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  1. I'm only clicking on this link if you can confirm that the writers are AUSIES, otherwise, not interested.
  2. I wanted to separate this particular part of your post because honestly, this is what I've been most impressed with lately by Zach. We are so used to young QB's and veterans for that matter, compounding bad games or bad halves or bad stretches with back breaking meltdowns. Zach did avoid that not only yesterday but also vs. Miami as well. Everything was breaking down and they look over matched and some of the time that part of it was Zach but still, he kept fighting, the team kept fighting no matter who was out there and he didnt have that repeat of the Patriots game earlier this season whi
  3. I truly appreciate your efforts here, so I'm going to give you a sincere response. I patently disagree with your break down of this one particular play. I'm not a big beliver in the "average time to throw" stat. It's dubious, at best but I digress. On this play, I especially dont see how that stat is relevant because it's pretty clear to see Zach had more than enough time when he set his back foot to release that ball to 1 of the 2 open receivers that were right in front of his face. He looked to evade instead of stepping into it and throwing into the face of pressure. It is 100% a
  4. Perfect example of a coach who should have never left college, some dudes are just not cut out for the NFL. Rhule is a great example of being out of his league, literally.
  5. Well, Zach is the 5%. I assumed we werent including him at that point.
  6. I use this link to watch games and the redzone where you see this play completed every single game by every single QB in the NFL or college, for that matter. Original NFL streams | Reddit NFL streams | NFLbite.com
  7. I wouldnt really F w/ any RB in this draft. Carter is your dude. Johnson/Walter/Perrine is more than adequate. Maybe you find a veteran back up in FA but that's it.
  8. God, blow my brains out. I hate this draft so much.
  9. That was only 1 play, he definitely left others plays on the field as well (most QB's do, almost every game, it's part of the business), that still shot he provided, actually proves it perfectly and then you watch it in real time, and he had an eternity by NFL standards. That ball is completed by 95% of the QB's in the NFL. And that's ok, no need to lie to yourself about it and go through these silly mental gymnastics. He was uncomfortable and out of sorts, it happens, hopefully he gets better. I think he can.
  10. I love the plan but I just really cant imagine a high-end FA WR coming to the Jets, especially not Davante Adams or Chris Godwin for that matter. I know money talks but just cant see it at all - Brady/Rodger to Zach Wilson? lmfao. 0% chance IMO. Maybe a guy like Allen Robinson would come for money but I dont know, just dont see it happening. That said, bringing back Berrios is a must and I think they need to target a WR in the draft at #10 overall. My #1 offseason wish? Dalton Schultz. He's exactly what this offense needs. He can be our Kittle in this offense. Great blocker in
  11. Well, they just doubled their win total from 2021 to 2022, so this makes sense.
  12. Do the Jets win this award every year? It feels like they do.
  13. I had no interest in watching the game, so I had to make it interesting somehow and I never feel guilty beating Vegas.
  14. I bet Georgia and the under $$$$$$$$$$$$ - only reason I even hesitated, Stetson Bennett but he's also the reason I took the under. lol However, ultimately it came down to the fact that I didnt believe Bama could beat you guys twice in 3 games. Too much talent, too strong of a defense and Bama was coming in hobbling. That said, Bulldogs, Braves.....my god, if Brady or the Patriots win the Super Bowl, I might give up sports altogether.
  15. Both options are a great get on 2nd down.
  16. True, a few on early downs as well. It was over a handful and mixed downs, it’s ok, I honestly get it. That’s comfort too. Do I trust this dump off guy not named Carter to pick this up or hold it a second longer to see if someone gets open. All good. Like I said, it did t impact the game either way.
  17. What did you want me to say, that they got their wires crossed up? eh-o!
  18. To answer the questions; - Unsure but more more optimistic today than I was after the Saints game. - While I was never onboard with the pick, I still expected a lot more than we got, especially if you gave credence to the hype train even in the slightest. In some ways, he exceeded expectations ie; toughness. In other ways, he miserably failed to meet expectations; namely his accuracy and ball placement. - the #2 pick should do a lot better than he did. He was nowhere near ready and the narrative prior to the season was strongly, Zach is pro-ready day 1, actually QB1 in the
  19. It shouldnt apply to any GM's draft strategy, no matter the position. You have no idea who's going to be available and where you'll be picking in the following season. If you like a player and think he can make your team better, you take them, damn was supposed to be available next year.
  20. Great pic! Crazy to me that this beast played with that single bar face mask for "protection". lmfao. Especially back then when you could mug receivers.
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