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  1. Nor did I imply that anyone did. I just pointed out how playing the Texans, helps. Personally, I dont care about wins or losses at all. So, I couldn't careless about the win. I would have preferred seeing Zach Wilson ball out of control and lose, rather than win with him continuing to play like the worst QB in the NFL. So being that's all that really mattered to me, it's hard to find silver linings because the opponent was pure trash. Gun to head? The only really encouraging thing I saw yesterday, was LDT being better than Van Rotten. Fun seeing Walter's burst. Otherwise, i
  2. There werent many of us but if you were one of the few posters who agreed with me then you probably shouldnt have taken offense to a simple comment. I was obviously exaggerating when I said "the entire board" - would "majority" have made you feel better? I am sorry for offending you.
  3. 100% which is why I hated this QB class so much, even with advocating for Lance or Fields, my plan would have been to have him sit them entire year. Wilson too, none of these dudes see the field if I had a say in it.
  4. They're better than the Jags too. The Jags are atrocious and while Zach Wilson is looking like a mega bust, everything I said about Trevor Lawrence being the most overrated prospect, ever, is playing out. Literally every flaw I pointed out in his game and was laughed at by this entire board for challenging his greatness, is 100% on full display. He's better than Zach but he's sucks something awful too.
  5. Meh, no need to give up what it would take to land Wilson. The offseason actually should have a plethora of available veteran QB's that can come in and stabilize the Jets, get them to around .500 and start trending in the right direction; Winston, Bridgewater, Trubisky, Dalton, Taylor, Mariota. Go sign one of them and make Zach win in a preseason battle.
  6. Zach Wilson looks absolutely terrible. The Jets once again drafted the worst the QB in NFL. They barely beat the Texans and it still felt like a loss because Wilson sucks. The dude dropped a 9.8 QBR yesterday, vs the worst team in the NFL. lmfao but hey man!!! We won!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I liked that the Jets played the Texans and wish they could play similarly terrible teams every week!
  8. Well, there are 2 efficiency ratings out there used to measure QB's. Zach Wilson had 9.8 QBR (lowest of the year) and 58.5 Passer Rating (2nd lowest of the year). That would indicate, he was actually highly ineffective and if you watched the game, you would have seen that these scorings systems are pretty accurately reflective of just how bad Zach Wilson was on Sunday.
  9. Super pumped about this must win HUGE victory vs the Texans
  10. I really did not expect worse. Seriously. Yikes. Let’s hope he settles down and finishes the game strong.
  11. Lil Mikey must be on the sideline sabotaging Zach again.
  12. Can we play the Texans every week?!?!?!? Let’s go!!!!
  13. Why was the DL practicing social distancing on 4th and 1?
  14. I’m being proactive just in case I shank one and I dont make it to the ladies tees.
  15. Haha not sand bagging! I said I was hitting it great, I just couldn’t putt. No birdies but also only had 1 double. I was fantastic tee to green and the few putts I did make were up and downs, so it was just one of those days I managed well but couldn’t take advantage of anything. My best score there is an 80 and that was a lights out day with 3 birdies, so very happy with and 84. Great score there for sure! And I play straight up. Roll them in the fairways but no mulligans or cheating the rules and I’m pretty honest with my putting, I will putt it out for par or better and only tak
  16. BUT TODAY!?!?!?!?!?! TODAY IS ZACH WILSON DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS ******* GO!!!!!!!!! When's kick off?
  17. Played Atlantic Beach Country Club yesterday, used to be the Championship course for the Web.com tour. Beautiful design, immaculate conditions. Greens were lightning fast. Very challenging. Shot an 84, was hitting it great but could putt for sh*t, which is usually my strength but the greens were just insanely fast, couldnt read them or find the pace yesterday. Playing at an 11.8, so basically a 12. We'd be good match.
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