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  1. 23 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    We’ve  been watching Sex Education and it’s been quite remarkable. The double entendre of the title applies to the plot, but also you the viewer. Very illuminating in a natural way, not forceful, to help shape your understanding of different lifestyles, emotions, mental health, etc.

    The acting is brilliant and funny.

    Love that show, freaking great watch.  Gillian Anderson is brilliant.

  2. 1 hour ago, Lupz27 said:

    Idk I’d look at how SF deployed Elijah Mitchell last year as a 6th round rookie, when healthy he got the bulk of the load wasn’t really committee.

    Sure but, Lil Mikey wasnt in San Fran last year.  He was here.  Even so, I'm not sure San Fran is a great comparison as I dont think the plan was to make Mitchell a workhorse.  They drafted Trey Sermon 88th overall last year and took Mitchell 100+ picks later.  Both Mostert and Sermon were injured at different points last year so they were kind of forced to stick with Mitchell but it's also bit of an example of sticking with the hot hand/what's working.  I think the better example was their SB season that I referenced earlier where they were very heavy RBC and the carries were almost even.





  3. 7 minutes ago, slats said:

    Interesting. I don’t think they traded up to take a RB in the second round to be anything less than their clear #1 RB. While I don’t expect them to put a workload like Taylor, Harris, or Mixon on him, I do think he’ll at least double Carter’s carries this year. Something like a 200/100 split. Also expect Zach to double his rushing totals from last season, and for a few WRs and a TE or two to also get some runs in. 

    I dont have a crystal ball or any inside info, I'm just kind of just using logic and what I've seen out of the system in San Fran while Lil Mikey was there.  The year they went 13-3, went to the Super Bowl, and were 2nd overall in scoring offense, they had 3 backs carrying the ball.  Coleman and Mostert both carried the ball 137 times, Matt Breida carried 123 times.  

    Hall is a rookie, he's never played a down in the NFL, we can expect and want him to be something special and so can the GM and coaching staff but time will tell.  He's a rookie and there is a learning curve for all players and we have no clue how that will impact Hall.  On the other hand, Carter is a dude and balled out on a terrible team with one of the worst QB's in the NFL last year.  There is something to be said about that and I dont think you just ignore it and hand the reigns over to a rookie and hope.  I wouldnt be shocked if Carter gets the first series and majority of carries or a while and it slowly turns to favor Hall but I dont expect Hall to be a workhorse of any sorts and eat away that much at carrying percentages.  I really think it's going to be like 45% Hall, 40% Carter, 15% Coleman/others. 

    As far as Zach running the ball, I sure as **** hope that's not the intention.  

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  4. I wonder what the split will be like during the season.  I cant imagine anyone see's over 20% more than the other back, so it doesnt really feel like a battle, unless, taking the first snap/series is all that important.  Feel like this will be a hot hand type of team.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Nolder said:

    Sorry but no, that is definitely music snob attitude man. I asked you if the reason you disagree is because you dislike Maroon 5 which is a perfectly fine and valid reason for disagreeing. If you just said yeah I don't like Maroon 5 that would just be it. I'd be like oh ok that's fine. But you're putting them down and continue to do so. It's just unnecessary. I don't know how you can say that Maroon 5 being great at anything is "preposterous and insulting" in the same post you say you're not being a music snob with a straight face. Like really man it's cool if you don't like them. Not everyone is going to like everything and that is ok. You don't have to insult them and act like they're not a big act though. It's the kind of attitude that makes people like me not even want to talk about music because people get so fanatical about it. 

    Here's the thing, Nolder, my sweet sweet friend.  You dont get to decided what type of answers you receive from the person you're asking the questions to, you dont get to shape my opinion to suit yours.  If you werent prepared to hear what I had to say about Maroon 5, you should have taken the gif with a man emphatically saying no with a stink look on his face provided by a jokey character like Borat as a simple way of me sharing my disagreement and displeasure with your opinion.   That's the beauty of this, I'm allowed to emphatically disagree with your take just as much as you're allowed to jam out to sweet melodies of Maroon 5.  I'm allowed to say that Maroon 5 sucks donkey dick, just as much as your allowed to say that Songs w/ Jane is a greatest album of all time.  I disagree, I think they're terrible and it's insulting to consider them among the greats in music history.  That's my opinion and guess what?, its just as valid as yours, no matter how you received it.  

    You think I'm a music snob?  Cool.  I honestly dont give a **** because I think you're being a snob for defending a sh*tty band and playing the victim card over a conversation about a band.  See, my perspective is, people like you are the reason why often times folks dont like to talk about music because they cant handle criticism of something they enjoy.  

