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  1. Yes, 6 career sacks vs Alabama and LSU during which time, both teams were National Champions, is bad.
  2. True, makes sense. I personally like Clemons for a 4th round pick.
  3. Surprised they doubled down on edge/DE, figured they'd go DT of they addressed DL. This might have been a best player on the board scenario though. Pretty good athlete and high production in the best conference/division in college Football. 11 sacks in his last 15 games is pretty dang good.
  4. Fwiw, they ran the ball a ton. A ton. 500 attempts vs. 236 completions. So I think some of that had to do with the offense. A lot of their passing plays were play action, RPO's, moving the pocket, etc. That said, it seems like they ask a lot of their lineman, so is encouraging nonetheless.
  5. Ironically, I've been watching some of the Ragin Cajuns to understand Billy Napier's offense a little better and I can tell you they run the ball really well, lots of zone with big holes and you rarely saw their QB in distress. Lots of play action and motions, so you assume they need athletic lineman. fwiw.
  6. Darrian Kinnard makes a lot of sense for the Jets. Can play both T and G, big dude, moves well, played 4 years in the SEC. Someone who can step in and give you spot starts at multiple positions.
  7. Steal for the Texans. He's a bruiser, plays angry.
  8. No but it's not every year you have 3 first round picks w/ 2 in the top 10.
  9. Trade up for Wan'Dale instead of JJ, obvi duh.
  10. JD said very adamantly that the plan at T this year was Becton and Fant. It's only the haters who have given up on Becton. I think he's going to shut a lot of people up, personally.
  11. And you would think Tampa's not going DT with a small window considering their DL. Seattle and Houston are the threats, IMO
  12. I'm kind of in the same boat, the over all haul was so good, I'm going to ignore that I dont technically agree with the pick and certainly the value paid. It is easier to stomach w/ IMO the best WR in the draft. It's also easier to stomach because they landed what was my wish for a while, IMO the best player in the draft, Sauce and I love JJ (I know you dont). So when I look at it that way and then land what I think is also, the best RB in the draft, it's pretty damn good. As much as I love Carter, I think they compliment each other well. Hall more patient and Carter more put a foot in the ground and go. I think Hall on play action and draw plays could be really nasty in this offense because he's so patient and see's the field so well. I expect a pretty even share but it wouldnt surprise me if Hall started to take more snaps. Carter also gets nicked up pretty easy.
  13. He's my favorite WR in this draft, so I approve of this message delivered from Australia.
  14. If you're not one of the guests who get to announce the pick, you have failed us all.
  15. They have 111 and 117? Right? I'm interested, I think a few players have slid who could help this team from depth and maybe even push for starting duties. Specifically; DT - Perrion Winfrey - OU OT - Daniele Faalele - Minn. OT/OG - Darrian Kinnard - Kentucky DT - Neil Farrell - LSU OT - Rasheed Walker - Penn St. ILB - Darrian Beavers - Cinci DT - Matthew Butler - TN
  16. I meant Jamal but yes, lol, that too. Wait, actually, he might have murdered that dude before the SB, no?
  17. You, know, Tony Banks get so disrespected during that run. He started the season 5-3 and Lewis wasnt really doing his thing yet. Everyone always give Dilfer the credit.
  18. They might run the ball a record number of times this year. It's going to make ground and pound look like an airshow. Ruckert has functional service in that capacity immediately.
  19. Dr. Crushlove has a huge heart, very caring, special man. @Hal N of Provo - cant say the same about this one...
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