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  1. Yes you do suck You know what else sucks, your creepy avatar, its sucks. Therefore you suck. Go suck yourself.
  2. You love being on the wrong side. Its kind of your thing.
  3. Dont tell me my business devil woman.
  4. Adam Schien and everyone on the NFL Network is talking like this is a done deal. I have been watching for the last hour and nothing has been metioned about a battle between the two teams.
  5. JiFapono


    I would like to see WR and CB addressed in the draft. However, I do think we should pursue both in FA. I would love to sign a TJ Houz and draft a burner. That would be ideal.
  6. They have a bunch of burners but no real solid physical possession receiver. They didnt get much ou of James Hardy last year which is common for WR's, so who knows.
  7. You just want your signature of hope to be fulfilled.
  8. The suck that you have described is was too much for me to suck. I dont suck it. It doesnt make any suck to me.
  9. Which is all true. I think the concern is not having a back up plan, especially if you have known for as long as we have...
  10. LOL Just keep sending emails to your boss every 1/2 hour. Its been working for me.
  11. I really hope we dont lose another player to a team in our division.
  12. This is like a circus!!! So glad I took the day off.
  13. So who is going to get the ball to Edwards on those HUGE go routes?
  14. Mangini is going to get that team to the Super Bowl.
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