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  1. You've been here for a couple of months, EVERYONE is complaing about how the Jets have done a lot of there things. I'm sorry if I'm not on the Rex Ryan and Brett Ratliff bandwagon. I have discussed it plenty, you just choose to ignore.

    And dude, you're the one in the 5% not me. If you want to talk trash, do it in person. You won't leave alive.

    Did that just happen?

  2. No.

    There's not a single major publication reporting that the Scott signing is official. I'm not saying that it wont happen, but you have no authority to say that it's going to happen. That's the point. At this point, we still don't know, and we very well may end up on wrong side of this, still.

    You love being on the wrong side.

    Its kind of your thing.

  3. Scott will sign. It's only a matter of time.

    As far as Kemo is concerned, I would not take Rich Cimini's word as gold on this. How many different guys did he have as done deals as the Jets HC before Ryan was hired?

    How wildly inaccurate was his info on Cowher?

    Just relax. It's the first day of free agency and half of you are jumping off a cliff.

    Let it play out before you go nuts

    Dont tell me my business devil woman.

  4. I would like to see WR and CB addressed in the draft. However, I do think we should pursue both in FA.

    I would love to sign a TJ Houz and draft a burner. That would be ideal.

  5. Coles wouldn't fit with Buffalo. I just can't see him being good there.

    They have a bunch of burners but no real solid physical possession receiver.

    They didnt get much ou of James Hardy last year which is common for WR's, so who knows.

  6. Just suck on the (800) Joe-4-SUCK teat. As with any suck, they suck $ out of hard sucking people so your suck tank remains sucked.

    The suck that you have described is was too much for me to suck.

    I dont suck it. It doesnt make any suck to me.

  7. Waited for what? The decision was made when the extension was inked in September 2007. Neither the fact that we were going to have to plow a bunch of resources into the line the next offseason nor the fact that we'd subsequently need to resign D'Brick and Mangold was beyond anybody's contemplation. The the deal was never going to be redone absent a new CBA to say nothing of actually paying the bonus.

    Which is all true.

    I think the concern is not having a back up plan, especially if you have known for as long as we have...

  8. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!

    I am hearing from my "source" that the Jets plan to address all of their holes today by signing Greer, Kemo, Ray Ray, trading David Harris for Braylon Edwards so they can be in a position if need be to send their entire draft to Detroit for the number one pick and Matthew Stafford.

    BTW: my source is a little man who runs around on top of my desk in a Ray Lucas jersey!

    Only a Lucas jersey?


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