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  1. Depends. He seems selfish, so if you follow my trap to Gsexy, he probably doesnt care but....if we follow my trap to him, he might be a man of his word. What a quandary!
  2. JiF

    Please no

    W/ this info the Zeke stuff, starting to wonder if they're concerned about Hall's health...
  3. Fun fact; since the NFL merger, no AFC team has lost more games than the NY Jets!
  4. Interesting, the only thing that is hard to believe is Saleh and Moore werent on speaking terms. That doesnt strike me as Saleh personality and lets be real, they absolutely had to talk at some point to put this behind them during the season and move on. It's not like he never played another down, he did, and that certainly was the call of the Head Coach, who certainly, spoke w/ Moore about the situation.
  5. You fell for it, hook line and sinker. Gsexy is pushing it as a case though, so he dies today, you die tomorrow....or I shoot you. Cant figure out yet but you're scum for sure. Easiest trap I've ever set.
  6. Very strong case. What's your role and alignment?
  7. Nice spin, looks like deer in headlights. You're done. Someone drop the hammer.
  8. Hey there! Are you....lurking?!?!
  9. Happy for Keonte Johnson. I was watching the night he collapsed, scary moment. Great seeing him balling again.
  10. Lets vote Peen and I'll shoot the Tosser.
  11. That was a trap, we got Arsis and Peen. You guys pick
  12. And Zeke? lol So weird. They getting Cobb too?
  13. lol wut? They just brought back Johnson w/ Hall, Carter and Knight all on the roster still. This, makes no sense.
  14. I'm odd night scum, even night 3rd party
  15. very town of you, are you vanilla or got something sexy to share?
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