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  1. I have to respectfully disagree. I understand we need help at other positions, but the golden rule is, if you don't have a franchise QB, you don't pass on one if the opportunity comes along. That brings along the question of whether you think he's capable of being a franchise QB, I say yes.

    Sanchez; 3,207 passing yards, 34 tds & 10 ints. 66% of his passes completed. Played very well in big games, including the Rose Bowl where he beat a very good Penn State defense on 28 of 35 passing for 413 yards and 4 passing tds, as well as 1 rushing.

    He does lack experience, but he has played his entire career under center in a great prostyle offense. He has had fantastic coaching as well. He is comfortable making audibles and can make all the reads. He moves well inside and out of the pocket and throws very well on the run. He's got a good to very good arm and an extremely quick release, which makes his arm look even better.

    I don't dislike freeman and davis, but I don't think either are even close to being on the level of sanchez. They have strong arms and good size, but they are nearly as polished as Sanchez, who only started one full year.

    - I am a firm believer that ILB is not a glory position and can be filled with later round picks. I just don't see how Rey Rey's play would warrant a first round pick compared to a Jasper Brinkley who you could have in the 3rd. ILBs do not need elite skills to succeed and succeed well. Besides, we need an ILB who can cover, someone to compliment Harris and Rey is very stiff in coverage.

    - I wouldnt mind Tyson Jackson in the first as I know we have a definite need on the Dline, but someone like ziggy hood or jasob gilbert I feel could do a good job as well.

    - WR, I think is our most pressing need. I think we need someone to roll coverages, we just don't have that on our team. However, if our FO feels that we don't have a franchise QB on our roster as of now, I think we nab Sanchez if he's available come #17.

    The only thing that worries me about Sanchez and the guy I like the most, Stafford, is that they are Juniors.

    How often do Juniors work out at the next level?

    KC is our guy. Its his last year on contract, he has experience, lets give the kid a shot with a real oline and a solid running game.

    Kellen Clemens in 09!

  2. Let me just say I am currently 100% sure of two people's innocence, and 75% sure of another's.

    I also will say that I find it very curious that JVOR continues to declare that we must kill CTM if he's proven innocent, yet, his vote sits elsewhere.

    Thats the number one reason why I have voted JVoR. He claims that he is innocent, he claims he was playing eager, he demands before his 2nd to last vote the he wants one more post, he declares to vote CTM if he gets lynched, yet his vote is on BG.


  3. Keep it simple. What's more likely, I'm some genius player mimicking an outrageously poor job or i'm just making lots of mistakes in my first mafia game.

    Your scumdar is broken. But the fatdar is in full throttle.

    Hopefully you townies are able to learn something from the way people are acting. 3 more and I ask that you just wait for my 2nd to last post.

    Why? Just say what you have to say...I just dont understand your tactics...they seriously make no sense and maybe Im wrong, but you are the only one hit my fatscumdar.

  4. :rl:

    He wanted to take me to dinner so I agreed to meet him at this place. Well, while I'm waiting outside I kind of thought about it, and I realized that to him I'm probably just some groupie. I then see one of my guy friends walking nearby in the same shopping plaza. He asked me what I was doing and told him I was waiting for some guy. He said something like, "what kind of guy makes a girl wait for him?"

    So right then and there I asked him what he was doing tonight and he said "Nothing, want to hang out?". SO, I left the restaurant to hang out with him (who is my friend from work)..

    We hung out at his place and watched scrubs episodes and Cat Williams until 1 am, and we had a blast. He made me mac and cheese (lol) which was cute. We had an awkward moment where we almost kissed. Why, awkward?


    oh noez.

    You just dont seem like an overall fun person to hang out with.

  5. Vote: JVoR

    Im just not buying anything you are throwing out there man. The whole claim to innocence, the back peddling, the pity attempts, requesting the vote on CTM if you are lynched, your eagerness to vote no participants.

    You realized what you were doing and I think you could have played it simple and you didnt. There is just too much deflecting and you hit my initial scumdar.

  6. What did I do?

    You just to be on board with everything that is taking place. I put you last on my list, so there is nothing to worry about, you just seem to agreeing.

    May I ask is it from the overeagerness, something I said, or a general feeling.

    Both. You even admitted yourself that you were eager to get the game going...or so you say.

