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  1. Who the **** does this guy think he is??? Seriously.
  2. Its the Lords fault that he didnt get a 15mil contract from the Cards.
  3. Its the value of the position. And though they had success, everyone knows those guys were Seniors and that still wont matter.
  4. This draft seems to have quite a bit of talent at the WR position. The most impressive stat about Nicks is that he averaged 18 yrd per catch last season. The kid is a beast.
  5. I agree. Thats what I was getting at. He hasnt been playing at that level lately, but a fresh start might be able to get him back there. Hopefully, its with the Jets.
  6. You gotta love all these good feeling articles. However, reality is, none of this means **** if we dont perform on the field. Im sick of the offseason championships.
  7. BB is scumbag. I dont know why Pats fans try to defend him. He is a scummy POS. Its just like when Spurrier was the HC at Florida. I knew he was arrogant scumbag, but I didnt care. He made us great. I didnt like him as a man, loved him as a coach. Why cant Pats fans just admit that he is cheating scumbag? Its not like anyone will ever take those championships away...
  8. I think you guys are exaggerating on Lito a bit here. He is not the player he was 3/4 years ago, but I dont think its because he forgot how to play and he definitely doesnt suck. He is a bad situation with an organization that doesnt like him. He might need a fresh start.
  9. This is like the Jerusalem for suck. In the name of the suck, the suck and the holy suck. Amen.
  10. Fair enough CTM. CTM came into this thread blazing though...CTM has taken it down a noch since. CTM is starting to see the light in mix of darkness.
  11. Exactly, but d-bags like CTM are going to argue he's not doing a good job because of Win and Losses. Especially, considering CTM knew damn well that Mangini was and is a bafoon. Does CTM remember the cap shape we were in when he came over or the shape we were in a month ago? CTM is a big Qb guy. And for that I can see CTM's frustration with Tanny. But CTM needs to realize that we tried. CTM forgets we drafted Kellen in hopes and picked up Patrick Ramsey lol, just in case. CTM forgets that we draft Eric Ainge and made a very aggresive move to bring Favre to NYJ. CTM forgets how excited he was. I really just wanted say CTM in ever sentence.
  12. The success of this team has nothing to do with Mikey T. He has done all he can do to get players in here that can play and we had incompatence taking it from there... I dont know how you could be upset at all with what Tanny has done. We went from a team that never pursued big FA's to a team that is expected too. Not to mention all of a sudden we know how to draft.
  13. This is true. I dont know, I just dont see him being worth what he is going to demand. But what do I know. I wouldnt be pissed if we signed him, I just dont know if he will live up to his hype.
  14. Gotcha, I did say "agreed".... but i was more referring to his production without Fitz and that he is an upgrade, but really how much of one? Also worried about the injury thingy.
  15. Good call on the Lito/Coles trade. That would have made sense for both teams. Agreed on needing a TE. I would be very happy with a pure blocker though. LOL @ saying this, but someone like Becht or Brady would be nice here... I never said he wasnt a #1, I just dont think he is worth what he demands.
  16. Agreed on Boldin. For what he will demand, its not worth it IMO. He is not a player that demands a double team every down. Thats what we need and for what he is going to cost, thats what you need to get.
  17. Agreed. I could however, see us signing a lower tier guy, ala Nate Washington or Devery Henderson. Guys that can open the field. Im wondering who is worth the 17th pick, Heywood Bey? I still think we are most likely going D and then WR in the 2nd.
  18. He used to return punts in college. He was nasty. The entire swamp would be going nuts, chanthing LITO, LITO, LITO!!!
  19. Just what this team has been missing....Go Gators!!!
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