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  1. As much as I want to read that and talk about how this team can make the playoffs and what team we would prefer getting in th playoffs....I just cant do it.

    There is nothing this team has shown over the last 2 weeks that gives me any confidence in them...I feel as these losses totally negate what they have done this season so far.

  2. Wow. What a jackass. Marion the barbarian is a beast who has no concerns about risky his body and health for extra yards.

    Why on earth would you go after that type of player who did even participate in the game that you just lost? Especially if you dont feel that you "lost any slack" at that position.

    And, doesnt the doctors that he hired make the recommendations if his player should play or not? Or does Marion make that final decision?

  3. I am so confused. The Gators are SEC Champs and going to the Nat'l Champ game.

    I am winning in fantasy and could potentially win over 2k.

    But, the God Damn Jets suck dick. Kills me because they are by far my favorite sports team.

  4. I'm sorry. I think we have the talent. I have seen it. Obviously we need some help in some positions, but overall, we have the talent to compete with every team in this league.

    We just dont put our guys in position to win. And I dont think that Mangini does a good job of mentally preparing this team to play. He might know how to scheme, but once it doesnt work it, he is lost and does not know how to adjust.

  5. Are you Suttons mom?

    Players didnt execute becuase they were not in a position to!

    Let me break it down with a wild example to make it obvious to you...

    Can this entire staff and put the local HS coaching staff out there... how would the team do?

    Now can this entire staff and put the top coaches from all time out there... how would the team do?

    Exactly, plays and packages are called in...and we were constantly out of position and with the wrong personel.

    This game is 100% of the coaching staff. And to further reinforce that theory, why havent we been prepared to win a West Coast/4PM game this season?

    When you are in the game for that long and you cant get into positoin to make a play, its not effort or execution, its coaching.

  6. Laveranous is ABSOLUTELY correct about this. Guys like Kris Jenkins, Thomas Jones and Leon Washington have all had larger impacts yet you still find Favre and his annoying press conferences getting all the pub.

    It's largely annoying.

    You could say the same for your pathetic team. Chad is getting all the credit but no love for the impact of coaching, Jake Long, Joey Porter, Ronnie Brown and some of those rookies on D.

  7. When was Coles ever the focal point of an offense? One year in Washington maybe? I cant ever think of a time where I would say "the offense runs through Coles" in his career.

    I was thinking the same thing. Pennyboy is known for spreading the ball around. Maybe Coles was his preferred target but everyone touched the ball in that offense.

  8. schotty and sutton both suck. It's like we refuse to get good coaches, unless they are already here (westhoff). We just suck at any kind of game planning.

    Thats where I disagree. I dont doubt Mangini's and co.'s ability to game plan. They are all about tailoring their game plan specifically to the opponent. Mangini and the team confirms it, they constantly say there is a different game plan every week.

    Where I think this coaching staff struggles is their ability to react and make adjustments in game. They really just dont seem to do it. That might be the stubborness in Mangini thinking that he made the perfect game plan and its all on execution. Or maybe its because in the grand scheme of things, they are all pretty new to their positions. Possibly in over their heads. Who knows?

    But, I dont question their ability to game plan.

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