    My favorite band of all time is the Beastie Boys.  I've heard them called everything from sell outs, trash, terrible, cant play to wannabe hip-hops artists w/ no talent, none of which are true IMO but you know what?  I dont give a ****.  They're my favorite band, ever and no type of disagreement, insults, or any type of negative feedback will never ever change my opinion and I certainly wont look down on someone for sharing their disagreement, no matter how colorful.  Quite frankly, I coudlnt give 2 sh*ts what someone else has to say about my favorite band.  I laugh at it and proceed to play my favorite BBoys songs and enjoy my favorite band.  And you should too.

    p.s. - I hate Rise Against more than I hate Maroon 5.  ❤️ 

  6. 1 hour ago, Nolder said:

    First of all, before anything else, I have to say this right here is exactly why I don't usually talk about music with people. They get obnoxiously snobbish and lecture you as soon as you an express an opinion that somehow offends their own personal taste in music. You disappointed me here Jif. As far as The Clash being iconic, London Calling being an amazing album, etc no one including me would argue differently. I love The Clash they're great. I listened to them a lot as a teenager. I think it's ironic though that you're making an appeal to authority by quoting Rolling Stone magazine when part of the whole genre that The Clash helped launch was all about giving so called authorities the finger. Regardless I don't care what Rolling Stone says I care what we here in this forum have to say because we were the ones having our own conversation about what we would put as a top album of all time. I even moved it to a top 3, recognizing London Calling is in fact a great album and deserves the accolades. Speaking of accolades, since they apparently mean so much to you, I'll just drop this link and you can take the time to read it if you want to.


    The last thing I'll say is in direct response to the last thing you said. Mainly because I think it's funny you say "normally...to each their own" and yet what follows immediately after? But. It always does doesn't it? I don't mean to offend you BUT. I'm sorry to say this BUT. Look if you're going to be a music snob just own it. There are a lot of music snobs out there and that's fine I guess. You guys can all jerk each other off about iconic this and influential that. Whatever. But don't pretend that that's not what you're doing because no one likes it when people pretend to be something they aren't. I like Maroon 5, I like The Clash, I think Songs About Jane is an excellent album just like I think London Calling is an excellent album. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If you do, well I'm sorry but that's just the way I feel about it and it's not going to change.

    omg dude, this is why I posted a funny gif disagreeing with you because I wanted to avoid this because, yes, I do think to each their own.  So, calm your t!ts and let me remind you, that you asked me to explain.  So dont give me this music snob bull sh*t because you didnt like my response.  To consider Maroon 5 great at anything is preposterous and insulting, that's my opinion.  If you're opinion is they're great, awesome.  I dont care but I disagree and now you know why and again, you wanted to know why.  ❤️ your guys out still and respect your principles as usual 


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  7. 1 minute ago, Stark said:

    Probably so and I  don't really have a strong opinion, but I don't think the PGA Tour should "blackball" a guy for leaving and then if he decided to earn his way back prevent him from doing so.


    Im with you I probably won't watch any LIV, and I really only tune into majors anymore unless the wife and kids are out of the house and I get the opportunity. 

    Earn their way back on could dig, but just allowing them back in if they dont like it or it fails?  I think Snedeker just changed my thoughts on that, at least for now.


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  8. 1 hour ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

    I feel like he also did way better against zone than man, which is a problem in our division. Our offensive performance in the division will be pretty big to see if we want to get anywhere.

    Another metric to your point to pay attention to is how long he's holding the ball on average. This offense is really designed for quick hits and to choose your spot with vertical concepts if the defense calls for it.

    I also would like to see if he gets better at play action and improves his completion rate on the short throws.

    Drop backs.  He couldnt get them right.  Hard to run this offense if you're taking 2-3 extra steps on every drop back.  Above all else, that's what I want to see from him.  Perfect drop backs so the timing of the play isnt thrown off immediately, nothing else really matters.  



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  9. On 6/9/2022 at 11:55 AM, Stark said:

    Take “PGA Tour” and “LIV golf” out of the headline, all you’ll have is simply, employees leaving one organization to go to another for more money and/or different opportunities. It happens every day in every business across the globe.

    I don't know enough of the details about the deals DJ and the guys are agreeing to or signing with LIV... but its not like they lost their ability to earn their membership to the PGA back if they chose to in the future. If LIV tanks they could move back. 



    Did you see Brent Snedeker's take on this?  He passionately said he hopes the PGA Tour does NOT let players back in.  He said thats insulting.  They made a decision to go play meaningless golf and take an empty pay check and the PGA should not be a fall back safe landing place for them, this is where the greatest golfers in the world work their asses off to get on the tour because they want to play at the highest level and face the toughest competition and leave a legacy on the game by hopefully having their name carved into one of these trophies.  

    Hearing him say it, thinking about it further, knowing how hard it is to get a card/keep the card, I think I'm with Snedeker.  I've been indifferent but I could totally see any tour member taking that type of stance on this situation.  You know Rory and JT would take that angle. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, jgb said:

    The more JN hates my takes the more likely they become accepted knowledge at some point. I consider your reaction the only type of upvote that matters. Thanks!

    I’ve accepted and agreed with many of your takes.  It’s just that this particular one is beyond stupid.  

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