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  1. Thanks for the rep on my funny in the Cowher at halftime thread. I dont know how the rep thingy works??? Do you get notified??? Can you respond to the rep???

  2. Thanks for the rep. Youz by far the best foreigner on the site!

  3. Well, if you want to make me a new sig...I'll let you know what I want ;-)

  4. When you leaving and where is your show?

  5. Work sucks. Jets Football is here. Me likey.

  6. Yeah, the scene is ****ing awesome. Just the fact that it was caught live on video. I'm not gunna lie, and I've heard of the minutemen but never really got too into them...actually surprised they'd have a move about them, but then again, I know nothing about them. I'll check it out. Punk: Attitude - is another excellent documentary, that takes you deep and really from the start and gets into the mental aspect. Covers great bands. I think its part of an IFC series...maybe...idk.

  7. Yep, American Hardcore is sick. I actually DVR'd it. Sick coverage. Havent seen Minutemen, wahts that about?. I'm a HUGE Social Distortion fan, so I love the doc "Another State of Mind", they visit Minor Threat in that movie. Sick doc. Keith has some commentary in that one as well that's pretty hysterical.

  8. Yes. Epicness, where is it?

  9. You are still playing mafia on other sites? Slut.

  10. Your boy is running his mouth an awful lot. He isnt making friends in the SEC.

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