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  1. Ahhh, I see the suckness levels are reaching new heights. Very sucky if I may. If the suck wasnt so suck, I would say this sucks.
  2. Too strong of the suck can be detrimental to your health.
  3. One of my best friends is from Eustis.
  4. You make great points and your ability to sustain teh suck prowess, is impressive. You are approaching suck greatness.
  5. Ha! That was funny. However, you still suck! I have never been "hoggin". I have standards and I do not go below them. Have I hit a foul ball before, maybe once. It sucked, therefore I never did it again. The fact that you believe this gibberish, sucks. I can not follow your post. You still remain teh suck.
  6. Truth. She sucks. False. You suck.
  7. I will not fall for your mind games. You know what you I think of your tricks? They suck!
  8. Dude, its awesome. This summer will be the summer of the John Daily....so good!!! It is very dangerous.
  9. I've tried those. And guess what? They suck.
  10. How many licks does it take? Remember those commercials? I do and they had one thing in common, they sucked.
  11. Ahhh, the famous spin the truth move. Seen this many times. Its confirmed, you suck. Hasta,
  12. Any return of the favor would be teh suck. Which means they suck very well. Bueno,
  13. Em, that wouldn't suck at all. Especially late night after binge drinking when you get the munchies, a fat girl equipped with food would be great. However, she would probably want a return favor for the food. That would suck. Gracias,
  14. Fellas, please come down. I know you all wish that you received the attention from ladies that I do. Its sucks, I know. Thanks,
  15. In the eyes of the fatty's, yes, I am a legend. That sucks. What sucks even worse is that my story has now evolved into me giving these fat women the satisfaction by giving them my goodness. This doesnt not happen. That wrong perception, sucks. Thanks for contributing,
  16. The fact that this thread has turned into a discussion about fat girls, sucks. The fact that fat girls love me, sucks. Once again, the comments have added to the overall suckness of this thread and for that, I thank you all. Have a sucky day,
  17. This post does not belong in this thread, but that event and idea did not suck What sucks for you, is that I live in Jax. So incidentally, you have contributed to the overall suck of this thread. Best,
  18. See you suck. You wear the suck well.
  19. Potentially. Separately neither of them suck, but collectively, its possible.
  20. Yosemite Sam actually lacks teh suck. But you my friend, take sucks to the next level. Which in the long run, adds to the overall suck of this thread. Thanks,
  21. If Rex wants then I gotta support it. Lets just hope he brings the same game to NY which has proven to be difficult in the past. Rumors are flying here. I feel like March 1st we are going to have a whole new team.
  22. You just added to the suckness of this thread. Thank you,
  23. It think that has something to do with overall affect of its suckiness. Doest change the fact that you are King of teh Suck.
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