  7. Vicious thinks you're just playing off the eagerness of other players. It's easy to point fingers.. Vicious is pointing out behavior but didn't feel strong enough to vote until you. Vicious believes the group that should be in question is:





    The three of you are creating confusion of epic proportions. Confusing who is good and evil, while hiding behind the guise of "order". If Vicious were a scum, he'd want to appear as level-headed and trustworthy as possible. Have people buy into what Vicious is selling.

    BG is playing the quiet, calms card. Notice one of the most vocal people, EY, has yet to bring someone like BG into questions.

    CTM clearly has a role like Vicious does. Vicious knows what side he is on and truly believes that it wouldn't make sense to have two roles similar to each other on one side.

    EY seems to be protecting CTM, going for enough to try an protect him in certain posts yet naming him as one of his 3. Vicious believes CTM has some sort of protection from the mafia if he is so confident to name him.

    WP has gone along with all of the aboves ideas.

    There is something to be had by lynching. As a random lynch is no better. Vicious welcomes question of his character as Vicious knows what side he is on. He is the side the wants true justice.

    I seriously want to punch you and doggin for giving you this role.

    I agree with your list, except, I think we need to take CTM off. IMO we need to keep the 2 of you around.





    are the players in order that Im most concerned about at this point. You and CTM obviously will eventually need to be lynched or invistigated. I just dont think it makes sense to lynch this early.

    JVoR hit my intial scumdar with his play. He had done a good job of deflecting. You have to be curious about EY immediately jumping on the opportunity to use JVoR's play as leverage for a lynching.

  8. I continued to post over there for awhile after everything because the whole internet drama thing is sad, but really, there is nothing over there anymore. I havent posted in awhile over there. Dont know if that will stick, but thats how I feel now.

    All the posters that I like interacting with are here...its kind of a bore over there now. The quality has just gone down.

    Sooth's cavalier attitude toward the whole thing is another issue and I voiced my opinion loud and clear about him.

  9. Uh - me don't, 'cause I surf this site at work and my monitor faces the door. Was scrolling down and saw your new sig, almost had a heart attack checking if anyone was walking by.

    Ooh, look, there goes the office managing partner. I'm sure she'd be happy with me . . .

    LOL. My HR girl was right behind me when opened this thread....but she's really cool and swings both ways....she wanted to get a better look!

  10. I posted this elswhere, but it's appropriate here:

    It's in the franchise's best interest for Brett Ratliff to make that leap in 09 and win the starting job convincingly. I hope he has worked like he's never before this offseason and mastered the playbook.

    I know it's going to be tough, but my hope is that Ratliff turns into the next Tony Romo, Jeff Garcia & Jake Delhomme for the 09' season.

    Ratliff, really is our only hope.


  11. Who?




    What choice do the Jets have? We're not getting the love of your life from the Steelers.

    Its totally stupid to trade for a one year wonder like Derek Anderson. We have no choice, either develop or youngsters or sign a veteran FA.

    Trading away picks is only going to hurt this team.

  12. I've always thought the stories this year that the Jets were over the cap were BS. Clayton says the Jets are over the cap every year. He said so last year and lo and behold the Jets spent big.

    Criticize Tannenbaum for anything you want, but the man knows the cap. I knew he would find a way to make salary cap space so: (1) they can be a player in FA (not big time like last year, but enough) and (2) not be held hostage by Favre.

    Yes he does. He really knows how to get creative as well.

  13. What a douche Favre is. He didn't even have the decency to tell the Jets he was retiring. He had his agent do it for him.

    Bye Favruh.

    Seriously, he is a POS, attention whore b-turd and I am sorry that I was ever excited about him being a part of the New York Jets.

  14. Yeah I've heard about that but I forgot the exact songs he recorded at that session. He was some sort of genius, for sure.

    What shocks me is how they recorded back in the 20s like that. It was super hot and they would have to turn the fan off when they hit record so it did not get picked up. Plus the equipment was nothing compared to today. Those guys knew how to work it though, they still had some pretty decent recordings.

    Could you imagine what he would sound like with todays technology!

    The guy was amazing...the song on that album were all the classics.

    Sweet Home Chicago

    Me and the Devil Blues

    Phonograph Blues

    Stop Breakin Down Blues

    Come in my kitchen

    all the goodies

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