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  1. Very happy to come back from lunch and see this news.

    We now have a LB'er from the Ravens to teach our LBing core and a S to teach our secondary the system.

    DE next?

    You cant put a value on having committed proven players that know the system to be leaders/coaches on the field.

  2. It is very interesting watching this team being built.

    Normal NFL teams operate under the assumption that QB will be your highest paid position on the club.

    The Jets have the luxury (if you want to call it that) of building out other positions at a premium, at the expense of the QB position.

    the proof, of course will be in results. Interesting approach though.

    This is a good point, but eventually we are going to have to shell it ou. Especially, if Kellen Clemens wins the job hitting FA in 2010.

  3. How come when Belichick cheats, and we have proof of it, he is a hard-nosed, old school competitor who'll stop at nothing for victory and should be lauded as a champion and a genius but when a baseball player is accused of taking steroids, even if there is no tangible evidence, he is a cheating scumbag who deserves our scorn and derision and shall never prosper from his horriffic transgressions?

    Didnt a bunch of his players get busted using peformance enhacning drugs???

    And you know he does too. Come'on, do you really thing that old dirty bastard can get it up with out using Viagra?

    Not a chance.

  4. I dont understand the love for this kid. Yes he has the tools, yes he has the arm. But he is a dodo brain with a losing record.

    And all of you that are clamoring over him are all about wins and losses and Cutler is a loser.

    Would I welcome him, Yes. We havent had a talent like him on this team for years. But I dont think he is going to immediately become the answer to our prayers.

    If he couldnt win in the ****ty AFCW this season, how is going to win in the competitve AFCE?

    Not to mention, Denver is not going to trade Cutler and hope to find a needle in a haystack of ****ty available QBs.

    And if we made this move before Gary Myers wrote an article approving it, he would be bashing us to the moon like he always does with all our decisions.

  5. The origin of suck must be told.

    As a toddler, Suck child, AKA Crusher, was known throughout the nieghbourhood as being teh suck: running with scissors, licking electrical sockets, juggling razorblades...

    One day when he was 12, and after a day filled with endless suck, his mother got fed up and told him to go outside.

    "And do what?" Suck child asked.

    Fed up with his constant suck she said "Go to the horizon and call me when you get there".

    So he did.

    Suck child was not seen for over a month. Obviously the mother panicked after an hour realizing what she'd done. You should NEVER say something like that to Suck Child, because he'd do it!!

    Local Police in Canada found Suck Child sleeping on a park bench. He hadn't eaten for days and was relieved to be awoken by Police. His first words were "Which way is the horizon?".

    The mother was relieved of course, and worried at the same time. How could so much suck be in such a small body??

    Scientists analyzed the boy, top to bottom for months and decided a unit of measure of teh suck was necessary: the CSDBPSI.

    Suck child's horizon adventure would equal to 1 CSDBPSI.

    In comparison, the suck force of the black hole is 0,001 CSDBPSI.

    Chad Pennington 0,5 CSDBPSI.

    I like this story, it's long on suck but short on accuracy. First of all, Canadian Police found me and I haven't eaten in days?,, are you ****ing kidding me? I may have not bathed, brushed my teeth or even changed my drawers, but trust me, The Crusher would have eaten something.

    Other than that the rest of the story is pretty accurate. But, you left out the part of how you know all this. Don't be shy Raoul, tell, tell. Never mind I'll do it.

    Suck child or The Crusher as it might be, ended up in Quebec Canada, where people talked funny. The Crusher thought they all had hair lips, but turned out they where just French. This most certainly sucked.

    So alone and frightened feeling like life couldn't suck any worse a strange little fella approached him. Crusher looked up and noticed a young girl standing their with a mustache. He thought this was peculiar but Crusher is Italian so a mustached woman wasn't really that odd, it just sucked. When he spoke that's the part that struck Crusher, "Hello my name is "Teh Ghey", what is yours?", Crusher simply said "That sucks".

    Teh ghey was male but wore a dress and had eye make up on. He asked Crusher if he could come with him to visit the Horizon and Crusher was very sad and full of teh suck so said yes thinking it might suck less if he had a companion..

    On their way Crusher noticed some woman standing on a street corner. These where something Crusher never seen before. They where French Who-as. Crusher like these French Who-as, they kinda reminded him of his friend Teh Ghey. Crusher and Teh Ghey approached the Who-as and asked if they sucked, they said yes, but it cost 7 dollars. This sucked because they didn't have 7 dollars only one daollar each.

