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  1. 2) EY

    3) Bleedin Green

    7) JiF

    12)Thor 99

    16) Double Down

    Game thread open for two hours 20 minutes. Above posters have not checked in. Tick tock. Tick tock.

    No known alibis given.

    Got busy at work and then played ping pong for about 1/2 hour. Just got home. Last time I had was on the board, 4 people hadnt responded to Doggin.

  2. He would demand that I add some whiskey to that equation :)

    Now that I can relax since the news on my mom is good, I'm going to go record some new songs so as not to feel like it has been a completely wasted day.

    Yes he would. I have this sick album that he recorded one night...apparently he came in after no sleeping for days and running from the law because of something he did to some whore...

    he walked into this room, stinking and looking like hell. Ignored all the equipment they had for him and he walked to the corner of the room and faced the wall. Started playing, said this will do and asked for them to record from that corner because the acoustics were the way he wanted them to sound....amazing!

  3. That makes no sense. The guy played really well last year and was a beast in the running game.

    That counter play that both Leon and TJ had TD's with, was all Moore. He set the trap and the both cut into that hole and were gone.

    This would be a flat out stupid move.

  4. I'm just tryin to bust yer balls afo :cheers:

    I'm not much of a drinker. beers on weekends but my drink of choice is vodka when the occasion calls for it.

    many years ago a personal trainer had me fill out a questionaire. usual questions

    do you drink? how much per week. I answered 6-12 beers a week. she was floored by my answer & thought I should seek help. It was at that moment I thought ( I'm goin straight to the bank after this & see if the check cleared cause I wan't out of this )

    Im a vodka guy too.

    Firefly is vodka.

  5. I think Dwight can be a career nickel guy...which is extremely important and if he can do that for us...thats a hell of a 4th round pick...kind of like a Mickens.

    We need another #2. Personally, I think WR, CB is what we should target in the draft and find a ILB in FA.

  6. Ben Graham had nothing to do with the Cardinals postseason run.

    And Lechler would for the Jets?

    Westhoff was openly mocking Graham the week before the Super Bowl and he had a god awful game there with a number of really bad, short punts. All it really tells you that a good punter isn't what makes a Super Bowl team, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have one.

    Agreed. But I think there are much bigger needs for a team pressed against the cap.

  7. I think we NEED a CB.

    Im starting to lean toward that being our first round pick. Especially if we land Scott. All the WR's that are predicted to be available scare me around 17 and we could possibly see the best overall or the 2nd best CB prospect in the draft.

    Technically, what you've done is provide cold hard statistics to show that Barton has more tackles and sacks, which doesn't equate to more productive. Bare with me on this one.

    How does one qualitatively measure productivity of an NFL linebacker?? Yes, tackle and sacks stats help, but don't do enough justice.

    One thing that helped Barton rack up some of those stats, was that our defense just couldn't get their collective asses off the field, thus giving our team more opportunities to make plays. Secondly, until this year, we had one of the worst rush defenses in the league, which made all of our opponents run the ball on us the majority of the time.

    Also, I don't know the answer, but it would be interesting to see how far down the field the tackles are being made, what downs etc. I just personally feel that you cannot make a blanket statement that one person was more productive/better just because of tackle and sack numbers. There's plenty more to the game than those two columns on the stat sheet. You need to take into consideration what down the plays were made, how far beyond the LOS the plays were made, QB pressures etc.

    Considering Rex has first hand knowledge of Scott, I think it would be quite telling of how high he thinks of him, depending on how hard we go after him.

    Great post.

  8. Totally agree with the first bold.

    As for the 2nd bold, for the money this guy will be seeking, no. He is not worth it. I posted their past 2 seasons above. Over the past 2 years, Barton has both MORE tackles, and MORE sacks than Scott. Are we supposed to think that Scott is going to come over here and rack up huge sack numbers when he only managed 2.5 sacks COMBINED the past 2 seasons in Baltimore?

    Again, Barton's past 2 seasons > Scott's past 2 seasons. And since they both become full time NFL starters, here are their averages over their careers:

    Barton per 16 games = 108.5 tackles, 2.6 sacks

    Scott per 16 games = 92.5 tackles, 4 sacks

    Their career averages are virtually identical with one having slightly more tackles and the other having slightly more sacks. Based on who has been doing more of late, that is Barton. Not Scott.

    For the money Barton will be seeking vs. the money Scott will be seeking, and due to having never seen Scott play when not operating on a defense with guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Chris McAllister, and on, and on, and on ....

    Barton > Scott.

    I disagree. I think if you would swap them you would see the same results. Everyone talks about how its so easy to play next to these guys, well its also hard to take tackles from them as well. Scott would have shined in this D.

    Bart Scott is a better player and athlete. He knows the system, he is better in coverage and hits like a monster.

    Either way, what is Barton going to cost at 33 next season?

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