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  1. You clearly have never read this masterpiece because you sir, are a Judger and not a Learner. Whereas, the righteous on this board, seek to understand the methods of a one Robert Saleh, while in you inappropriately judge him for something that could actually be next level brilliant without understanding the full context behind his decision. Get woke!
  2. I will whip his ass just like I did John John Florence. John John is still losing sleep over it.
  3. Could you imagine feeling this scorned toward Joe Douglas because he fired Adam Gase? sad, really
  5. I love'em to death but he was asking about a specific time frame and neither of those dudes have what AR15 does...
  6. lmfao - what a hack. This dude doesnt know his ass from his elbow. He's proven time and time again to be completely clueless. On no earthly planet was Michael Clemons a first round talent.
  7. They wont 10 games last year and lost the division within the last 3 weeks of the year with a rookie QB. lmfao. Why do you guys do this to yourself? They'll be right there in the mix to win the division again, and the Jets will squarely be in last place again and that's ok, as long as they're trending up and winning more games.
  8. haha that's twice now, 9 times out 10 I'd turn it off, for some reason just kept in on, distracted with other sh*t and then it started happening and I was like WTF, who is this team?!?!?!?
  9. You're going to laugh but Rex Grossman was ridiculous. He really should have won the Heisman his Sophomore year but the committee was still anti-underclassmen, Eric Crouch? So dumb. Rex was sooo much better. That was the year they had to reschedule Tenn. because of a Hurricane, got them late in the season when they were picking up steam, Travis Stephens went nuts ran for like 200+, beat us by 2 costing us a chance at the Nat'y. Before Rex? It was a bunch of crusty timing rhythm white dudes, Shane Mathew, Danny W., Doug Johnson, Jesse Palmer, etc. I really thought either Jeff Driskell or Felipe Franks could be that dude because they were freaky but nah. AR15 though? Dude...I'm for real, if he puts it together, he's the #1 overall pick. He's a man child. The shame of it all is having him here with a transition year, he's a national championship caliber QB. 100%. He's the type of guy you get when everything is built and make your championship run, maybe he hangs out another year and Napier can make a quick impact, we'll see but yeah, he's that guy for sure.
  10. LFGM!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!
  11. JD has really done a great job and you just have to hope that Zach Wilson and Saleh are legit because it really looks like this team is in good hands w/ JD but those 2 decisions, will be weighted the most. Fair or unfair, not many GM's survive getting those decisions wrong.
  12. I'm a lover, not a fighter, my mission is to excite her/him/she/his/whatever
  13. Wow, that's huge. There are a couple of interesting FA's available, this one of them.
  14. Really cool. Culture is being established. Genuine excitement. But **** man, my vertigo kicked in watching that video
  15. I guess but Robert Mathis played pretty dang well during his career at that weight/height in the 4-3 and I dont think Freeney was much bigger either and didnt Dee Ford play in this system?
  16. If this scenario is real, as much as I love AR15, I'd take Will Anderson and hope for a trade market/FA QB. Supposedly this is the most talented roster we've had in a decade, you cant waist it hoping for another rookie, if Zach doesnt work out. This franchise has to start winning games and the only time this franchise has had a winning season in the last 12, is when they traded for a veteran QB.
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