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  1. I am a mafia god. Probably the best scum player ever when you think about it.
  2. Lil Kevy Kev is calling this a HUGE must win game and the NFL didnt flex it? No respect I tell ya
  3. Lets go Zachkapono!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shows us what you go!!!!!!! I believe in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the future!!!!!!!!!!! You have what it takes!!!!!!!!!! Go be great!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lots of great content in this thread but I have yet to see anyone pay any respect to Joe Flacco for stepping up in a pinch and dropping 14 points on the Miami Dolphins. 11/21/20 will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you, Joe!
  5. A good QB could be very successful with this offense. It sucks that it took the 2nd overall pick getting hurt to figure that out but the offense has the talent to be much better than they've performed.
  6. I forgot this game was happening and reading the last 2 pages, I have no clue what the **** is going on! Scum, kill me, please!
  7. There is a difference between - winning matters and a must win. 2-8 teams dont have must win games. I'm sure everyone here would prefer if we won but I think everyone understands the reality is, it doesnt matter either way.
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, this is not a must win game. It's two, 2-8 teams. There is nothing HUGE about this game.
  9. But, it didnt work. If it did work, Mangini wouldnt have been fired. Instead, Rex took their hodge podge of sh*t, brought his guys in and made it great.
  10. Yes, Mangini sucked something awful and Rex Ryan proved that point by completely revamping the D and the offense, turning them into top notch units and winning consequently. Darrelle Revis is on record saying the entire team hated Mangini's guts and he didnt think it could get worse until he played for Greg Schiano when Izdick traded him to Tampa. The only thing that Rex Ryan inherited was an OL. It's total garbage when people say he won with Mangini's team. It's more convenient revisionist history nonsense.
  11. Case in point. The revisionist history going on in this thread is absolutely bonkers. 6 of the first 7 picks of the Rex Ryan era, were offense. lmfao This is legit one of the most bizarre threads in the history of this board. Straight up.
  12. Did he though? He hired Mangini, let him try to build the Patriots south, he sucked and the entire team hated his guts more than life itself. Mangini was trying to fit a round peg in a square hole with a mis-casted defense, playing read and react Football, they traded for Brett Favre for 1 year and their back up plan was Kelle Clemans. They were quite literally just throwing sh*t at the wall and praying. The discernable plan didnt come into play until Rex showed up and said, here is who we are going to be; we're going to be a ground and pound, punch you in the mouth team and he executed th
  13. Yeah but he had a plan!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The hindsight being displayed in this thread is hilarious. This fanbase bought billboards and flew banners over a practice fields to get the GM's they're currently pining for in this thread, fired. Now, they were actually really not all the bad and had a great plan in place and this bozo cant tell me different! It's really kind of fun to watch. Remember preseason? The overwhelming thought was; we finally have a GM focused on offense! We took offense with 4 straight picks in the draft and he took offense with his firs 2 picks last year!! We finally have the appropriate structure with
  15. And 2 TE's if we are counting as skill positions? Chris Herndon, Trevon Wesco And 2 RB's Trenton Cannon and Elijah McGuire
  16. This board is amazing sometimes. You really cant make the sh*t up you read. Jets fans are in here defending former GM's. The same GM's they demanded to be fired largely because they had no discernable plan, all because Saleh spoke some truth and apparently, he's not allowed to speak truth because he's only won 2 games.
  17. I honestly dont care if he was an upgrade in his debut. First off, he's hasnt played Football in months and just got here, its kind of shocking he started so quickly but that's what I like about it. Send a message. It had to be done. GVR has been atrocious.
  18. Not going to lie, I respect the hell out of him sitting up there and saying that and staying confident in his vision. It kind of does give me a little more confidence in him. Reality is, he's not wrong. They're exactly where I expected them to be record wise right now. I had them winning 4/5 games by winning against the Texans, Jags and maybe possibly stealing one from the Phins. I'm not really confident in that anymore but still, I expected this bad. I even have a post out there somewhere before the season started when Lawson went down saying the D has a chance at being historicall
  19. Agreed, the LB'ers are pathetic, so maybe that's why I'm seeing Williams as one of the few bright spots who I dont see lost at all. He's doing quite a bit, pass deflections, ff's, tackle for losses, QB hits, sack. I dont think you make plays like that if you're "lost" but I digress. I'm not going to pretend like I know their assignments and if they executed. I disagree with your "reasonably functional" take. They've given up a historic number of points in 4 weeks, that's not just because of LB'er play. That's a ridiculously simplistic blame game IMO. It's all bad, at every level, the
  20. Universally loved, the camp darling and dont recall a single Moore hater...but cool thread!
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