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  1. Pretty much. I truly think that because of the success of songs like "Sexual Healing" And "Whats Going On", that people just assume that Marvin is the better artist, but the whole body of work, really isnt all that impressive IMO. Al Green on the other hand is just flat out incredible with just about everything he produced.
  2. Sell. He has 2 years to ruin that franchise and then he is done. Buy or Sell: JiF a better HC then Josh McDaniel.
  3. I'm sorry, but we are having this debate in the office. I associate the 2 singers in not only the same genre but also the same time frame and Marvin Gay seems to receive more attention and fame for his work and you never hear about Al Green in that same light. And its not that I dont think Marvin Gaye was amazing, he was, and I love his music, but Al Green blows him out of the water. Its not even close. Thoughts?
  4. I have been to every state other then... Dakotas Wyoming Idaho Iowa Minnesota Wisconsin Montana Nebraska that whole area I havent touched and other then Montana, I dont really have a desire to go to any of those places.
  5. Great video. I didnt think I would be able to make it all the way through that song, but the content was strong enough to make it happen. After seeing that, it reminds me of how good we were playing at one point in this season and that Jerricho Cotchery is a play maker.
  6. JiFields

    The Mets.

    The Mets suck.
  7. What? I love him. Nice try. Crusher is my only love. Kleck is nasty. You dont have that type of control over me. *******. Real orginal.
  8. Its o.k. Dont let it happen again.
  9. Oh gawd. A mighty Pats fan has spoken and he knows everything there is to know about Football. I should just bow down to your superior Football knowledge and not even get into this debate. You are a Patcheatriots fans afterall. Derrick Thomas is a ****ing HOF OLB. There are only 5 in the history of the HOF accorrding to you and you are arguing that he wasnt that good and doesnt deserve his number to be retired.
  10. This is true, I felt as if we were all bonding in a special way and I was really excited to see where this was going to go...and then a bunch of weirdos took over and ruined everything. It was fun while it lasted. I am done posting in this thread.
  11. The only thing I see wrong is the women situation which we have learned is very common among athletes. Unless he was part of the type that didnt pay and support those children, I dont know if I can really be upset with him over that. That other **** is stuff any normal human being would do. Michael Irvin was voted in the Dallas Ring of Honor in 05 and had his number retired. He was inducted in 07.
  12. Never said he wasnt. He was a monster pass rusher. He played outside, what else was he supposed to do. My point was there was no doubt he was headed to the HOF, why wait to retire his number. He was a fan favorite that died tragically...a true tragedy and he was the best in the business at the time. They should have retired him awhile ago...IMHO.
  13. And you are calling me a whinny bitch? You need to do a better job of hiding your jealousy...its a wasted emotion.
  14. I have never told you anything of the sort. Dont believe him muffin top. He is just jealous. Stop being such a boob Kleck, you boob.
  15. You whine, I live. <3 U Jealous. We charge by the minute. <3 U
  16. + 1 And if I cant be a complete ******* to the posters that I like on this board, I will be a lost underrated internetz icon cruising through cyber space with no destination and no plan. You guys cant do that to me. My life will be over. Where will I go, what will I do? Please dont ban me JN mods....please....just warn me if Im being too harsh by telling Kleck to eat **** and die.
  17. Your brain is dumb and you suck at life. Poop on your face.
  18. Christy Brinkley clears him of that stigma. However, that song, is very ghey and Kleck's use of it, is even gheyer.
  19. Jennings is pretty nasty. I wouldnt be surprised if we were talking about him at the level of Boldin in a couple of years.
  20. Billy Joel is not ghey. You are ghey for quoting that song in this thread of pure stupidity. You made it worse.
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