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  1. Fields is going to be a superstar in this league regardless but wow, that could be a ridiculously fun combo to watch.
  2. I like London. Mike Evans is a solid comparison. Michael Pittman too. Chase Claypool. Etc. play makers
  3. Whoa!!! They can speak? Harry and the Henderson’s was real!
  4. RIP to a legend. Brilliant actor. Beautiful person.
  5. Fair enough but it wasnt just his ypt, it was also his worst season in catch percentage and his worst yards per game since his rookie season. Just things you wouldnt think would take place becoming the teams #1.
  6. Dude looks like Kevin Mawae out there blocking on the 2nd level. AVT dominating White reminds of what Mawae used to do the Zach Thomas. Dude is a mauler. ******* love it.
  7. Banged up team with nothing to play for vs a team competing for the division? Jets lose by 20 is my guess
  8. I’m going to say, how about, no. Not only does he have red flags about if he wants to play Football but he wasn’t even remotely the same player without Julio Jones drawing attention.
  9. Almost 24 hours on page 2 didn’t seem right, especially after Coach Saleh showed such adoration for Berrios in his recent presser.
  10. These dudes have done some silly questionable void of logic stuff, but I’m a believer. Let’s do this Coach Saleh!
  11. The MVP is the best Football player on the team and his name is, Braxton.
  12. Let’s go Lauren!!!! Kick that cancers ass!!!!
  13. You said “only a handful of QBs can make that throw”, you say this type of nonsense all the time. I typically ignore it because it’s you but I was feeling testy this morning. Its just ridiculous at this point. Every QB in the NFL and 90% in college can make that throw. This has nothing to do with what I think of Zach Wilson and everything to do with you spewing ridiculous nonsense over the dumbest sh*t as you continue to bash any poster who dares criticize him about anything.
  14. Nobody on the coaching staff is losing their jobs over this year. This was a mulligan season for everyone.
  15. Really? You honestly think a bunch of former players couldn’t possibly have a single connection to the team because they haven’t been in the league for a while? You don’t think former players have relationships with staff and current players? That’s just naive while we sit around here and trust some random posters inside “source”. Lol. Hell, I still hear gossip about places I haven’t worked at in 7 years and legit don’t know anyone there at all. Happens all the time. The truth is, they probably do have a “source” and whether that source is accurately depicting the situation I would
  16. Nice play. Great throw. Love to see it. Every QB in the NFL can make that throw. Why do continue to say stupid sh*t like this? You don’t need a qualifier and a comparison every play he makes and you do it all the time. Its a good throw, one you expect a pro to make.
  17. Of all the rookies, Fields has shown the superstar qualities. I’d take him over all of them but I’d take Wilson on this list. Jones has peaked as a rookie and Lawrence is going to go down as the biggest bust in NFL history.
  18. Meh, you’re speculating yourself and I think there could be something to the locker room speculation. This is clearly motivated by more than just he wanted a different QB and he had questionable leadership skills in college.
  19. It’s not a defense, we are talking about his character and ability to lead.
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