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  1. What did you want me to say, that they got their wires crossed up? eh-o!
  2. To answer the questions; - Unsure but more more optimistic today than I was after the Saints game. - While I was never onboard with the pick, I still expected a lot more than we got, especially if you gave credence to the hype train even in the slightest. In some ways, he exceeded expectations ie; toughness. In other ways, he miserably failed to meet expectations; namely his accuracy and ball placement. - the #2 pick should do a lot better than he did. He was nowhere near ready and the narrative prior to the season was strongly, Zach is pro-ready day 1, actually QB1 in the
  3. It shouldnt apply to any GM's draft strategy, no matter the position. You have no idea who's going to be available and where you'll be picking in the following season. If you like a player and think he can make your team better, you take them, damn was supposed to be available next year.
  4. Great pic! Crazy to me that this beast played with that single bar face mask for "protection". lmfao. Especially back then when you could mug receivers.
  5. Dude averaged a 100 yard per game in 1967. Unreal. RIP to a legend. Arguably the greatest to ever put on Green and White.
  6. Having a hard time figuring out how Mims caused all these sacks on his own and it had nothing to do with 4 back up OLmen...but ok... Anywho, Mims is a HUGE disappointment. I really wanted him that draft too. Stinks but it is what it is at this point. That said, I think he's back in camp next season. They're going to at least see if the light goes on before giving up because they couldnt get a wet bag of chips for this ass now.
  7. Giving a fair accurate assessment of a player and acknowledging the situation played a huge factor and saying that I'm not concerned about this performance and I'm in fact, still encouraged by the way he ended the season = attacking him? Are you ******* serious? STFU, dude, legit. Either put me on ignore or dont respond to me about Zach Wilson anymore. You are unbearable.
  8. In fairness, I've pointed that out numerous times in numerous different threads, including this one. (ironically, Fido gave me rep for one of those posts, lmfao). Trust factor is key for a young QB, I totally understand why he looked out of sorts.
  9. 100%. That why I said I wouldnt call this regression in the "did Zach regress today thread". He's had a lot of positive build upon moments in the past 4 weeks, I'm not going to kill him over this game. Even if he did make some of those easy underneath throws, the Jets still lose this game. Again, I'm just pointing out the good, with the bad, as usual.
  10. The bold is exactly why you're not capable and why I wont bother. I've never attacked Zach Wilson. I've shared my thoughts on his performances both negative and positive. You take it as an "attack" because you're an over the top irrational apologist who gets butt hurt over any criticism. Multiple people have noticed the same thing from this game in his very thread because quite frankly, it's clear as day to see and you refuse to acknowledge it. It's so ridiculous that you typed that nonsense in response to the below:
  11. If you were capable of having an objective conversation regarding Zach Wilson maybe I'd show you all the plays he passed on the underneath stuff and either took a sack, scrambled or went somewhere else with the ball. It was especially bad in the 2nd half. You're just not capable of being unbiased, so it's not worth my time. That said, it's all good. I'm not discouraged about his performance. Lots of factors to consider in this one and while he played awful, I can also understand there is a trust factor as young QB that he probably didnt have yesterday which impacted his decision maki
  12. For sure, he left a ton of plays on the field. Didnt seem like he was seeing the field well yesterday. Not sure how much of that was a trust factor based on who was out there of if he was just trying to do to much or what but he was definitely not pulling the trigger on easy completions seemingly looking for the bigger play that wasnt there and holding the ball too long. He has to know when they're bringing the heat, just take the underneath stuff and try to continue to get better down and distances.
  13. You dont like bringing it up SO much, that you just like, brought it up anyway and were a penis face about it.
  14. Not really a fair question considering you've had the luxury of seeing Flores for 3 years and he sucked his first season. 5-11. 32 ranked Defense in the NFL. 25th ranked offense w/ a veteran QB in Fitz. The 2020 season is when they finally were able to start use those first round picks and the results came in but if I'm not mistaken, didnt they fail to beat a single team with a winning record last year? Kind of a weak 10 win season. This year was a more impressive coaching job, for sure but they had 2 draft injections of talent. While I dont see Saleh winning 10 games next year, I
  15. 100% and you have to hope more play makers help the other big factor which is Wilson. As he improves, so will pass protection. Master his drop backs, stop the fading, stop the eyes dropping down to look at the pressure, stop the turning your back to the LOS and suddenly the OL looks even better. I expected him to see the field better next season and able to get the ball out faster. The pocket stuff, the drop back consistency, staying in the pocket, etc. that's going to take some focused effort this offseason but if he improves on that, this unit could be even better than they were in 2022.
  16. Why would you take that sarcastically? When healthy, it's by far the best unit on the team. Head and shoulders better than every other unit. Legit, not close. Bring back Becton/Fant/AVT/LDT/Moses/McGovern and the OL is once again the strength of the team. If you want to upgrade an IOL spot, ok cool, I I wont argue but I would absolutely not use a 1st round pick on OL. It's the least of the Jets priorities.
  17. The OL is by far the best unit on this team. By far. This is a terrible strategy.
  18. Does 1 bad game even equal regression? It’s kind of normal for a QB to have a bad performance here and there, especially considering all the circumstances surrounding Zach today. Yes, it was very bad but still the situation matters and this was a knife in a gun fight scenario. I wouldn’t call it regression. He struggles with pressure and that’s to be expected for a young QB who never saw pressure in college. He has to learn how manipulate the pocket better and be more precise with his drop backs. It’s plagued him all year so hopefully he dials it in during the offseason. Too much posit
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