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  1. Really? I havent seen too many positive comments coming from those that are outside any affiliation with the Jets.
  2. Yes, this is true. The average IQ among dolphag fans is around 40. Later we will learn that they are all what some may call as mentally retarded. I'm still not sure if he actually believes himself or if he just saying these things for an opportunity to virtually blow Chad Dolphagington on the interwebz.
  3. The concerning thing is that everyone in the organization is claiming he is doing well. All the outsiders looking in are saying different. That makes me nervous...but Im holding out judgment on our entire defense at this point. I want to see what this D looks like with Rex orchestrating chaos.
  4. Ah this just screams for my favorite song... Chad bashing,,,is what I like to do,,, I like Chad bashing with you! However, I dont think it would have gone this route if the homer phin fan didnt start with his nonsense about how Chad is better then Big Ben.
  5. I think the best thing to do is to send your friends some informative material on how swinging can change your life. Maybe Woe was really a god send and was brought to them to spice things up and keep their marriage interesting. Also, it might not hurt to get some personal and professional references on Woe. Maybe if they can here some first hand accounts of the type of work that Woe can do, they will feel more comfortable with the situation. Overall, I dont think its too big of a deal. From your story it almost sounds as if the couple was intrigued but caught off guard. IMO it sounds like with a little more information about swinging, they might become more comfortable with the idea and willing to give it a shot. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball right over the plate when you are expecting a fastball high and tight. You decide to take the pitch because it wasnt what you were expecting and then you dont see another strike for the entire at bat. Think about it.
  6. You call that "hitting on me"? Damn. If thats the case, that man has no game.
  7. Interesting spin here...something to consider.
  8. The answer should be unanimous for JiF, but I am so underrated that I wont even get a single vote. So I will give you 3 that I would find fun... The Crusher - whats not to like? Smart, Funny, Handsome, hot wife, great career. I <3 him. NYMick - I have seen where he works and I am guessing just being a victim of circumstance would be fun Jets Babe - she has new toys to play with and thats fun, but she is last on the list because I would have to be a women and there is just too much to deal with being a woman.
  9. Chad bashing,,, is what I like to do,,, I like Chad bashing with you!!!
  10. He had a pretty sick TD throw to Asante Samuel in 06...oh wait...nevermind.
  11. Yes, it is twice as many, but he was their first target. Chansi was 4 possibly a 5 choice for Favre behind Coles, Cotch, Keller and Leon. Bottom line, he is not that good. If they decide to sign him on the cheap, I wouldnt cry. I would just expect absolutely nothing other then numerous threads bombing the guy about how bad he is...just watch some tape. He is awkward, slow and just not good. I know I have said this before, but living in Jax and being surrounded by Jags fans (yes they exist) I dont know a single fan that was sad to see Matt Jones gone. And they felt this way before they signed Holt.
  12. Yep. They still suck.
  13. Thats generous. He stays clean in hopes he signs...if he even cares enough to play the game. If he does and he signs, he will be doping again mid-season.
  14. Pretty much sums it up and with that said, that doesnt constitute being in this conversation...not even close.
  15. How did this turn into a Chad vs. Big Ben debate? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There is no conversation to be had. Big Ben is a top 5 Qb and Chad doesnt even break the top 15. This is crazy talk. Aquahomer4ever, get over it, Chad is not that good. Seriously, he's not. Its great and all that you love him with all your heart, but he sucks. How can you have any confidence in him after that debacle you witnessed in the playoffs? We as Jets fans are used to it. If you are an NFL fan, you should be used to it. Wake up buddy, he is nothing more then a decent regular season QB and Big Ben is a 2 time Super Bowl Champion. Its really not close.
  16. Aaron Rodgers is an interesting choice, but just like Matt Ryan to go there. It really takes a special player to be consistent. I'm not saying either of them arent special but I want them to prove it to me again before I put them in my top 5. Dont get me wrong. I was very impressed with Aaron Rodgers. It really seemed like he did everything he could to help his team win. He showed tremendous potential. Probably had one of the toughest spots to come into replacing Favre and she showed poise and leadership. Very impressive. Just, do it again.
  17. Your opinion is your opinion. I dont agree, but hey, thats the way things go. I personally think Peyton would dominate on the Steelers. Especially considering its 1 less dominate defense he would have to face in the playoffs.
  18. I see your point, but Manning has a ring. Its not like he has never come through for the Colts. I personally just dont think he has had the same teams that the Steelers and Patcheatriots have had so I dont put it all on him. Manning is the better QB IMO. Let me ask you this. If Manning wins another SB, do you think that he is the better or because of his struggles in the playoffs to date, you are just bitter toward him and he can never get out of the the choking stigma you have placed on him?
  19. Huh??? You honestly think Big Ben is a better Qb than Peyton Manning. And you believe that so much that you would even go to the length of saying there is HUGE drop off between Peyton and Big Ben. I'm sorry, but that is crazy talk.
  20. Yep. And I think its important to note that we havent had the same oline return for the next season since the Parcells days if I'm not mistaken...something like that. Continuity on the Oline goes a long way.
  21. This is probably the truth. A close competition is most likely going to go to the kid that they traded up to get in this years draft.
  22. I go with Kellen. He knows the play book better and has live experience. He has a better rapport with the WR's and the Oline. It makes sense to let Sanchez sit since we arent forced to throw him to the wolves right out the gate. Give him sometime to see what its like from the sideline to see what an NFL game looks like and then if Kellen falters, you throw him in there and let him take the bumps and bruises of learning how to be a QB at the next level.
  23. Good read. The one thing that makes me nervous about this situation is that from all accounts, Gholston hasnt been the most mentally prepared player out there. This Pace situation instantly puts a ton of a pressure on him. Some players rise to the occasion, while others fail. Usually its the mentally sound players that are able to come through in the end. Lets just hope some of the Veteran leadership is helping instill confidence in Gholston and he believes enough in himself to rise to the occasion.
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