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  1. That's amazing. You're amazing. Amazingly handsome.
  2. The assuming he's town part? Sure I guess, but why not just ask Ape? And so what? He's not the first to do it in this game.
  3. Idk, I think Jgb is really scum and we nailed him, lol, like nothing he's saying seems genuine, other than the RL stuff. Seems like he's almost trying fear monger peeps to peel off his train while "inviting" a lynch, yet posting a whole lot like he doesnt quite want to get lynched even though it's a good lynch because he's VT. Speaking of which, how many times has he mentioned he's VT? Almost like trying to say it so much you believe it. It's the lawyer trying to beat something into the head of the jury w/ repetition. lol We heard you the first time. lol
  4. I dont think he's quite as freakish as AR but I love Hooker as a prospect in general. Would love him as a mid round development piece.
  5. he's matured, allegedly https://deadspin.com/blake-bortles-says-hes-no-longer-a-beach-bar-bro-but-r-1823715590
  6. Anthony Richardson is generational athlete for the position, he's a complete and total freak of a human and is going to be the best athlete on the field 99% of the time. If he can play QB has yet to be determined, there is some really exciting stuff in there both passing and running but he's got a long way to go to be a consistent player down to down.
  7. Yeah, 2 newbies said it to me, which I was thinking to myself, how the F would you know? We've played once and I died on N2, I was the town lover paired w/ the scum lover. They saw me react to a mechanic and the only hunting I did, was at night before I was about to die. Yes, naturally I nailed scum during that hunt and had already correctly called Smash's bluff and nailed Gsexy on one post but besides getting to see why I'm the great scum hunter of all time, how do they know that's the norm? Only the real G's know about about my 4pm everything on on my body is 50% off sale.
  8. Not shocking though, Fields is a superstar and would easily be the #1 overall pick in this class. He blows all these dweebs out of the water. The only one who even remotely holds a candle to his athleticism is Richardson and he's a huge wild card that you're hoping you can develop. The rest are just ho-hum boring ass prospects that dont have a shred of Fields talent. The shocking part is the Bears making a good decision at QB.
  9. Thanks Rob, I know the saying but I was all hocked up on coffee typing on my phone furiously.
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