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  1. well if you must know i didnt even see the post where JVoR revealed is role and by time i came back on Norway had got killed in the random lynch... Plus you voted for him and thor voted for him so how am i a suspect?? just because this is my first time and it would be typical for a inexperienced mafia person to make the move.. thats just crazy?? i think either you or thor or guilty!! big FOS on you

    This post reconfirms my decison to vote you. You are playing scummy.

    You're wasting your FOS. EY is completely innocent.

    Suspecting someone just because they vote for you makes you look even more guilty.

    This post is spot on.

  2. I know you were drunk, but care to elaborate on any of these points?

    I was drunk.

    I like your thought process and happen to know your innocent which makes me think that you are on to something.

    I believe WP's role reveal.

    My suspects are Mick, Irish, War. Im thinking they are working together. I am not buyimg for one second all the B.S. that Irish is throwing around about how he needs to play wiser and that his inexperience has lead to innocent deaths. I think there is probably 1 experienced mafia that is telling them how to act...maybe DD....but he has been playing terribly innocent thus far.

    Which leads to...

    Vote: Lil Mick

  3. Oh, absolutely. But you know what, Westhoff deserves that kind of leverage with a few of "his guys". Wright is a top notch ST player and I have to say, I'm happy to see that they retained him.

    Damn right he should.

    I just hope we can do a better job on coverage this year. We were pretty bad at times this season.

  4. hes a free agent. I always rememeber him having his best days against the jets. im pretty sure hes an average DE. plus he comes from a division rival.

    why not pursue him?

    we dont really need a peppers, or a haynesworth. we have jenkins, ellis, coleman. adding a guy like kelsay gives an above average DL. and pretty cheap.

    To small to play 3-4 DE.

  5. Yeah, but when they lynched the miller because of the cop's suggestion they'd find out that he truly looks guilty to the cop. So it's not really much to go on if they're going to turn on the cop--he did just what he was supposed to. However, when a cop investigates Vic and finds out he's guilty, he's screwed. Both the town and the mafia will want him dead (town because he's guilty, mafia because he's not mafia).

    Although it can be a double-edged sword, it will always hurt Vic. The cop, it might hurt.

    Possibly. Like Vicious said. Worst... Role... Ever

    LOL. I guess so.

  6. They're coupled together because they essentially have the same role, although for opposing sides. Investigators see the miller as guilty while he's really innocent, and the godfather is seen as innocent when he's really guilty. I don't think there's anything deeper to it.

    If you look into the role, a cop would be Vicious's worst enemy. Being that JVoR has been offed Vicious didnt' want to seem like he contributed to getting JVoR killed. Although Vicious admits he cast suspicions on JVoR Vicious never really hopped on the JVoR train.

    Wouldnt Vic be the worst enemy for a cop? I mean, that could send a cop down a the wrong path and ultimately might make the town turn on him?

  7. Unreal.

    There is no reason not to believe that was a mafia led witch hunt for an strong innocent player.

    • Alignment roles - "Miller", "Godfather", "Alpha Wolf", "Master Werewolf", etc.

    Some roles can fool investigations to determine their alignments: the Miller is an Innocent who appears guilty (usually because they are an outsider); the Godfather, on the other hand, appears innocent despite being the Mafia leader.[29] The "Alpha Wolf" or "Master Werewolf" have the same role as the Godfather in Werewolf settingsI just wanted to post this because I find it ironic that the Miler and the Godfather are couple together in this wiki description.

    Does that mean anything?

  8. ProFootballTalk thinks that the Jets could be among a second tier of teams interested in disgruntled Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin.

    Other possibilities include, in our view, the Jets (if they dump Laveranues Coles), the Ravens (if Derrick Mason is gone), the Jaguars, the Titans, the Redskins, the Vikings, the Buccaneers, the Seahawks, the 49ers, and the Rams. (We realize that the last three possibilities would constitute trades within the division. But, remember, we

  9. I would just like to point out that this is quite possibly the most boring mafia game I have witnessed.

    We are 12 hours away from our deadline to lynch and 6 players out of 14 have voted thus far.

    Are we seriously going to have another random lynching, I highly doubt we get as lucky as we did last time.

  10. If I tell you where you showed suspicison, that's telling you how to act.

    What're you so worried about, it's one vote. You've got plenty of breathing room?

    Not worried. Its not uncommon for someone to ask why you voted them. Most players give an explanation. I'm just wondering what you find suspicious about my voting patterns. I would like to see this "pattern" that you claim to have found...lol...its pretty simple.

    Personally, I think you are just trying to stir the pot which is fine, I'm all for that, you got me talking. I'm just trying to let you know that its the wrong vote. You should want to vote for scum.

  11. Why would I tell you how to act and disadvantage myself and the town?


    Im not asking you to tell me how to act. Nothing that I have done is suspicious in the slightest and dont plan on changing my game plan. All I am trying to do is help this town figure out who is scum.

    What Im asking is for you to describe how my FOS/Voting pattern is suspicious?

    Lets recap, I FOS JVoR, so I voted JVoR.

    I FOS Uart, Woody, Vic. Vic posts something scummy, I vote Vic.

    So tell me why my pattern is shaddy.

  12. The article touched on it a little bit, but they didnt get into it enough. HC numbnuts put this guy in a very unnatural position and made it basically impossible for him to have an impact his rookie year especially missing the OTA's.

    Im not high on Gholston and never was, but to ask him to be a read and react player is flat out stupidty. He knows one thing, attack the Qb.

    Good thing is, Ryan has already recognized that and is seemingly looking to change that.

    Bad thing is, the comments coming out of the locker room. You never want to hear Vets saying that he seems like he doesnt care about Football. Hopefully, this will light a fire under his ass along with Ryan's pressence.

  13. I'm going to have to cast my vote for JiF

    I simply do not like his voting/FOS patterns.


    You dont like my "patterns". Ha!

    I mistakenly voted for JVoR, for the reason you originally pointed out, he is dead now.

    I FOS a couple of guys who I suspect could be working together. Then one of them happened to post something that reinfocred my belief that he is scummy, so I voted him.

    So tell me, where did you notice this voting/FOS "pattern" that you dont like?

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