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  1. I'm too sexy for JN.

  2. I miss you Salina Cruz, Mexico. I'll be back sson.

  3. My measly thread is the hottest thing going in the lounge..eat it!

  4. I googled, really dumb annoying internet persona and it took my to this page.

  5. 5 runners left on base from the 9th inning on and we lose on over thrown balls? You cant make that up.

    1. dolphann4life


      Gaytors suck giant panda dong.

    2. JiF


      Dont hate. The Canes will be back, never. hahhahahahahaa

  6. Surfing at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Tonight!!!

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    2. JiF


      Thanks Crush. Miss you. I'm filming it so hopefully I'll have some good clips for you and I make you proud

    3. Jets Voice of Reason

      Jets Voice of Reason

      Are you triking there?

    4. T0mShane


      They won't let you within 500 ft. of an elementary school but you're allowed at a theme park? Holy loophole.

  7. I hate running.

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    2. T0mShane


      JiF once shredded the skate park with Tony Hawk and Bam Margera and Shaun White and Chris Cole and Sandro Dias. I read it all on his blog, "IDropMadNamesAndNuts@blogspot.com"

    3. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Well I am huge.

    4. JiF


      Truth is Tom, skating and surfing gives you the unique experience of rubbing elbows with pro's. I've seen some pro's out there, but none that high profile. Surfing on the other hand...I need a whole book to name drop.

  8. I wanted to be the first to say hello and welcome you to this mafia forum of madness.

  9. JiF

    Pissing off Rib Boy is one of the greatest delights of posting at JN. Take full advantage of this treat.

  10. JiF

    I wanted to be the first to leave a comment in this little box thing on your profile.


  11. Happy New Year! I love you all.

    1. T0mShane


      I see deception in your eyes.

  12. Beat the Pats!!!

    1. Greenranger


      at least we beat the lowly Browns.

    2. JiF


      Go Jets!!!

    3. JiF


      Go Jets!!!

  13. I dont like the Patriots

    1. PatriotReign37
    2. Greenranger


      Nor do I. I also strongly dislike their fruity QB.

  14. I like Revis

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    2. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Revis is my friend

    3. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      Is there anything else you like?

    4. JiF


      I like lil bit special

  15. Braylon Edwards is only human, flesh and blood he's made, human, born to make mistakes

    1. Thor99


      I'm feeling fascination.

    2. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      Humans do make mistakes. They also need to be held accountable for their mistakes.

    3. Mentos


      Don't you want me baby? Don't you want me ohh ohh ohh ohh

  16. LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gayvid Matthews is awful. His music is terrible and he sucks donkey dick. Shame on the NFL for having that guy kick off the year.

    1. Bruce Banner

      Bruce Banner

      No type of music is liked by all people so I don't know why the NFL even wastes time with these things.

  18. JiF

    Hahahahahah debut. Classic. Why cant you edit these thingies.

  19. JiF

    No worries. My pleasure. You are now forever in debut to me.

  20. I like Football

  21. I

    1. BroadwayJoe12


      That's sick man, how are the swells down there?? I've been trying to plan a trip to Indonesia to visit a cousin of mine, says the surfing is there pales everything in comparison...and that there are spots where there may be a half dozen surfers at most.

    2. JiF


      Its was really really good the last 2 days. Today was super clean, very playful. Tomorrow will be smaller, but fun. Going to New Symrna.

      Indo is the Meca.

  22. I like surfing.

  23. I like surfing.

  24. Reward the good soldiers.

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