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  1. I was losing my f'ing ming during this game, screaming at the top of my lungs to get Leon involved. Our CS are a bunch of f'ing morons. You cant get any offense going and you deprive your best play maker of the ball for the entire game.
  2. How can you "wake up" when you are on the bench? Revis is a good player. He is also part of the 31st passed rated defense in the league. Harris is a good player, who has been out shined by Eric Barton and was injured. How much developing has the CS really done? And can you really make that assesment?
  3. Its a surprise becaue he was our 6th overall pick and its not exactly the best way to develop a player. Based off his performance, yeah, I guess its not a big surprise. My question is what is the strategy behind this all.
  4. Vernon Gholston will be inactive today??? How long has this been known? Or did this just happen? Wonder why?
  5. Ummm. I believe the entire 2006 team won that Nat'l Championship. Not just Chris Leak. But, I get your point, keep in mind he is only a Jr and he will return next season. He is the only player to ever score 20 passing/rushing TD's in the same season in the SEC of all conferences and claimed a Heisman doing so as a Sophmore. He is going to the Nat'l Championship this year and I dont know how after that Ole Miss loss you can question this guys determination and ability. Tebow, Ward, Frazier.
  6. I think the greatest college Qb ever should win it...
  7. J.P Losman just said on NFL Network, that "for what ever reason, the pressure is off. Its time for the guys to go out there and let their hair down and have fun". He likes dick.
  8. Wait a second. I played APA pool for a couple of years and was damn good. I played pro sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me to the list. I need to change my vote!!!
  9. None of our receivers are a threat to anyone. We have a bunch of possession receivers. We need someone who can stretch the field from the X and Y spot. We lack a game changing receiver.
  10. LOL CB - we are terrible there WR - we dont have one worth a **** ILB - Barton is going to be getting a pick bonus and even though I love him, we need to free up cap space. DE - Ellis isnt getting any younger and dope dont help you stay in shape, trust me, I know. I would be happy with any of those positions.
  11. I cant get over all F'in liars on here. Or people are just being messing around... Either way, I feel special based of this poll, 1 out of every 2 posters on this site played professional sports. LOL
  12. Is it possible for us to win the way Carolina did on MNF???
  13. Didnt these bastards have 1 hold all year long last year??? ****ing cheaters.
  14. Interesting, but all he is doing is listing the top rookies around the NFL.
  15. LOL @ all the liars on this board claiming they played professional sports. The poll is about even...o.k.....liars.
  16. I think this stems from the fact that our HC is a complete stubborn bastard.
  17. Its hard to look on the bright side right now, no doubt. But, I agree, I think if we can play like we did in Tennessee, we can beat anyone.
  18. For the record, Im watching NFL Live... Favre just said, "I expect us to make the playoffs, and I dont know why anyone in the locker room should think any different".
  19. So very true. But, this isnt happening on the field. IMO this is much different. This is players opening their mouths to the media. It would be very easy for a guy like Alan Faneca or Tony Richardson or Thomas Jones to grab one of these ****ers, Coles too, and tell them to shut the F up. We can still do something with this season. Put them "in line" as you said. This same team also went on a 5 game win streak with his system and thought they were the best team in the leageu. Anyone with an inch of the competitive bug would believe in themselves enough to think that they could still win despite because it has worked in the not so distant past. I am not so much referring to the on field activities, its this extracurricular **** that is pissing me off. Its just b.s. and nothing productive ever come of it. And I dont think someone trying to put an end to it would perceived as a coach's pet.
  20. Thats the first thing I though of when I saw this thread. I agree Fish. I agree.
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