiled at me, I'd look at you weird too...

    No, like in social settings. Come'on, I mean, I was born in NY. I am not a nice person. You know what kind of music I listen to.

    People just keep to themselves in Seattle....bunch of ****ing weirdo's out there. Not a place for a single guy that likes to meet people and screw babes.

    Thats the other thing, there are no attractive women in Seattle.

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