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  1. Have you been watching this team? There is no way they are going to the playoffs.
  2. Yes. Its not really fun being a Mets fan. Then only thing I can say is that right when I started getting into sports and my family still lived in NY, the Mets won the series. I went to games that year. I was young but I still remember it well. If it werent for that 1 Championship, none of my pro sports teams have won anything in my life time. Thanks Dad. The Islanders won when I was really young, but I dont remember and I not a huge hockey fan, so I dont coun thatc:D Luckily I got into UF and they are in straight domination mode...if it werent for the Gatorsn I would in sports fan hell.
  3. Thanks for the kind words about my pooch. She was my best friend. I loved that damn dog. 19 years of pure loyalty, rest her soul.

  4. Its hard to watch, there is no doubt about it. Are you a Mets fan?
  5. +1 I'm a recruiter and I worked my ass off to get this lady a job. She was out of work for a year and kept getting the runner up in her interviews with my clients. Finally, we find something perfect for her, she interviews and they love her, want her to start immediately. Well, we have to run a background and stuff and during that time frame she was called about a position she interviewed for a couple of months ago and company offered her the job. It was better pay, better benefits, better hours. So she backed out on me for this company. Here's the catch, we work with this other company and they are going out of business. I warned this lady that they were offering her the world because they knew she was gone in a few months Where as, my position was with one of the best companies in town. I told her repeatedly that she would be calling me in a couple of months to let me know she was let go. She didnt listen. 2 months ago after 3 months on the job, she called to tell me she was laid off. Obviously, I felt bad that she was out of work, but my god I talked to her for a hour about how big of a mistake she was making and predicted that exact moment.
  6. I disagree with this entire thread and feel that this is straight contradiction to the site rules and regulations. I thought everyone at the nation was equal and we were to treat everyone with respect and dignity. This thread goes against that whole rational. And you all dared to blame it on us immigrants. I'm out of here. F this place.
  7. LOL @ Sanchez backing up John David Booty. Is that sad?
  8. It was a pricey but worth it. I mean my dog was almost like brand new, she had spunk again. It was really something else. The vet showed me these areas to message as well...pressure points that sent feeling to areas that she was struggling with. You should have seen how she responed...it was likey a doggie O-face. Really amazing stuff. She was a mobile vet to. I mean, when she came to see my dog, she was bleeding from the mouth and just in terrible condition. I'm telling you, within 2 weeks, it was like she was a puppy again. It was almost miraculous!
  9. +1 L.A sucks. San Diego could be the coolest city in the country. But, I'm from the surf/skate culture, so I am biased....but L.A. is just a mess. I dont know how anyone could live in the hell hole. San Fran is a cool place to visist, dont think I could ever live there...but definitely a great place to spend time.
  10. Its funny you two bring this up. As I explained my situation with my dog that passed, I didnt get into all the details, but when she was about 16, I was convinced she was done and so was every vet that I talked with about her condition. My buddy was dating this vet that was into holistic healing and western medicine. He linked me up with her because she basically saved his dogs life. She changed my dogs diet, gave me these specific vitamins that triggered certain organs to send them strength. She also did some acupuncture and my dog did a complete 180. She lived another very healthy 3 years when every vet was telling me her days were coming to an end. This vet did this with many different animals. She became very wide known for preserving and restoring life to dogs/cats that seemed to have their days numbered.
  11. Yes, he doesnt seem to be the brightest bulb...but if he can get separation and catch the Football....I dont think I care if he even knows what we are spelling when we scream J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets!!!
  12. Great article. I have always lived by the rule you win and lose game at the LOS. Thats why I am partial to building inside out. When you have strong lines, the rest seems to fall into place.
  13. Damn. That sucks. I lucked out with my last dog. She was 19 and it was my birthday. I just got home from parents house for a little BDay dinner and when I got home, she was struggling. She had some issues but was doing really well and then a 2 day span she was rough. When I got home that night, she could barely open her eyes or lift her head. So I went to put her in her place and just remember being real close and asking her to die in her sleep so I didnt have to put her down the next day. I guess someone listened because I woke up the next morning and she was in eternal sleep. Hope you have same luck, its much easier then putting one down. I've had to do that and its really really hard. Best Wishes
  14. Great at the time and probably the most influential Rap album ever, but there has been better work produced since then. That said, I love that album and play it often.
  15. I just recently drove it from San Diego to Malibu. Its not very exciting. Lots of traffic. About the only thing that was cool on that drive is I took a picture of Crenshaw and felt all Thug'd out pumpin Snoop and Dre while driving through Long Beach.
  16. Is it sad that you are 2nd person to tell me that in the last 24 hrs?
  17. Agreed. However, out of that same mold, I think Midnight Marauders is the best Hip Hop album ever. For Rap, Me Against the World >>>>>>>>>> All Eyez on Me. By far 2Pac's best work and the best Rap album ever made.
  18. I did the PCH from San Fran to Seattle. Absolutely amazing. I was on a time deadline so I didnt stop as much as I wanted to so I could enjoy it, but the views were incredible. You can do that drive with absolutely nothing planned and just stop places that look cool. Its pretty convenient in that sense. Would love to do it again and take my time.
  19. Hitting an animal with a car is frightening experience no matter what size. I have killed a squirrel before but I literally felt terrible for the entire 2 hour ride I had...I killed with in the like the first 2 minutes of driving. I also killed a bird once...it was so sad. He ran right into my windshield and fell down on the hood of my car where the wippers are and he sat the fidgeting to death. It was horrible having to watch this take place. And the wipper weren't strong enough to fling him off. I had to stop the car and take him off the hood myself. It was really sad.
  20. I knew you were experiencing the same thing. I could sense it. Thats why I posted this, I knew you would benefit as well.
  21. No more issues on IE. Thanks Max!
  22. I didnt like the way Chrome looked. It was all primitive looking. But I appreciate the passion.

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