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  1. These mofo's right here, need their heads checked or are just straight up gluttons of punishment: No. I Want Sustainable Success. Even if We Need to Wait × bitonti 11 hours ago Lurker89 11 hours ago johnnysd 11 hours ago Anthony Jet 10 hours ago chirorob 10 hours ago Averagejetsfan1421 10 hours ago HessStation 10 hours ago Alworth 10 hours ago Hex 10 hours ago Kevin L 9 hours ago Suck4Sammy 9 hours ago 56mehl56 7 hours ago LIJetsFan 7 hours ago Irish Jet 2 hours ago Gangrene 1 hour ago CrazyCarl40 1 hour ago SpartanJet 56 minutes ago
  2. His run games have always been solid, to awesome and always featured his RB's out of the backfield. Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller/Anthony Dixon Leonard Fournette/TJ Yeldon/Chris Ivory Aaron Jones/Jamall Williams/AJ Dillon Should be interesting to see what he can do w/ Hall/Bam/Carter - lets be real, if the running game was even remotely an option down the stretch, they probably dont lose out like they did. And we know that nothing compliments a great D better than a ball control offense who can run it down your throat. I wouldnt be surprised if that was more important in the assessment of the position vs. the passing game strictly because I think they know they're upgrading QB and that should improve by simply have competence at the position This board was clamoring for Greg Olsen and Derek Carr. Greg Olson resumes is much worse than Hackett. Olson in 14 years of being an OC, had a top 10 offense, twice and his run games have predominately been terrible his entire career.
  3. First our Captain quits and now you're letting the disease take over? Thank you, Joe Douglas, thank you!
  4. Oh what, is that not realistic? I thought I was a genius. lmfao!!!!!
  5. I see the face in that poo poo, you aint fooling me. haha
  6. Norv Turner was an awful HC, great OC. Wade Phillips in the opposite fashion. I like the hire, I'm sorry this upsets you.
  7. He's had a few top 10 offenses, I guess they dont count because of some factor but they happened when he held the title of OC
  8. I approved. OC w/ HC experience is what I wanted and he's engineered some solid offenses in his past. Some guys are just better fit as coordinators. Hoping that's the case.
  9. I wanted an experienced OC ideally w/ Head Coaching experience and now I'm all twisted like a pretzel about how I feel getting what I wanted. lol
  10. 13. Will Anderson Jr. EDGE Alabama 43. Darnell Washington TE Georgia 74. Warren McClendon OT Georgia 110. Trey Dean III S Florida 141. Trey Palmer WR Nebraska 172. Dorian Thompson-Robinson QB UCLA
  11. Just wait till someone runs a cult or conversion game and I go mental
  12. Agree w/ all of this, the one last thing, he had a lot of control at the LOS. He wasnt always looking to sideline for the call. He had the ability to change plays and sometimes, he'd go wrong but it just shows you the trust they had in him.
  13. I'm down w/ WR but not JSN, seems like a pretty big reach IMO.
  14. Unless they can get something for Zach, I'm w/ you, I dont know how we can fit him in but like you said, his upside is just ridiculous. Getting back to the analysis on AR, the one thing that the video didnt cover which I do think is a factor to his performance/struggles was the situation; while his OL was fantastic, that was by far the worst group of WR's and TE's I've ever seen at Florida and for some reason, they never threw to the backs who were pretty good. So the system was kind of jacked up honestly, they were trying fit the proverbial square peg in the round hole. They also were afraid to use his legs because of the lack of depth behind him and I think he was nursing injuries all year long but I dont think the system matched w/ the talent did him any favors. Lots of drops, bad routes, wrong routes, letting corners win in situations they shouldnt, etc., this season from the Gators receivers. Also, the system was a drastic change from Mullen's. So there was a lot that I think played a factor into his struggles but he did mature as the season went on even if sometimes the stats didnt show it. That said, many were self inflicted. Accuracy, touch, pocket manipulation, all could break down pretty quickly and it's why I dont think you can play him this year no matter what happens.
  15. This is a solid post and a good point. You'd definitely have to vet Rodgers desires. I think w/ a guy like him, you're not as much concerned if his desires are selfish, as long as that desire is; I want to win a chip away from GB to stick it to them and cement my legacy. A guy w/ an ego like Rodgers, I would think that would drive him to at least get along w/ the program for a year or two. I wouldnt worry about it w/ Jackson. Let him be pick the scheme for all it's worth, he's the franchise at that point anyway. But I do see your point w/ a Dalton caliber starter but I just think if you go that direction, you're opening up the door for Zach Wilson (unless they trade him) and I just dont think you can do that to this team.
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