    So Teh Crusher offered both dollars to the Who-as and they where nice enough to give him and Teh Ghey a lap dance. The Crusher and teh ghey both thought to tehmselves, Man, this doesn't suck. All of a sudden the Who-a dancing for Teh Ghey started to flash and teh gay's dress turned into a pair of pants and his eye make up turned into a very thick unibrow, that sucked, and Teh ghey fell on the ground. This was Teh Ghey's Fairy Sucukmother.He jumped up and siad, "Im no longer teh Ghey".

    Crusher didn't care because he was to busy getting a lapdance. But after his happy ending he noticed that "Teh ghey" was no longer in a dress. He also noticed that his eye makeup turned into a large grotesque unibrow. Teh Ghey, told Crusher he would need a new name. The Crusher said, "how about Raoul?" Teh Ghey loved his new name and thanked the Crusher for his suckey new title.

    This is how Teh Ghey became known as Raoul. He's is no longer teh Ghey. But he still sucks.


    These stories of suck are imperssive.

  6. Are we done with free agency A-listers...don't get me wrong, sheppard and scott are GREAT additions, young kids, in their primes, but still, am I extremely spoiled in wanting more?? hmm maybe, but how much $$$$ do we have to spend?!?!

    Are there any A-listers left that would make sense on this team?

  7. They need more than Washington.

    IDK, Justin Gage and Nate Washington could be a troublesome duo for Heimerdinger's offense.

    If either of the rookies Davis/Hawkins can give them production in year 2 w/ McCraphands. Thats not bad. You definitely have to defend the entire field with the Johnson/White combo running the ball.

  8. I think that's what Rex and now Scott are trying to do. They know our history, they know the "mentality" when it comes to this franchise. It seems more or less they're trying to change that. To believe we can, to have the confidence that we will, and I DO think that type of thinking is infectious.

    I know what they are trying to do, I just hope it happens.

    I'm on board, I'm sold, I love everything they are saying. It would be a damn shame if the rest of the team didnt live up to it.


    If linebacker Bart Scott plays half as good of a game as he talks, the Jets have themselves quite a free agent prize.

    Scott just met the media on a conference call and it was the stuff of legends. With he and new Jets coach Rex Ryan in the same room, it's a wonder anybody else got in a word.

    Scott, like Ryan, promised that the Jets defense will be among the most physical and intimidating in the league and won't have a problem talking trash in the process. In fact, Scott took it a notch higher, saying the Jets will be a "violent'' bunch.

    "We won't back down from anybody,'' said Scott Monday. "We won't take a step back from anybody. You guys (the media) can expect to see a very physical, violent -- I don't know if this division has even seen a violent defense.

    "It's one thing to be physical and make a tackle. It's another thing to be violent. Violent makes (opponents) stay on the sidelines when they're getting hit and are questionable when their ankle is hurt. If they know (if they come back in the game) they're going to receive violence, they'll sit that one out.

    "That's what we'll try to bring to the table and I have no problem talking it. To tell you the truth, you'll have to shut me up.''

    A major criticism of the Jets defense last season is it had no vocal leaders. You can consider that problem solved.

    Throughout the conference call, Scott spoke of being "violent.'' He was asked where it came from because players don't normally use that word.

    "I've been a violent, physical player ever since I was in little league,'' said Scott, a former undrafted free agent who has played with a chip on his shoulder his entire career. "I've always played that way.

    "My high school coach taught me to play that way and Baltimore taught me how to control it. It's one thing to be violent and passionate without being reckless. We'll call it organized chaos where there's a lot going on but you have to know where to draw the line. Football is a very physical game and you have to go in there with bad intentions.''

    God I hope we can back this talk up. It will be ****ing amazing.

  10. Go D in round 1. I wouldnt mind DE, S, CB. Take a WR in the 2nd.

    Its a deep draft for WR and I hate taking WR mid round in the first. That is the most likely spot for WR to bust IMO.

    You can find solid talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This year inparticular I think we can land something very solid in the 2nd.

  11. He will get picked on, but not necessarily cause headaches. If you have a solid #2 CB, which we have not had, and great defensive coaching, which we certainly have not had, you can make adjustments and be fine.

    Not to mention if we are able to implement the pass rush we think we can, Lowery or Lito is going to look all sorts of better.

    The other thing you have to add is that Elam was terrible in coverage. He was a pure liability and really gave no help to our #2 or our Nickel back.

    If we can land a S that knows how to cover and add that pass rush, we should be solid with either at #2.

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