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  1. Weird. I must have scanned right over this post. Good work here. Did you do this last night next to a sensual soft good smelling candle you took from the Body Shop?
  2. All in all, it sucks that we lynched a townie. However, JB was providing no help. Her random 3 word posts with votes were pointless. Then she goes and kills herself. She actually had a very innocent post after the bandwagon started to get heavy. I was close to unvoting and then I saw that she did herself in. It might be a blessing in disguise with her on a cruise and the game is already pretty inactive. This was the first weekend of GREAT weather and I didnt leave the beach at all and was typically to drunk to post anything worthy. CTM's inactivity is strange. He is usually one of the more active players. Or maybe he is scared to come around being the on female player left alive. He is probably lost in the Body Shop looking for some good smellin body lotion.
  3. As much as I hate Pennington, I agree with this logic. We dont know if we have Chad Pennington, Joe Montana or Poop on a stick.
  4. Only 2 experts have us going defense. The thing about a 1st round pick for a rookie HC is that it pretty much is the centerpiece of his future. That pick sets the tone for the direction they are headed. FA's pick ups are made because they are neccessary for the now. For some reason, I still see Rex Ryan, a defensive guy, going defense in the 1st round. IDK, I dont just dont see him as the type of guy taking a receiver in the first round. Especially with how deep this draft is at that position. I see him going DE in the first and WR in the second.
  5. Agreed. There is an interview on the NYJ homepage w/ Rich Eisen and it proves everything you are saying. Seem likes a sharp guy.
  6. No thanks. The odds of Junior QB's becoming successful are slim to none.
  7. Sorry. I didnt quote the smiley because it's meaningless. And I thought I quoted the reference to my "character".
  8. These are the only posts by JB so far. As much as I think it would suck to boot of one of the only females right off the bat, this is scummy play. Vote: Jets Babe At least we still have CTM to throw around.
  9. Whats there not to like? I am providing grade A entertainment. This my chance to shine. I love the mall. The variety, the people. Such a melting pot of fun. Like I said before, we are stuck in this mall. Lets make the best out of it. I always had this fascination of this happening to me when I was kid. Going crazy in all the store. I think it would be really fun to hit up the luggage store and squeeze inside one of the bigger pieces and slide down the stairs. Seems like a fun thing to do. To answer you question, there is no deal. I have a strategy and I think its already working a tid bit. You will see why eventually. Very astute. You took my advice on switching from Nancy Drew to Encyclopedia Brown. You are a smart man. It is true that our suckness has brought Crusher and I together. We bonded in my thread and the thought of it makes we want to bump the thread for good measure. However, that has nothing to do with the two of us in this game. You have one thing right CTM, I am fishing, but not for a partner. Thats just ghey.
  10. Jealous? And I was mentioned in the post as well. See, even underrated by those who know me best.
  11. Thank you for kindly pointing out my gramatical errors. I realized after I posted that I used the wrong weigh/way. You cant edit. I am sorry. Do you want to get a yogurt later? I saw a TCBY on my WAY to the bathrooms. I am currently single. My ex of 6 years WEIGHED 95 lbs. I dont sleep with fatties, they just love me. Do you want to hit up the arcade a little later? I will give you shot at the title I currently hold on Dance Dance Revolution Thats not nice. But most malls have a free scale somewhere. I am not opposed to a quick comparison if you really want to know.
  12. So Chaddy Cakes didnt way heavy on his decision making process. Is he upset with Chadwick because he contracted some strange STD? So when Palmer gets hurt again, when does Coles start complaining that he needs more $$$ to play with a ****ty QB?
  13. Agreed. The suck ways heavy on my soul. You guys are silly. I think you all are spending way too much time in the book store. Trust me, reading Nancy Drew to pass the time before the beheadings are not going to make you better detectives. On the other hand, if you are looking to brush up on your detective skills, I highly recommend Encyclopedia Brown. Its simple reading for all you simple minded people. The vocabulary is easy and shouldn't be to hard to follow. Not to mention, his first name is Leroy and he is white. And I'm sure you can pick up a Richard Simmons biography to see if he was evil or if he ever tried the heterosexual route. I dont know this about him, he is a Dolphins fan, so I highly doubt he ever liked the opposite sex.
  14. Indeed. However, we can hide their fat by shopping at the big and tall store. It has a nice selection of formal and informal wear. They can make the fattest of fatties look somewhat thin. Very bad for a fella like me who attracts the fatties. After a few drinks of Scotch, the deception of thin could lead to some bad decision making on my part. On the bright side, I have already asked if anyone would be interested in being my workout partner in the morning. This is a great opportunity for the obese to sheds some calories and lose a few lb's.
  15. All great ideas. We could probably get some sick two hand touch games going on. And it might be fun to set up a couple of hoops and get some pick up games. Anyone takers for some poker later? We can get some Scotch from the Ruby Tuesdays and Cigars from the tobacco store. There is no reason why we cant make the best out of this while we figure out which of you are zombies.
  16. He needs another player familiar with his system on that unit. We already have the LB'ers and the Secondary help. Now we need the Dline. You cant underestimate that value of having guys that can be on field coaches.
  17. Anyone want to help me set up a living room feel in say the electronics store? We can drag in a couple of recliners. From those recliners, we can access all sorts of goodies, stereo, x-box, laptop, rock band sitting right in front of 4 state of the art flat screens. Obviously there would be a mini-frig filled with 6 packs of Coke, very close by. I'm excited about having the food court at my exposure. There's nothing like a solid variety. Everyday we can visit different countries, China, Japan, Italy, Greece, Mexico. Does anyone want a work out partner in the morning? We can take advantage of getting some really nice running shoes and using some department stores exercise equipment. I am going to move my bed into the lingerie store because I think it will get my mind of the zombies by imaging women in sexy lingerie. I feel bad for Jets Babe and CTM being the only women in the mall. They are going to get a lot of attention from this sausage fest.
  18. I have a hard time disliking anyone on the Ravens D. Whats not to like in terms of Football?
  19. Fair enough. We can agree to disagree and I dont know if I actually think he is worth the money either. However, yhe only problem with your arguement is that Holt was never a big TD machine. The most he has ever had is 12 TD's and he has only hit 10 twice. Does that mean he was never truly elite?
  20. That is ridiculous. As shown by DD, 08 was his first bad season in a long time. The bottom line is, if you draft a WR this year, you cant expect anything and I mean anything from him in 09. Its very rare the rookie WR make and immediate impact. This year was anomoly across the board with rookie production. With the WR core we have, it would be foolish to not consider Holt. I understand your logic and agree for the most part, but Holt is better than you are making him out to be. He has wanted out of St. Louis for a while. This move is based off of money and the direction the team is headed. Torry Holt consistently demanded a double team last year, ask anyone on that team. He could still do so in NY.
  21. Sure, he may have dropped a step, but do you know how little attention rookie WR's draw in the NFL? The reason Avery caught any balls this year was because Holt was drawing double teams all day long. Exactly.
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