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  1. Jim Leonhard's three-year deal with the Jets is worth $6 million and includes a $1 million signing bonus.

    Leonhard is expected to start, but this is third safety money. Still, if Leonhard's smallish build doesn't hold up in 2009, the Jets could put him in a backup/special teams role and not be overpaying. Good deal for New York.


    Thats a very good deal for the Jets.

  2. again, philosophy and game[plan he mandates during week dictates play call selection..

    and he has aheadset, he hears plays,, you dont thknk sometimes he said RUN tec etc..its mangini,,but mainly its philosophy imposed,,i think rex will be alittle looser but may say 'when we are beyond this yard line do this and that to insure field posiution for D if drive fails'

    Trust me, Im not saying that he wasnt influenced. My point is simple, Schotty was calling the plays from HIS play book. I find it hard to believe that Mangini would overturn the opportunity to get Leon the ball more and put the game into the hands of Favre. Especially when you could see his level of frustration with Favre toward the end of the year.

    Bottom line, its Schotty job as the OC to get the ball to his playmakers and to incorporate plays that Leon could capatalize on throughout the game/year. That failed to happen and I dont think its all on Mangini.

    I don't know much about this but that just seems like coaching 101, even if you take an interest on one side of the ball over the other shouldn't every HC know all the plays in his playbook?

    You would think so. The only thing I can think of is that the playbook changed with Favre and maybe Mangini didnt have the time to dedicate to learning it.

  3. Once we figured you and EY and Thor were connected I listened. I tried following your and EY's lead after you guys died. Only to get RANDOM LYNCHED. Goddamn that is annoying.

    Me and EY were PM'ing after the game.

    I investigated BG by learning which side he won with. Once I found out he won when the townies died...I nailed it.

    My last PM to EY was BG, JT and DD are mafia.

  4. Other oddities:

    Mick, why didn't you answer the call on day 2?

    JiF - see the problem with hinting at your role before you have a mafia member to reveal? If the mafia picks up on it and the doctor doesn't, you're toast.

    Night 1, both the mafia and Bleedin submitted JVoR as a target - that's why he was both beaten and scalped.

    Last point - Jets Things, you should have asked me what happens if mafia and sylar are left standing at endgame. I'd have told you the same thing I told Bleedin. If the final 2 players are 1 mafia member and 1 SK, the SK wins.


    My investigation on BG came the same night I was killed.

  5. no way...

    thats just not true,,a HC will impose his 'game' philosophy which dictates the calls the OC may call on his own...

    What do mean its not true?

    Obviously the HC has a lot to do with the overall philosphy of the game. But when you are in the game and play needs to be called, did you ever see Mangini with a playbook in hand looking for the right play?

    Nope. Not once. Never.

    He had very little to do with what plays were called and Favre even said it himself. Mangini would describe plays by saying "you know that one play where Cotch goes here and L.C. goes there with Leon in the backfield. We should run that next time."

    That doesnt sound like a coach that knew his OC's playbook.

  6. not really..control freak eric i guarantee put stranglehold on schotty,,i bet rex gives a little more freedon to schotty

    Not buying it. A good Cord. calls the game he wants to call. If he couldnt stand up for himself and make it happen, then shame on him and he shouldnt be in his position.

    And it had been said by Favre that Mangini didnt even know the plays half of the time.

    remember the kind of ball San Diego played with Baby Schott calling the plays JMJ? Big difference from Jets ball under Mangini ya know?

    He never called the plays in San Diego, that would be Cam Cameron. He was the QB coach.

  7. I don't think there's anything wrong with what Warner's doing but I just find this strange.

    He's been going around saying he wants to get paid 14-16 million, goes out of his way to go to San Fran to talk with the Niners, who make an offer in the range that he was looking for and now he goes back to the Cardinals and asks for less?

    Something just seems off here. Maybe Warner's agent was the one looking for the megadeal and Warner is finally taking over the process.

    Why is this strange? Its the work of god!

  8. bothered by all these expensive free agaency aquisitions. Raining on the parade. Stick in the mud. I believe solid teams like the Pats and Steelers are built for the long haul by retaining solid players and not overpaying FA's. When I think of our lack of continuity in the coaching staff and player personnel, it's no wonder our seasons have been so erratic. Just think of how many Jets are playing well for other teams right now, as we pay through the nose for free agents, who should really be plugging holes instead of making up the bulk of the squad. Kareem McKenzie was a Jet, James Farrior, Derrick Ward (undrafted and dumped for free) Johnathan Vilma, John Abraham, Chad Pennington (no compensation, bad outcome), Pete Kendall...I could go on. Certainly not all players could have been kept--but a core should remain intact. An Identity. Now Baker's gone without replacement, Coles is gone without replacement, I dunno. I seriously hope this new CS is dedicated to drafting and developing young players. Otherwise we're just the Redskins II.

    The Jets havent exactly had the best drafting history. Really not until recenlty has that changed.

    What are we supposed to do with all the holes in our line up? Just leave them empy and hope we finally make the right choice in the draft that only comes around once a year and the probability of getting a player of value in each round is almost impossible.

    The Steelers are the only team that I can think of that dont sing FA's and are competitive year in year out. The Pats sign FA's every year.

  9. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2009/03/cleveland_browns_are_popular_i.html

    The rumored trade is Jay Cutler and Denver's 3rd Round Pick to Cleveland for Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers. I make that trade in a nano-second. Yet this article says the Browns have someone as good as Cutler named Derek Anderson and would get shortchanged in this rumored deal. I don't know but they must be smoking something pretty good. What do you people think?

    BTW, the article begins funny because they are already crying about Mangini's "Cloak of Secrecy."

    I wouldnt.

  10. If he couldnt win in the ****ty AFCW this season, how is going to win in the competitve AFCE?

    HE couldn't win, how can you win when your defense is one of the worst in the league? How about NO ONE could win with this kind of defense?

    DID HE HAVE A RUNNING GAME? ("He" sure beat the sh-- out of us when Peyton Hillis went berserk, didn't "he"?)


    Look at his numbers as compared to Brady's over the same stretch at the beginning of their careers. They are comparable.

    I would take him in a heartbeat and Denver would be foolish to let him go. Since when does a QB have to be Miss Congeniality? Please find an instance, one anecdote where he threw a hissy fit and it cost his team.

    He's an idiot. Everyone knows it. Watch the NFL Network Live Wire on him. The kid has a screw lose and doesnt not demand the respect of his teamates.

    The bottom line is, if you trade for Cutler, you are trading for a losing QB that couldnt win a division in which the top team was .500.

    All they had to do was win 1 of their last 3 games. During that 3 game losing streak, Cutler threw 4 INT's and 2 TD's. He was aweful and they choked away the division.

    Would I welcome him, yes, his talent is undeniable. Do I think he instantly would make us a playoff contender let alone a SB contender, not a chance.

  11. Forget all the other BS conjecture, how about this for you:

    FACT: Leonhard is a significantly better player than every other safety on the Jets roster not named Kerry Rhodes. His presence immediately provides a significant improvement in the Jets secondary. Furthermore, he is a personal favorite of the Jets new HC, and is both familiar with and has relayed the play calls for the new defensive scheme the Jets staff will be implementing. Do you dispute any of this? And if not, in what way is this signing anything but a major plus for the Jets?

    Dont you know logic goes out the window when debating with Dolphag fans.

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