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  1. So you want to lynch me, after I provide the lie detect sample to Ape? Not even concerned if I'm town? lol So many people playing so badly.
  2. Seriously? I just started wearing the mid thigh high shorts so show off my sexy hairy white thighs kike all the kids do and now there is a new trend I @GATA get him w/?
  3. idk, thought I told you I was "Town Whore" - I mean? idk but I Just gave you the full throttle, so suck it, or kill me, idgaf. I served scum up yet again.
  4. Sure but how does how I got there, mater? I could create whatever lie I wanted to, I dont know, maybe I'm not seeing something but I fail to see how you could slip up on that type of play. Like, what rationale to pick AVM that I used would be seen as suspicious? Anywho, also be pretty ****ed up if AVM comes out of the wood works, plays for the first time in ages, and I'm like, he dude, great to have you back, I'm bussing you on D2. lmfao HUGE WIFOM, I know but that would be so ****ed up. lol I'm a selfish prick in this game but I'm not that big of an a$$hole. lmfao
  5. I'm technically not the role cop. I'm the town Whore, I had a 1x time ability to **** someone and find out their role. I'm just really really good at this and **** really good. Or according to Arsis and Verb, I bussed my teammate in the most incredible fashion ever imaginable. Yes, me, the worst scum player ever, created what would go down as the great gambit of all time, a slow play peep results, where I asked the town for their opinion on what it could be, didnt share the name and let my teammate reveal before I shared the name, only to laugh at him, immediately vote him and claim greatness. Muahahahahahahaha
  6. He's incredibly handsome and a totally unpredictable. My guess is 3rd party
  7. This, thought it was obvious how I responded to his fake reveal.
  8. What other answers? Why I picked AVM? While I'm fine w/ the question, what's the relevance? Why does it matter?
  9. You feel scummy this game, idk, just lots of silly fluffy feely talk that doesnt really have anything to do w/ the game. How am I acting "weird'? What is "weird"? Idk, you're pingy AF today
  10. The guy literally couldnt complete passes in Flag Football game. lol
  11. Why? They're better QB's. I dont understand your News Flash. If we're getting a QB based on looks, Jimmy G. is gorgeous.
  12. You think Baker is better than Tannehill? Possibly. Has more swag for sure. Could be a good fit for NYC.
  13. 1. Lamar Jackson 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Jimmy G. 4. Ryan Tannehill 5. Baker Mayfield 6. Derek Carr 7. Jacoby Brissett 8. Carson Wentz or the other guy 9. Matt Ryan 10. Cooper Rush
  14. Sorry, forgot to answer. A little bit of gut based on reading his input, he also hasnt played in forever and notrouiously been a tough read for me. When I have investigative roles, I always narrow my choices down on who I dont read well. AVM being on of those players and having a very swiss like D1 w/ low participation, felt it was a good place to go.
  15. Dropped the mother of all roles and exited stage left, scum fake reveal 101
  16. Yes, I confirmed it, you should read the game or sumtin maybe.
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